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Export Spotify Playlist to Files and Other Platforms

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Spotify is the leading online music streaming platform used globally. However, users may need to find the best ways to export their Spotify playlists for different reasons. For example, they find other platforms more interesting, or they want to create a backup for their curated playlists.

So today, we thoroughly review the different methods of exporting Spotify playlists. You will find it easy to export their Spotify playlists to other platforms or files by the end of this article.

export spotify playlists

Part 1: Export Spotify Playlists to Local Files

Are you looking to export your Spotify playlists to local files for backup? We've covered it in this section. Let's dive in.

Export Spotify playlist to Excel via Exportify

Supported format: CSV/Excel for a single playlist and ZIP file for all playlists

Price: Free

Users looking to export Spotify playlists quickly and easily can use Exportify. It is a dedicated platform that offers quick and easy steps to export multiple Spotify playlists. Let us go through the detailed steps.

  1. Start by clicking on the Web API link on the Exportify page on Github. Then select "Get Started."

opening exportify

  1. Connect the Exportify web app to the Spotify account and press "Agree" for all terms and conditions.

connecting spotify

  1. Click the "Export" option next to the playlist. You can click "Export All" to export all playlists.

selecting the export option

  1. Once done, close the Window in the browser.

What we like:

Exportify doesn't require any additional downloads.

It is an easy-to-use platform.

What we dislike:

Managing an extensive list can be an issue with this platform.

Export Spotify playlist to CSV via TuneMyMusic

Supported format: CSV and TXT.

Price: Free plan can convert up to 500 tracks, while the premium plan starts at 2 USD monthly for annual billing or 4.5USD monthly.

any additional downloads

TuneMyMusic is the perfect solution for Spotify users looking to back up their music to a local file. It can export Spotify playlists to text or CSV format according to the user's needs.

Some of the other features of TuneMyMusic are quick synchronizing between two music services, sharing music with friends using different music services, etc. Not to miss are quick backups of the entire music library, songs uploading to the library from files, etc.

What we like:

TuneMyMusic can handle different file formats.

It offers dedicated customer support.

What we dislike:

Users need to upgrade to premium to enjoy exclusive features.

Export playlist from Spotify to Text via Soundiiz

Supported format: CSV, TXT, URL, JSON, XML, XSPF

Price: Free version with two paid versions offering advanced features at 3.02 USD and 6.30 USD.


Soundiiz is a curated solution for music lovers often shifting their online music streaming services. It helps Spotify users retain their favourites and playlists while switching to other services.

It also quickly exports the playlist in text format to store detailed music information on your devices and import them to other platforms. In addition, Soundiiz comes with dedicated customer support for all users.

What we like

It supports various formats.

It works online.

What we dislike:

Export one playlist at a time for free users.

You need to create an account first.

Part 2: Export Spotify playlist to Other Services

It is time to go through the different methods to export Spotify playlists to other music streaming platforms directly. So, here you go:

Export Spotify playlist via MobileTrans

Supported music platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, YouTube

Price: 100% Free

MobileTrans promises the best solution for exporting Spotify playlists to other online music streaming platforms. You can export the complete playlists or selected songs to another online music streaming platform. Designed for the non-tech savvy, it ensures you can achieve your goal within a few clicks.

MobileTrans - Playlist Transfer

  • • It enables you to transfer playlists between different platforms for free.
  • • You can move the downloaded music from one device to another using this tool.
  • • It makes it possible for you to transfer music from one account to another.
  • • It lets you export your music and playlist from a smartphone to the computer.
4,085,556 people have downloaded it
logo trustpilot 5 stars 4.5/5 Excellent

As a renowned data transfer tool, MobileTrans is also powerful enough to help you transfer data between phones and between a phone and a computer.

  1. Launch MobileTrans on your computer. Next, click on the "Playlist Transfer" and press "Start" to proceed.

playlist transfer

  1. Select Spotify as the "Source" and the desired platform as the destination for playlist export. Login to both platforms, then.


  1. Select the playlists and click on "Transfer." Then, wait for the process to get completed.

click on transfer

What we like:

Transfer playlists at no additional charge.

It also allows you to transfer music files between different devices.

What we dislike:

It now only supports limited music streaming platforms.

Export playlist From Spotify via FreeYourMusic

Supported music platforms: 20 music streaming services

Price: Offers free trial; its basic plan starts at 12.06 USD, the premium plan at 40.23 USD, and the lifetime plan at 201.18 USD.

no additional charge

FreeYourMusic offers seamless switching to different online music platforms from Spotify. In addition, it can provide auto-synchronization of playlists every 15 minutes, unlimited playlists transfer, and cloud backup.

In addition, FreeYourMusic is available for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, etc.

What we like:

It's widely compatible with different devices.

It supports most popular platforms.

What we dislike:

The free version can only transfer limited songs and playlists.

Bonus: Export Spotify playlist to MP3

export spotify playlist to mp3

Suppose you want to export Spotify songs and listen to them offline on your computer. Though there is no such method officially, you can still export Spotify playlists to MP3 using the popular music converters in the market.

All you need to do is select a reliable one and follow the steps. However, you need to know that Exporting Spotify to MP3 on your computer violate the Terms of Use on Spotify, and the audio quality will decline.

Final Thoughts

As you may know, exporting Spotify playlists to files and other platforms is easy. Users can go for the different methods mentioned above according to their immediate needs. Mobile Trans can be an effective solution for exporting your Spotify playlist to other platforms.

MobileTrans - Playlist Transfer

Transfer playlists between different platforms for free. Move the downloaded music from one device to another easily.

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