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Android is Better Than iPhone: 10 Reasons

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Deciding whether to buy an Android or an iPhone is a major dilemma when purchasing a new mobile phone.

Although both iPhone and Android offer great features, some differences make one better than the other in some aspects. So, if you do not bother to know their differences, you are simply choosing a tribe.

If you're wondering which is better between Android and iPhone, this article will walk you through the top ten reasons Android is better than iPhone. So, read on to find out more.

better between android and iphone

10 Reasons Why Android is Better Than iPhone

To help you make a better decision, here are the ten reasons why Android is better than iPhone:

1. Diverse Hardware and Features

diverse hardware and features

The current lineup of iPhones comes in four different sizes: the standard, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max models. The bigger the device, the higher the price. Furthermore, even the colors of the iPhone are standard, and there isn't any option for a lot of customization.

On the other hand, Android comes from different manufacturers. Thus, you can always find phones of your choice's design, color, or shape. Other benefits include two SIM slots, a huge touchscreen, a stylus, an edge screen, and so on.

2. Universal Charger

universal charger

Apple's proprietary charger has been in the market for seven years now. Back then, it was a good replacement for the earlier 30-pin connector. However, it does not make sense for today's needs.

Compared to the lightning cable, USB-C is becoming universal because almost every device, including Apple's Mac and some iPads, supports USB-C chargers. Plus, it has more speed than iPhone's lightning cable. It also saves you the stress of moving around with multiple cables, as it has high compatibility.

3. More Storage Options

more storage options

Android is a blessing if you need a phone with more storage options.

Unlike iPhones, all Android devices come with Expandable storage, thus allowing you to use a Micro SD card to save important files without taking up your phone storage.

Besides, in terms of cloud storage, Apple users only receive 5GB of free space in iCloud storage. But with Google Drive, Android users get 15GB of free space that can be used to store data. Google Drive is also available for all devices, including iOS and Mac. However, there is no iCloud app for Android.

4. Customizations


Another good thing about using Android is that you fully control your device's customization. Yes, unlike iPhone, which has a very strict security system, Android gives you the freedom to customize your device according to your requirements. From changing your home screen looks to altering how you interact with your device, using custom ringtones, and lots more.

Android allows you to change the look and feel of your device completely. And you're not restricted to downloading apps from just the Play Store but also third-party platforms.

5. Comprehensive Settings

comprehensive settings

Android and iPhone support similar shortcuts to access common system settings. You can access settings like airplane mode, wifi, Bluetooth, and many others on iPhone via the control center, while on Android, you have to swipe down to access similar settings. But the iPhone control center does not allow you to access the main settings page from there.

For example, you can turn on WiFi and Bluetooth from the control center but must exit the control center to connect to a new device. Also, by swiping down from the Android top, you get to see almost all the settings icons that you could need anytime.

6. Affordable Prices

affordable prices

Its exclusiveness of Apple does not allow it to make devices in every range. However, Android devices come with different configurations, designs, and specifications from different manufacturers. This means you can always find an Android device that suits your budget and has everything you need.

Besides, where Apple devices start from US$ 600 and reach up to US$ 1300, a decent Android phone will cost you a maximum of US$ 150 to US$ 300. You can even get high-end Android devices for US $ 1000, which is more affordable compared to iPhones.

7. Serviceability


Honestly, we can't deny the fact that the cost of servicing a damaged iPhone costs a fortune. But on the other hand, Androids are easier and less expensive to service.

Besides, you can still find Android phones that use a removable battery. And even if the Android device does not have a removal battery, its specifications and configuration allow for easy replacement.

8. Back Button

back button

Since its release, iPhone has come with only one button. You can press the button once or twice or press something else on the screen to accomplish a task. However, getting used to these gestures is troublesome, as it can test your patience when you are in a hurry.

On the other hand, all models of Android come with three soft or hard buttons. One is to go back to the main menu, switch between tasks, and return to the Home menu with a single click. The presence of these buttons makes the navigability of Android devices easier.

9. Disable Notifications Easily

disable notifications easily

Android devices allow you to simply swipe down the notification panel and close all the notifications at once or individually. Furthermore, you can jump to Notification Manager by clicking on the small Settings icon next to each notification and managing the notice. Managing the notification for individual application certainly seems daunting, but it improves the usability of the Android device over time.

On the other hand, notifications on iPhones have mystical algorithms that govern them. You will sometime get the option to clear all the notifications with one ‘X' button. At other times, you will have to clear individual notification one by one. Still, iPhone allows you to manage the notification and group them; however, you can only do this by navigating to the Settings app.

10. Visible File System

visible file system

Copying stuff from iPhones to computers requires patience and hard work. For instance, you will have to install iTunes on the computer to copy files from the iPhone to the computer.

But when you connect an Android device to the computer, it mounts it as an external drive, thus allowing you to copy data back and forth. Yes, the Files folder by default. However, you need to install third-party applications like ES File Manager to access everything in the File Explorer.

Bonus: How To Transfer Data to Android?

If you are already using an iPhone and want to switch to Android, one of the things you'll worry about is data transfer.

Well, several tools can help you transfer data from iOS to Android seamlessly, and we've mentioned some of the best options below. Read on to find out more about these tools.

For Previous iOS Users: Using Switch to Android

Google recently released a universal iOS-to-Android switching service: the Switch to Android service. The tool works on Android devices running on Android 12.0 and above. Be it messages, multimedia files, documents, or other things, switching from iPhone to Android has never been easier.

transfer data to android

There are also other services like Smart Switch for Samsung, which makes transferring data from iPhone to Samsung devices convenient and quick. Similarly, there is Phone Clone by HUAWEI, which allows you to seamlessly switch from iPhone to a Huawei phone.

For Any Smartphone User: Using MobileTrans

If you are looking to transfer data between iPhone (any model) to Android (any version, any model, and manufacturer), then MobileTrans is the way to go.

MobileTrans allows you to transfer data between more than 6000 types of mobile devices, including Android and iPhone. It can transfer various phone data, including photos, videos, music, messages, contacts, WhatsApp chats, and lots more. You don't even need technical knowledge to operate it.

Below are some key features of MobileTrans:

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The Closing Thoughts

With its high garden walls, iPhone has made users cattle and wants them never to leave the pen. The idea was excellent the smartphones were new, and it wasn't a part of daily life. However, today, smartphones have become the biggest asset of every person.

Yes, like the bad points mentioned about iPhone in this guide, Android has a dark side too. But Android is better than iPhone in the above aspects.

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