How to Factory Reset Samsung Tablet: 4 Smart Solutions

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"How do I restore factory settings on my Samsung tablet?"

Your Samsung device might often stop, become non-responsive for many tasks, apps may pause or not launch or open at all, etc. The practical solution will be a hard reset. Besides, if you are selling your Samsung device, you would want to remove all data, etc., or a soft reset.

Just like factory resetting a Samsung phone, resetting the tablet is easy as well. Before you reset the Samsung tablet to factory settings, one more vital thing is to keep a backup of data. Thus, today, we will talk about the factory setting of a Samsung tablet and saving the data.

factory reset samsung tablet

Part 1: Reset Samsung Tablet over Settings

The first method you will understand here is resetting the Samsung tablet over Settings. But, before you proceed, you must be aware that if you switch to a factory reset on a Samsung tablet, your information won't be available on your device. So make sure you have kept device data backup in advance. 

Let's find out how to reset the Samsung Galaxy tablet through the settings menu.

Step 1: Choose Settings

Choose device's Settings apps. Then from the menu with available tabs, choose the General tab/General Management.

factory reset samsung tablet

Step 2: Reset the Device

Go to the "Backup and Reset" or "Reset" (varies from device to device) options.

Before resetting the device, you must keep a backup of device data.

factory reset samsung tablet

Find out the factory data reset. Press and hold the factory Reset buttons to reset your device. If prompted, enter the lock screen pattern or code.

Step 3: Let your device shut down and restart

Choose the "Delete all" option from the menu's options. Now the device will shut down automatically and restart from the Start menu.

Part 2: Hard Reset Samsung Tablet

A hard reset on Samsung tablet to factory settings will help you to return your device to its default settings again or in other words like its pre-purchase condition. Now know how to restore factory settings on Samsung tablet with the following steps.

Step 1: Turn off the devices

You need to hold and press these three "Volume Up + Home + Power" buttons together for a few seconds until the device turns off completely.

Step 2: Choose the factory reset option

Once the Samsung logo appears, navigate to the menu by either pushing up/ down of volume keys. Choose the option “wipe data/factory reset” from the menu to act.

factory reset samsung tablet

Step 3: Continue

Tap for the "Home" and press "Volume Up" once more to continue. Reboot the device using the power key to restart the device.

reboot the device

Part 3: Soft Reset Samsung Tablet to Factory Setting

For troubleshooting electronic devices, this soft reset function is excellent. A soft reset will not lead to any data loss of the device. 

Now, check how to soft reset a Samsung tablet to factory settings.

Step 1: Get a menu with options

Don’t release the "Power" buttons down until you see a displayed menu of options on the screen.

reboot the device

Step 2: Confirm restarting your device with a choice

Hit your device's "Restart" button. Confirm your selected choices by hitting the dialog box "OK".

Step 3: Complete resetting

Now, press and hold the switch for approx. 10 sec for completion. 

Part 4: Factory Reset Samsung without Password

How can you factory restore a Samsung tablet if you forgot your password? 

Let's follow the mentioned steps:

Step 1: Press both Power and Volume buttons

Press and hold buttons of the power and volume down simultaneously. Then tap the Volume button two times to see the menu of Bootloader.

power off the device

Step 2: Choose the mode for recovery

The "Recovery Mode" will be visible to you. Press your device's "Power" buttons to select it.

Step 3: Boot into the "Recovery" mode

Tap the "Volume Up" button while pressing the power button until your device boot into the "Recovery" mode. Choose the option named "Wipe Data/Factory Reset."

Step 4: Choose a rebooting option

Choose 'Reset' out of the given menu, select "Reboot System Now," and the process will be over.

reboot the system

Part 5: Before Resetting: Backup Samsung Tablet First [Important]

Wait and read! An internal storage factory data reset will leave your storage with no stored data. So, you should keep a backup of Samsung Tablet data so that you can factory reset the Samsung Tablet without any worry. Here is a trustable and reliable way of backing up with the MobileTrans Backup data platform. This is the most powerful service provider that will help you to transfer, backup, and restore your backup data anytime from anywhere. 

MobileTrans - Backup Samsung Tablet

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Let’s know the step-by-step process:

Step 1: Connect your Samsung device to your PC

Run MobileTrans on your system and select the "Backup & Restore" portion from the presented options. Then hit the mode named "Phone Backup & Restore."

backup samsung tablet with mobiletrans

Step 2: Select your important data to begin backup

MobileTrans will show the allowed file types to backup. Choose the file types and the "Start" button.

backup samsung tablet with mobiletrans

Step 3: Backup the data, finally

Ensure to keep an uninterrupted connection between your Android/ iPhone device and the computer. Finally, you finished and completed the backup process successfully with MobileTrans.

backup samsung tablet with mobiletrans completed


Lastly, we shall end our discussion on resetting the Samsung tablet to factory settings and backing up the Samsung tablet with MobileTrans. As you saw, you can effectively reset your Samsung table with any of these mentioned ways. However, only after you backup your Samsung data with MobileTrans.

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