Samsung Transfer to New Phone: The Ultimate Guide

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Got a new Samsung Galaxy S20?

Got a new Samsung phone, but can’t seem to transfer your data from your old device? From data loss to unsupported file formats and long waiting to unexpected errors – there are so many unpleasant situations that users encounter while transferring their data. Read on and learn how to perform Samsung transfer to new phone in the best feasible ways.

One of the easiest ways to transfer data from an existing Android or iOS device to a Samsung is by using MobileTrans. It supports 6000+ devices and can transfer 18+ different kinds of data. Simply connect both devices and transfer the selected data from one phone to another. Yes, it is really as simple as that – one click and seamless transfer.

(500,000,000 people have downloaded MobileTrans to help them transfer to new phones.)

How MobileTrans Help you Transfer better

While MobileTrans provides an ideal way to perform Samsung transfer to new phone, the following are some of the other options that you can try to transfer data from Android/iPhone to Samsung.

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2.1 Transfer to New S20 from Android

2.2 Transfer to New S20 from iPhone

Apart from performing a direct Samsung transfer to new phone, you can also first take a backup of your old iPhone or Android. Later, you can restore the backup to the new Samsung device. Although, the process is more time-consuming than a direct device-to-device transfer, it will let you keep your data safe as a backup.

Back up and Restore Data to Samsung
Back up Data from Your Old Phone to Computer via MobileTrans - Backup

Step 1: Back up the old phone. Connect your old iPhone/Android to the system and launch MobileTrans – Backup tool. Select the data types you wish to save and take its backup.

Step 2: Select the backup to restore. Connect your Samsung to the system and launch the “Restore” feature of MobileTrans. Now, select the feature to restore a local backup and choose a file to restore.

Step 3: Restore the backup file. Simply select the type of data you wish to extract and restore it to the connected Samsung phone.

back up and restore steps

Step 1: Take iCloud backup. Go to your iOS device’s iCloud Settings and turn on the option for iCloud backup. You can also enable the type of data you wish to include in the backup.

Step 2: Export iCloud contacts. To move your contacts, go to iCloud’s website and open the Contacts page. Select all contacts, go to Settings, and export it as a vCard. Later, you can move the vCard to your Samsung phone and import your contacts.

Step 3: Move photos, videos, and more. If you want, you can also go to iCloud’s website or its drive on your system and simply copy your photos, videos, etc., from it to your Samsung phone. In the same way, you can move other data types as well.

 iCloud backup steps

Step 1: Back up old Android. Just go to the device’s Settings > Backup & Restore and choose to take its backup on Google Drive.

Step 2: Restore the backup. While setting up your Samsung, log in to the same Google account, and choose to restore the data from an existing backup. Select the backup file and restore it to your Samsung.

Step 3: Download files from Google Drive. If you want, you can just upload any file from the old Android to Google Drive. Later, you can access Google Drive on your Samsung and download it instead.

Google Backup steps

While dealing with an old phone, there are some privacy and security concerns that you should not ignore. For instance, you should log out of all the apps, accounts, emails, etc., and perform a factory reset on the device. To avoid any further recovery of data, consider using Dr.Fone – Data Eraser that would completely wipe your phone’s data with no recovery scope. You can also resell or exchange your phone with these popular channels to make money from your old phone.

Deal with Old Phone
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Dr.Fone - Data Eraser

Dr.Fone - Data Eraser can wipe data in your old phone with a military-grade algorithm and ensure that your privacy is safe. It supports erasing photos, contacts, messages, call logs, and all private data. Both Android and iOS devices can be erased.

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Tops ways to deal with old Phone
Amazon is one of the most trusted sources to trade an old Samsung phone. Users can either get an Amazon gift card for the phone’s value or get a discount on the purchase of a new device (exchange). Simply fill out a questionnaire about your device to get a pre-determined value of the phone. The value of the device would be calculated based on its Capacity, Carrier, and Condition.
eBay has always been one of the most reliable places to buy and sell smart devices. Since the platform provides both buyer and seller protection, you can easily sell your device without any hassle. If you want, you can just post an ad for your smartphone on eBay yourself or use its Quick Sell feature. Though, eBay would charge 10% of the device’s value as its sales fee.
Samsung also offers a dedicated Trade-in feature for its loyal customers. Users can just head to Samsung’s website and select the device they wish to purchase. While buying it, select the Trade-in feature and enter the details of your old device. This will automatically deduct the Trade-in value of the device for the new purchase.
Lastly, you can also visit your network carrier to deal with your old device in a secure manner. Most of the carriers provide attractive buyback offers to help us resell, refurbish, or recycle our devices. The carrier center would calculate the present value of your device and will let you get rid of it without any security risk.

Until now, you have learned about how to transfer data to new Samsung S20 with a lot of methods. However, some details about transfer to Samsung may be a little tricky due to different mobile phones or data types. Here are some of our tricks.

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Transfer to New Samsung Phone with Confidence
(500,000,000 people have downloaded MobileTrans to help them transfer to new phone.)

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