Factory Reset Samsung S7: All Possible Methods

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When dealing with an old phone, particularly a few years old, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, a factory reset is among the most reliable methods of fixing any problem. It removes all user and app data from your phone and fully clears your phone's memory, restoring the OS to its original gleaming state.

Even though the procedure is simple, it still needs some technical knowledge. There are many options for doing a factory reset on the device. You can either utilize the system settings or the Android Recovery mode to solve the problem. You can learn more about Resetting Samsung S7 in this article!

reset samsung s7

Part 1: Before Resetting: Back Up Your Samsung S7

Before resetting your phone, we strongly advise you to back up your important data. But how would you do that? MobileTrans by Wondershare has to be the most straightforward method for backing up your Samsung phone or tablet to your PC.

You can back up your whole device's data to your PC with a single click and then recover it using MobileTrans.

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Here are some simple methods for backing up your Samsung phone data to your PC using MobileTrans.

Step 1: To start, download and install MobileTrans – Backup on your computer and run it whenever you wish to back up your Samsung phone to your computer. Connect your Samsung device to your computer via a USB cable, and then choose the "Backup & Restore" option from the MobileTrans home screen.

backup samsung with mobiletrans

Step 2: MobileTrans backup will detect the connected device and provide a snapshot. It will also provide a list of additional data types that can be included in the backup file. To back up your Samsung phone, choose what you want to save and tap the "Start" button.

backup samsung phone with mobiletrans

Step 3: Wait a few seconds as MobileTrans – Backup saves your data, and don't disconnect your phone during this time. When the backup is saved correctly, you will be notified, enabling you to remove your Samsung phone from the computer safely.

backup samsung phone with mobiletrans completed

Part 2: Disable Factory Reset Protection First

Step 1: Go to the Lock screen and security in Settings and delete any passwords, patterns, or PINs. Everything in the Screen lock type section must be deleted.

disable factory reset protection

Step 2: Launch Settings, go to Cloud and Accounts > Accounts and touch on Google. Then, in the upper right, hit the menu (three dots) and choose Remove account.

go to accounts

Step 3: You can reset your smartphone after removing all accounts from it.

remove account from Samsung mobile

You are now ready to delete your smartphone's data. Remember that, as stated on the screen, all of your data will be destroyed, and your phone will be entirely cleaned, returning it to its original state.

Resets are classified into two types. You can do a factory reset via the settings menu or by entering recovery mode using the hardware keys. Let's start with the simple route.

Part 3: Factory Reset Samsung S7 via Settings Menu

The Settings menu is the simplest method to factory reset your smartphone. Here's how to factory reset via Settings Menu:

Step 1: Select Factory Data Reset from the list of options under Settings > General Management > Reset.

(Note: To discover the Reset Device option in previous (non-updated) software versions, go to Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory Reset).

 factory reset s7

Step 2: To begin the wipe, tap Reset at the bottom. If you have a security pin or pattern, you will be prompted to input it to validate your identity.

Step 3: The phone will reboot and reset the OS and settings to factory defaults. When it's finished, you'll need to re-set everything, exactly as you did when you first used it.

Part 4: Restore Samsung S7 to Factory Resetting in Recovery Mode

Using the system recovery mode will allow you to wipe all of the data on your Galaxy S7 if it won't boot or is stuck in a loop. You will need to press several buttons simultaneously to initiate recovery mode. Here's how:

Step 1: The Galaxy S7 should be turned off. Then, hold down the Power, Home, and Volume Up buttons simultaneously to complete the process. Keep their hands on you.

Step 2: Maintaining a firm grip on all three buttons until you see Recovery Booting appear at the very top of the screen will get you through this process. After the notice shows, you can let go of your grip. Allow a few seconds to pass before attempting a recovery.

Step 3: A menu of text alternatives will be shown to you. Scrolling down is accomplished by using the Volume Down or Up buttons. A choice will be made by pressing the Power button.

(Note: Press Power after selecting Wipe Data/Factory Reset with Volume Down and scrolling (down) until it is highlighted in blue).

put Samsung in recovery mode

Step 4: To proceed, press Volume Down to highlight Yes in blue and then press Power to accept. The procedure will now begin.

restore Samsung s7

Step 5: You'll notice status messages at the bottom of your screen. Data Wipe Complete indicates that the procedure is complete. Restart the device by pressing the Power button and selecting Reboot System Now.

Step 6: The Galaxy S7 should be wiped clean and returned to factory settings at this point.

Part 5: Restore Samsung S7 to Factory Resetting without Password

When you do not have a password for your smartphone, you can use either of the techniques listed above to factory reset it to its default settings.

The difference is that you don't have to worry about changing the password before going through with it. Note: Even if you don't have a password, you may need to delete your account(s) before the reset.


We hope that Resetting Samsung S7 is not a challenging task after thoroughly reviewing this article. Whether you're resetting without a password or resetting in recovery mode, we would first advise you to back up all the essential information. For this, MobileTrans is one excellent software that efficiently helps you with backing up important contents of your phone.

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