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Samsung S22 Ultra: Is it Still Worth Buying?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

The Samsung S22 ultra is one of the mobile industry's flagship phones that has been killing it. Since its launch, it has quickly established itself as one of the best phones, as it offers users a lot of upgrades compared to its predecessors and another phone in the mobile market.

We've discussed what you should know in this Samsung S22 Ultra review. From its premium design to its polished UI and lots more, this device boasts qualities that attract many users. But is it still worth buying this year? So, read on to find out more.

samsung s22 ultra

Part 1. General review of Samsung S22 Ultra

The Samsung S22 Ultra is said to come with lots of improvements to the phone that any would fancy. But here is our take on the following aspects;

●    Display

s22 ultra display

Samsung stepped up its game with the S22 Ultra display. It facilitated smooth scrolling with the dynamic 120Hz refresh rate and improved gamers' gaming experience with the 240Hz touch sampling rate. Besides that, Samsung S22 Ultra integrated an excellent peak brightness and a vision booster feature, which can help you adjust screen brightness under intense sunlight.

Also, it has a tiny punch-hole camera at the center top, and a strong Gorilla Glass Victus protect its panel. The screen also boasts HDR playback, which is great for watching NetFlix, YouTube, etc., on the go.

●     Camera

s22 ultra camera

The Samsung S22 Ultra is one of the best camera phones. It boasts a whopping 108-megapixel camera capable enough to match up with the iPhone 13 Pro Max's camera. Plus, it's packed with many improvements, including a larger 2.4um pixel sensor, a super clear glass lens for shooting flawless nighttime videos,  a 12MP ultrawide, a 10MP 3x optical telephoto, and a 100X space zoom for clearly taking long-distance shots.

Regarding the front camera, the phone has a 40MP selfie camera. Ultimately, the Samsung S22 Ultra camera allows you to take clear social-media-worthy photos. So, if you're looking for a good camera phone, it's one of the best choices in the mobile market.

●     Performance

s22 ultra performance

There is a bit of controversy regarding the Samsung S22 Ultra's performance as it uses different processors.

While the S22 Ultra within the USA uses the  Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, the ones within the UK and Europe use the Samsung-made Exynos 2200 processor. However, during our test, we noticed the device could easily handle various operations smoothly. From opening and closing different apps to playing games, and lots more, the experience was 100% flawless.

Ultimately, the Samsung S22 Ultra delivers an excellent experience in terms of its performance!

●     Battery/Charging

s22 ultra battery charging

The Samsung S22 Ultra boasts a battery capacity of 5000mAH, which is a standard for most flagship phones these days.

When fully charged, the phone can last up to a day in normal use, and it supports fast charging, enabling you to charge the battery quickly when it gets low. Besides, with its 25W charger, the phone can charge from 0 to 50% in under 30 minutes, which is great considering its large battery.

Overall, S22 Ultra boasts an advanced power management system that helps you extend battery life and is compatible with wireless charging.

●     S Pen

s22 ultra spen

It's a great tool if you use your phone for productivity and creativity tasks! The built-in S Pen in S22 Ultra is a stylus and can be employed for various tasks, including taking notes, drawing, and making selections. Besides, it supports Air Action, which lets you control your phone without touching the screen and has low latency (there is minimal lag between the pen's movement and the screen's response).

●     Software

Samsung S22 Ultra runs the latest version of Samsung's Android interface software, One UI 4.1 - a software designed to allow users to enjoy a smooth experience.

Unlike other Android devices, S22 Ultra is packed with smart software and helpful tools that enhance user experience. For example, it supports split screens to facilitate multitasking. The feature allows you to run two apps side-by-side, enabling you to multitask and increase productivity.

Also, Samsung S22 Ultra provides some amazing photo and video editing features. The Director's View allows you to monitor and control the camera settings of all the connected cameras, making it easier for you to take amazing shits, 8K video recording, 100X space zoom, etc.

Overall, Samsung implemented many tweaks to make the S22 Ultra easy to use. Besides, the device supports Android 12 and could be updated to the Android 13 and One UI 5.0 to unlock more features.

●     Benchmarks

Based on benchmark tests, the S22 Ultra has scored really decent marks that make it stand out in the mobile industry.

On Geekbench, it scores 1,300 on the single-core test and over 4,000 on the multi-core test.

Part 2. User reviews of Samsung S22 Ultra

Big Frank - Fast processor and long battery life

The latest S series does not disappoint. The battery lasts so much longer than the S6 it replaced. I really like the pen and note feature.

Source: Amazon

S.W Conley -  Great phone - good to have unlocked and no phone company garbage

If you put a screen shield on - which I would not think of leaving off on this expensive phone, the fingerprint reader is useless. Face recognition is scary good.

The battery life is fair - I sure wish it was replaceable, which it eventually goes.

The cameras are really first class - and compete AMAZINGLY with a typical pocket camera, leaving those to be useless now.

I ended up giving up my LG V20, which I loved - and had a replaceable battery - because LG went out of the phone business - and did not support updates. It had a great fingerprint reader because it was on the back - exposed - and where you want one anyway. The phone's front is a DUMP place and is only used by the manufacturers to save them money.

Source: Amazon

The above are real users' reviews on Amazon. But overall, Samsung S22 Ultra is an efficient phone for anyone who fancies smart technology and wants to enjoy a top-notch experience while using their mobile.

Below are some reasons why you might want to upgrade to S22 Ultra and vice versa.

Why Should You Buy S22 Ultra?

S22 Ultra is one of the best phones out there, be it for taking photos, gaming, etc., the phone is packed with excellent technology that makes it a go-to option for many users. Besides, thanks to its Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and 8GB of RAM, gaming and multitasking with the phone is as smooth as a breeze.

The large, long-lasting  5000mAH battery in S22 Ultra is also an additional perk, and despite how large it is, it supports fast charging, making it easy to boost when it gets low.

Why Shouldn't You Buy S22 Ultra?

Even though Samsung S23 is packed with many excellent features that make it stand out in the mobile industry, we discovered certain things that might cause a user not to acquire the device anymore. This includes the following;

  • There is no 45W charger in the box
  • No Micro SD Card Slot.
  • The RAM storage could be better
  • Its performance is still no match compared to the iPhone.

Part 3. How to get Samsung S22 Ultra at the best price

The are various ways to get Samsung. Here, we've explained various tips to help you get a new Samsung S22 Ultra at the best price;

Trade in your old phone: One of the best ways to acquire the S22 Ultra at a decent price is by trading in your old phone. Some platforms you can trade in your phone for the S22 Ultra include Samsung's official website, BestBuy, AT&T, etc. When you trade in your old phone to get a new S22 Ultra, you'll only require to pay a part of the full money needed to acquire the device.

Wait for the new S23 Ultra Release: If you can be patient till the release of the S23 Ultra, chances are you'll get a reduced market value for the S22 Ultra.

Deals: You can look out for deals on various platforms. Sometimes, platforms like BestBuy and Amazon deal with the prices of different goods. You might be lucky enough to find great deals for the S22 Ultra.

Part 4. Samsung S22 Ultra frequently asked questions

4.1 Is Samsung S 22 Ultra drop-proof and water-proof?

Samsung is not water-proof or drop-proof. However, it supports IP68 dust/water resistance, which makes it water-resistant.

4.2 Can Samsung S22 Ultra charge wirelessly?

S22 Ultra supports wireless charging. So, yes, you can charge it wirelessly.

4.3 Does Samsung S22 Ultra have expandable memory?

Unfortunately, Samsung S22 Ultra does not have an expandable memory.

4.4 Is Samsung S22 Ultra good for gaming?

Samsung S22 Ultra is one of the best phones for gaming. The advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 8 to 12 GB of memory, and an adaptive refresh rate in the S22 Ultra allow you to enjoy a top-notch gaming experience.

4.5 Can Samsung S22 Ultra measure heart rate?

Yes. The Samsung Health app allows you to measure your heart rate with the light and sensor located at the back of the device.

4.6 Which Samsung S22 Ultra color is best?

There's no specific best color for the Samsung S22 Ultra. However, based on research, there's high demand for black color.

4.7 Why my Samsung S22 Ultra battery is draining fast?

Running too many background apps is the main reason your S22 Ultra battery drains faster than normal. The more unused apps that are running in the background, the faster the battery drains.


Let's face it - high-end performance phones have been game changers for the mobile industry, and Samsung S22 Ultra is no different. Overall, S22 Ultra delivers a top-notch experience to its users, and it's a great device for anyone who values high performance and wants a phone for demanding tasks.

Nonetheless, suppose you eventually acquire the S22 Ultra and want to transfer data from your old phone. In that case, we highly recommend using the MobileTrans software, as it allows you to execute the task seamlessly, be it from iPhone to Samsung S22 Ultra or other Android devices to S22 Ultra.

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