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Samsung Galaxy S21 vs S20: Which One I should Buy?

Written By Axel Nash |

The recent evolution of Samsung Galaxy S series gadgets conquers the electronic enthusiastic research on its unique functionalities. The advent of 5G technology had turned the attention of the users to switch to an enhanced version of their current devices. The Samsung Galaxy S21 and S20 support the fastest network 5G connectivity effortlessly.

Most characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21 will be similar, and few functionalities vary. It will not bring drastic changes in the overall performance of both devices. In the below content, discover the insights on these two smartphones for better understanding.

Part 1-Samsung Galaxy S21 vs S20: Introduction

Samsung Galaxy S21

This model is the enhanced version of the S20 series. If you are looking for a compact and light design product, then Samsung Galaxy S21 is a perfect choice.

It is available in sophisticated shades with attractive looks. The luxurious haze finish of this product persuades the users in no time.

galaxy s21


In this device, you can find a dynamic AMOLED type infinity-0 display with an excellent refresh rate measuring to 120Hz. Using this refresh rate, you can scroll smoothly and view the screen precisely.

The presence of ‘Eye Comfort Shield’ helps to adjust the screen’s blue light to overcome eye fatigue issues due to consistent usage. This feature adjusts the screen brightness automatically according to daylight and during bedtime.

Private Share:

The "Private Share" option helps you to remove the location metadata details from the images you share with your friends. You can also have control over the shared content by monitoring details like who had access to the shared content, how long it is available etc.

SmartThings Find:

The ‘SmartThings Find’ feature helps you to find the lost items like bag, keys that are attached to smart-tags. To access this feature, you must stick the smart tags on frequently used items. The Galaxy SmartTag Bluetooth Locator feature assists you to identify the essential items quickly.

Samsung Galaxy S20

This model has an aesthetic look and has a similar design pattern to Samsung Galaxy Note 10. It is the first device in the Samsung series to implement the highest refresh rate to 120Hz. It has a fingerprint sensor that works using Ultrasonic sound waves rather than capacitive touch.

In this gadget, you will not find any Bixby button instead, you can press the power button to trigger Bixby's voice. This device has an affordable price and easy to handle. S20 has increased pixel rates on the camera lens. Based on your locality, the chipset differs in this model. You will get either Qualcomm or Snapdragon.


Part 2: Samsung Galaxy S21 vs S20: Comparison

In these models, you will find a lot of similarities than differences. The overall performance of these devices is appreciable.

Quickly surf through the comparison chart.


Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S21

Released on

March 2020

January 2021











Android 10

Android 11


Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink, Cloud White, Aura Red

Phantom Gray, Phantom White, Phantom Violet, Phantom Pink


The stereo speaker is appreciable, Stylish design

The selfie camera is awesome


Picture quality is poor with low lights.

This model does not come up with the charger or headphone.

Tips: Pixel 6 Pro has been hyped as the best camera phone 2022 because of its hardware and the great support of Google's software. Let's see if it can beat the new Samsung Galaxy 2022.

Pro Tips: How to transfer my phone data to Samsung phones?

In this section, you will learn how to move phone data from your old phone to Samsung gadgets effectively without any data loss.

Tip 1: Try MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

MobileTrans – Phone Transfer is a reliable app, and it offers a complete solution to data transfer between gadgets. You can effortlessly move the phone data from one phone to another just by a simple click. The user-friendly interface helps you to work on this platform comfortably. It is a sophisticated app with mind-blowing features. There are immense collections of tutorials available on its official webpage for reference.


  • • The fastest transfer occurs despite file size
  • • It provides a reliable transfer without any data loss
  • • You can select data to transfer like contacts, photos, videos etc
  • • Use this tool to transfer WhatsApp data between gadgets flawlessly
  • • Compatible with more than 8000 smartphone models
  • • Performs well between cross platforms like Android and iOS devices

Steps to Transfer phone data from your old phone to Samsung gadget. At first, you can watch our video:

Carefully follow the below instructions for successful data transfer.

Step 1: Download and install the application

Visit the official webpage of Mobile Trans and download the program according to your system OS version. You can opt either for Windows or Mac as per your needs and download it appropriately. Then install the tool by following the instruction wizard carefully. Launch the app by tapping the icon twice. On the tool’s home screen, tap the ‘Transfer’ button in the ‘Phone Transfer’ module.

download the app

Step 2: Connect the smartphones with PC

Next, you must connect the gadgets with your PC using a reliable USB cable. You must ensure the connection is firm throughout the process for lossless data transfer between devices. The application senses the presence of gadgets attached to the PC.


Step 3: Position the devices rightly

On the next screen, check whether the connected gadgets appear at the right place. Your old phone should be the source and the new Samsung device must be the destination. If you find any changes in the gadget position, then tap the ‘Flip’ option available at the top centre of the screen to change its positions easily. Now, select the data you want to transfer to your new Samsung phone. Check in the boxes and hit the ‘Start’ button to trigger the transfer process.


You must wait for a few minutes until the entire data transfer process completes. Do not disturb the USB cables to avoid data loss issues. Once you receive a message on the screen about the completion of the data transfer, then disconnect the gadgets safely from your PC. Now check the transferred data is available on your new phone.


That is all about the working steps with Mobile Trans to move data between devices. It is simple, and you can try it without any hesitation.

Tip 2: Samsung Smart switch

The Samsung Smart Switch is a data transfer application from Samsung. This Smart Switch allows you to transfer data between gadgets easily. You can switch data in three modes. They are wireless, using a cable, restore via SD card etc. This application helps you to transfer data such as schedules, alarm, call logs, photo to your new Galaxy gadgets.

This tool is available in Google Play for download. To carry out the data transfer process, install this app on your old and the new phone. Then, connect using the USB cable. Open the Smart Switch app in both the gadgets, select the content and tap ‘Start’ to trigger the data transfer process. It is simple yet efficient despite file size.


  • • Quick data transfer between gadgets
  • • Simple interface with user-friendly controls


  • • The target gadget must be a Samsung model working on the latest operating systems.
  • • It is only compatible with devices operating with Android 4.3 and above, iOS 4.2.1 and above.


Tip 3: Syncios Transfer

It is a phone data transfer tool compatible with Android and iOS gadgets. This app allows you to transfer phone data like texts, call logs, music, videos quickly. You can move more than 15 types of data between the gadgets.


  • • This tool supports more than 3500 smartphone models effectively.
  • • One-click is enough to move big data between gadgets.


  • • You can use this tool only if the gadgets run on the latest Android 11 and iOS 14
  • • It has a complex interface, and there are no proper instruction guides to assist the newbie users.



his guide will help you to identify which one is best between these two models from the giant gadget producer Samsung. In the above-discussion, you had understood the similarities and differences between these Samsung models.

Apart from the Samsung gadgets, this article had given you an introduction about the reliable phone data transfer apps you can use soon after your purchase without any hesitation. The MobileTrans app is a sophisticated tool and assists you to transfer phone data effortlessly. Stay tuned to this article to explore the exciting facts about the upcoming gadgets and the related application to transfer necessary data between devices.

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