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Import Playlist to Apple Music - a Comprehensive Guide

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Do you want to import your playlist to Apple Music? Switching to Apple music can be the best experience for using Mac devices. However, users may feel sceptical about importing their playlists from different sources to Apple Music.

So, today we bring a detailed guide to importing playlists to Apple Music. Our team has thoroughly researched these methods and prepared this comprehensive guide. Now, let's read on!

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Tip: If you are having issues with Apple Music Library syncing to your device, fix the problem first and make sure the connection is stable.

Part 1: Import Playlist to Apple Music From Spotify or Other Services

As Apple Music is a top-notch streaming app, people tend to switch to it, especially when they own an Apple device. And import your playlist from Spotify or other platforms to Apple Music is not as complex as you might assume.

Import Spotify playlists to Apple Music for FREEhot

If you're looking for the best tool to import Spotify playlists to Apple Music for free, MobileTrans is the perfect solution for your needs. can selectively transfer their songs and playlists to Apple Music with a few clicks.

Moreover, it can also transfer music files between your devices, either phone and phone, or phone to computer.

MobileTrans - Playlist Transfer

  • • It enables you to transfer playlists between different platforms for free.
  • • You can move the downloaded music from one device to another using this tool.
  • • It makes it possible for you to transfer music from one account to another.
  • • It lets you export your music and playlist from a smartphone to the computer.
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Supported music platforms:

Price: Free to use.

  • Download and launch the MobileTrans on the system. Then, go to the "More" option and select "Playlist Transfer."

launching mobiletrans

  • Press the "Start" button to proceed.

pressing start

  • Select Spotify as the "source" and Apple Music as the "destination." Once done, log in to both Spotify and Apple Music accounts.

selecting the spotify and apple music

  • Select the playlists and the songs required to transfer and click on the "Transfer" option.

selecting files

  • Wait for the transfer process to get completed, and you'll get a "Transfer Completed" notification.

transfer completed


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is free of charge.


  • It supports limited online streaming services.

Import Songs to Apple Music via Soundiiz

Soundiiz is the leading web-based solution for importing playlists to Apple music. It has all the necessary features to transfer playlists between music streaming platforms.

The best part of Soundiiz is that all playlist data, like artists, placement, and other details, remains retained throughout the import process. Soundiiz can be quickly used on more than 40 streaming platforms like Deezer, Pandora, YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

using import songs to apple music

Supported music platforms: 40+ music streaming services

Price: Free to import one playlist but require a subscription for multiple playlist imports.


  • It is easy to operate.
  • It deletes duplicate songs.
  • There is no need to install an app.


  • The free version allows only one playlist transfer once.
  • You need to create an account first.

Import Music to Apple Music via FreeYourMusic

FreeYourMusic can be the other ideal solution to import playlists to Apple music. It only takes simple steps to convert playlists from other platforms to Apple Music in a few minutes, so there is no need to create playlists from scratch.


Supported music platforms: 20+ music streaming services

Price: Free to use for transferring one playlist with a maximum of 100 songs only.


  • It works on most operating systems.


  • It has limited features in the free version.

Part 2: Import Playlists from CSV/Text files to Apple Music

It is also easy to import playlists from local files to Apple Music. And we've listed the three different methods for you.

Import Playlist to Apple Music Officially

Users can quickly import playlists to Apple Music officially without any third-party tools. However, Apple Music only supports files containing a playlist's information, like song name, artist, genre, and more. Still, you have to subscribe to Apple Music to import playlists.

Supported format: XML

Let's find out how to import playlists to Apple Music

  • Go to the music app on your computer and select "File"> "Library"> "Import Playlist."
  • Select the XML file on your computer for import.

Note: you need to have a XML file saving the playlist information first.

Import Playlist into Apple Music via MusConv

MusConv is one of the easiest ways to import playlists into Apple Music. Besides, transfer playlists between streaming services. It also lets you import a file that stores your playlist into platforms like Apple Music.


Supported format: TXT, CSV, XLS, Json, M3U, M3U8, PLS, WPL, XSPF and XML

Price: It is available in four different pricing plans starting from 9.99USD monthly to 147.0USD monthly.


  • It supports various formats.


  • Steps can be confusing for new users.

Import Playlist to Apple Music From CSV/TXT Files via TuneMyMusic

TuneMyMusic can convert playlists between platforms and import playlists stored in different file formats to a music platform as a top-notch music transfer tool. It can transfer, sync, share, upload, and back up music library.


Supported format: TXT, CSV, M3U, M3U8, PLS, WPL, XSPF, and XML

Price: It is free to use, but users must pay for the additional features.


  • It is straightforward to use.
  • It works online.


  • It allows the limited transfer of up to 500 tracks in the free version.
  • It relies on stable internet.

Bonus: Import iTunes Playlists to Apple Music on Mac

After learning about importing the playlists from CSV/ Text files to Apple Music, next in the line is importing iTunes playlists to Apple Music. It is easy to import iTunes Playlists to Apple Music on Mac using effective tools with simple steps.

The quick steps for importing iTunes playlists to Apple Music on Mac are:

  1. Press and hold down "Option" while launching Music. Then, wait while the option of "Choose or Create a Library" appears.
  2. Click on the "Choose" option, browse and open the iTunes Library.itl file in the ~/Music/iTunes folder.
  3. Convert this .itl file and select this location - ~/Music/Music to save the converted files
  4. Select this location - ~/Music/Music to save the converted Music library.
  5. Now, Music will import the songs and playlists from the iTunes library.

Final Thoughts

Hence, it is easy to understand the different ways to import playlists to Apple Music. Usersan go ahead with their music needs by importing Spotify playlists to Apple Music, playlists from CSV or text files, and iTunes playlists to Apple Music on Mac, etc.

MobileTrans - Playlist Transfer

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