How to Resetting Samsung S8/S8+?

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 has capable hardware and outstanding features to deal with various tasks smoothly. However, like others, the S8 also starts to slow down with time. Thus, persistent malware, software corruption, and other factors require resetting Samsung S8 using multiple ways.

There are ways to reset your Samsung S8/S8+ to help speed up the phone. A full reset of your device will help you clear all the cobwebs and significantly increase your phone's speed. No doubt, there will also be a necessity to keep a backup before resetting the device. Hence, we will provide you with all solutions for resetting Samsung S8/S8+ and backing up your data.

resetting Samsung s8/s8+

Part 1: Before Resetting: Back Up Your Samsung S8/S8+

Hold on! Before resetting the Samsung device, did you confirm if you have a backup of your essential data? If not, backup your data now so that you can get them back after restoring Samsung S8 to the factory setting

MobileTrans is a great backup software that will let you accomplish the data backup process with ease in the fastest way and anytime on any device.

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Follow the ways below to keep a backup to your computer with MobileTrans:

Step 1: Set up a successful connection

Launch and run MobileTrans and select “Backup & Restore”>“Phone Backup & Restore” mode. Then tap on the “Backup” option.

backup Samsung s8/s8+ with mobiletrans

Step 2: Select your important files

From the presented file types, choose the file types to keep a backup and hit "Start."

backup Samsung s8 with mobiletrans

Step 3: Backup the selected data

With an uninterrupted connection between your Samsung Galaxy and PC, MobileTrans will complete the process of backing up your device data.

backup Samsung s8 with mobiletrans completed

Part 2: Factory Reset Samsung S8 via Settings Menu

The easiest way to factory reset Samsung S8 can be from the phone's settings menu. Follow these instructions.

Step 1: Go for the backup and restore option

Go to the “Settings”>“Cloud and Accounts”> and choose “Backup and restore.”

backup on cloud

Step 2: Go to the General Management

There you need to tap on “General Management.”

Step 3: Factory reset

Now, tap the “Reset” button>“Factory data reset”.

factory data reset

Step 4: Continue resetting and deleting

Then tap the "Reset device" button. If asked for the credentials, enter the details. Then press the "Continue" button and choose "Delete all."

Part 3: Reset Samsung S8/S8+ in Recovery Mode

You can bring your phone in pre-condition via another method of resetting the Samsung S8, i.e., without booting into its operating system and using the recovery menu.

Make sure your Galaxy S8 is powered down.

Step 1: Power down

Hold these three buttons Volume up, Bixby, and Power at once until you see the Samsung device logo.

power down the device

Step 2: Go for the recovery menu

The option “Android Recovery Menu” will appear, and if the device boots up normally, then repeat the previous step.

Step 3: Factory reset

Press the Volume down button four times and select "Wipe data/Factory reset" using the Power button.

wipe data or reset factory

Step 4: Start resetting

Press the Volume down option seven times and click "Yes - delete all user data" with the help of the Power button to start the reset process.

Step 5: Reboot the system

Hold the Power button after the factory reset and go for the "reboot system now" option. Enjoy the default welcome screen.


Part 4: Master Reset Samsung S8/S8+

Not to face the frozen or unresponsive menu again, you can master reset using the hardware keys. Follow the ways:

Step 1: Power off your device

Turn off your device and press Volume Up and Bixby. After that, Power keys until the green Android logo appears. So now release all the keys.

Note: Before the Android system recovery menu appears, 'Installing system update' will come up for about 30 – 60 seconds.

power off your device

Step 2: Go for the factory reset option

Press the Volume down key a few times, and press the Power button to choose “wipe data/factory reset.”

complete factory reset

Step 3: Start the master reset

Keep pressing the Volume down key and waiting for the option "Yes - delete all user data." Hold the Power button to begin the master reset.

Step 4: Reboot your system

After finishing the master reset, press the Power button and choose the option “Reboot system now” is highlighted to restart.

reboot the system

Part 5: Factory Reset Samsung S8 Using Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile allows users to locate, lock, and wipe their devices remotely. To factory reset your device via Find My Mobile read below:

Step 1: Log in to the Samsung account

Please navigate to the website of Find My Mobile and log in to your Samsung account using your Samsung device.

sign in

Step 2: Erase data

Tap on “Erase Data.” Enter the verification code from your Samsung phone and press the “Verify” button to provide identification. Tap on “Erase data” once more.

erase the data

Step 3: Complete the reset process

Confirm to wipe your device by clicking "Erase." Confirm your Samsung Account password and press the "Next" button.

That's it! You completed factory reset of your Galaxy S8.

Part 6: Factory Reset Samsung S8 via Smart Switch for PC

For resetting the Galaxy S8, Samsung Smart Switch software is another excellent tool. However, before following the steps, ensure you have used the USB cable and built the connection with Galaxy S8 to your PC and wait for the crucial drivers to install in your device.

Step 1: Go for the emergency software recovery option

Run the Samsung Smart Switch software. Tap “More” and choose “Emergency Software Recovery and Initialization.”

go to the emergency software recovery and initialization

Step 2: Confirm initialization and precautions

Tap “Device Initialization”> “OK”>click “OK” again to confirm its initialization. Then click “OK” one more time to confirm the list of precautions.

Step 3: Installation of the latest firmware

Click "Yes" if you have a User Account Control prompt. Then the latest Galaxy S8 firmware will be downloaded and installed by Smart Switch to your device. After finishing it, hit "OK."


Finally, we are ending our discussion about resetting Samsung S8/S8+. You have five methods that will help you to complete the factory setting process to increase the smoothness of your device's performance. Don't lose any of your data for the resetting process. So make sure to use MobileTrans and get a backup to restore Samsung S8 to the factory setting.

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