Free Solutions to Backup and Restore Windows Phone

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If you are very careful of your sensitive data on your phone or in any way you have those important contacts and files stored in your phone, then you will concur that creating a back for such data is quite essential. For windows phone users there are some very good free ways to back up data which you can save yourself the headache of losing vital data. We take a look at some efficient methods of getting your data in a safe place for future recovery. Check the Methods below to backup and resore your Windows Phone.

Part 1. Windows Phone Contacts+Message Backup to SD Card

Previously, Microsoft Windows phone users could back up their data using Transfer my Data app but there is a new option that has grown in favor. The contacts+message backup app is the new solution that lets users back up and restore important data. So, how do you use this app?

How to Back up Windows Phone Contacts and Messages Using contacts+message backup app

  • You will need to have a clean SD card to ensure that the back up process does not fail. Clean in the sense that it should be free of malware lest you find yourself losing the data from the SD card.
  • You will have to install the contacts+message backup app from the Microsoft store and install it in your phone before this can work. After installation, you will need to find the interface in the settings section-other apps are usually found in the apps section.
  • Once you are in settings, you should simply scroll and for the app's name then agree with the licensing requirements to proceed with the tool.
  • Click on the Backup option to proceed to the things you would like to store in the SD card. The three options provided by this app are SMS, MMS and Contacts. After selecting what you would like to store, click on Backup
  • The process will start and all you need to do is wait for a few minutes for it to terminate. After the process is complete, you will find a folder named backup+restore folder in the SD card. Windows Phone SMS will stored as XML files while contacts will be stored a VCF format.

Free solutions to backup and restore windows phone-Contacts+Message

How to Restore Backed up Data from an SD Card using contacts+message backup App

  • The phone where you want to restore Windows Phone data should have the contacts+message backup app-it should obviously be a windows phone which supports the app. If does not have the tool then you should download it from the store.
  • Insert the SD card that contains the backup+restore folder or you can copy the folder the phone then go to settings and find the app name then click on restore. Click on the items you want to restore then choose the point where the back is stored and click on restore then wait for the process.

Free solutions to backup and restore windows phone- Restore Backed up Data from an SD

Part 2. Back up Windows Phone to Cloud

Backing up phone data to the cloud is possible if you are running windows 8 OS in your phone. You will be using Microsoft cloud to store the data-the service can be enabled by signing to the Microsoft Account with your phone. This will enable automatic back up of content such as photos, Contact History, List of Apps Installed, Text Messages, Theme configurations, App settings and IE favorites. One can easily manipulate how all these are implemented in the by clicking on Settings then followed by System and selecting Backup.

Free solutions to backup and restore windows phone-setting

Turning on App and Settings Back up

In Backup select Apps + settings turn on the button next to Settings backup. Then, urn on the button next to App backup

Free solutions to backup and restore windows phone-turn on app

Turning on Message Backup

In Backup, click on Text messages and turn on the button next to Text message backup. You can turn it off if you do not want all the messages automatically backed up or you can simply turn chat back up off in windows phone 8.

Free solutions to backup and restore windows phone-Turning on Message Backup

Back up Your photos and Videos to the Cloud

You can do the same with photos and videos. Just select Photos + videos then proceed with whatever you desire. You can choose don’t upload to disable automatic uploads. Choose Good quality and Best quality.

Free solutions to backup and restore windows phone-backuo video and photos

Restoring Your Data from the Cloud

To restore the backed up data, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Sign in to the Microsoft account that you used to create the back up.
  • You will be prompted with an option to restore the current phone with a back up.
  • Chose the back up you wish to restore the phone from then restore the phone and wait for the process.

The apps will not be installed automatically but you will need to install them from the list. Enter the passwords of the email accounts and social media accounts to reconfigure them and you are good to start using your phone!

Part 3. Backup and Restore Windows Phone with One click

MobileTrans - Backup is a smart and one-click phone transfer and backup program, which lets you backup Photos, Videos, Music files on Windows phone to PC in 1 click. It's a totally risk-free and user-friendly tool. You can download the trial version from the download buttons below.

How to Backup and Restore Windows Phone with MobileTrans - Backup in 1 Click!

  • Transfer content between Android, iOS and WinPhone in 1 click.
  • Transfer at most contacts, photos, messages, music, video, apps, calendar and call logs.
  • Backup Android, iDevice, WinPhone phone data to computer.
  • Extract backups created by MobileTrans and iTunes and transfer to your phone.
  • Supports various networks, like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile.
  • Support 6000+ phones running Android, Windows and iOS.

Step 1. Run Mobiletrans on a Windows PC

To get started, install and run the phone transfer program – the Wondershare MobileTrans on the Windows PC. Then select "Backup&Restore" from the displayed options.

Free solutions to backup and restore windows phone-backup your phone

Step 2. Connect the WinPhone to computer

Please connect the Windows Phone to computer via USB cables. Normally Wondershare Mobiletrans will recognize the Windows Phone automatically.

Free solutions to backup and restore windows phone-connect wiphone

Step 3. Start back up Windows Phone

Wondershare Mobiletrans can support to back up the Photos, Videos, and Music files on Windows Phone to PC. Select the file types you would like to back up and click "Start".

Free solutions to backup and restore windows phone-start backup

PS: If you want to customize the location of your backup folder. Simply click the menu on the right top of the window and then choose "Settings" to do this. Click on "Browse" to select the file location of your choice and then click on "OK".

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