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Samsung A Series vs. M Series: Which is Better?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Comparing Samsung A vs. M series is like joining two parallel lines. However, the Samsung M series is more comparable to the old Samsung J series Lineup, which has become obsolete, i.e., no longer available for sale. In addition, the Samsung M series is known for its competitive pricing and its powerful up-to-date features. Although the Samsung M series lineup is budget-oriented, its brand trust still comes with Samsung's brand.

However, the Samsung A series Smartphone is Samsung's old lineup known for its premium touch features and build quality. In addition, those who want to buy a superior Samsung should go with the A-series. In this article, we will compare the Samsung M vs. A series and give you an insight into which is better, so you don't make any buying mistakes.

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samsung a series vs m series

Part 1: Brief Introduction of Samsung A & M Series

According to Counterpoint Research, throughout 2021, the Galaxy A devices made up 58% of Samsung's Smartphone sales. Based on its Global Handset Model Sales Tracker, 59% of Samsung devices sold in the fourth quarter of 2021 were Galaxy A models.

introduction of Samsung a series vs m series

In comparing the Galaxy, A vs. M series, we say that the A-Series is Samsung's mobile device's mid-range product line offerings. In addition, since it is a midrange product line, it does not offer the best and latest update in features or performance.

However, the Samsung Galaxy M Series is a line of budget phones sold online but currently sells only in India. Although, people in the United States can still purchase these M Series phones from third-party sellers like Aliexpress, eBay, or Amazon.

Part 2: Differences between Samsung A-Series and M Series

The big difference between the Samsung A series and the M series is the quantity and quality. In addition, while the Samsung A series pays more attention to product quality, the Samsung M series focuses more on giving out the most highlighted features in a segmented budget. This does not mean that there are no advanced features in the Samsung A series. Other differences between Galaxy A vs. M includes:


differences between Samsung a series and m series

The Samsung A series has always been costlier than the M series. It is confusing how the Samsung A series tend to be more expensive than the M series even though the Samsung M series offers excellent features but still at a lower price. Although, the highlighting features that the Samsung M series has to offer are limited in number. In addition, the M series is not available globally, which makes it less needed.

In addition, the Samsung M series features include a nice camera setup, super AMOLED display, and a bigger battery. However, it is available online, making it more affordable in price.


1. Knox Security

amsung a series and m series security

Regarding security in Samsung Galaxy A vs. M, Knox security is one different main feature. It is the type of feature that requires a separate hardware component and a software feature that works on a Smartphone. This feature is not available in all Samsung M series, but it is available in all Samsung A series.

This feature is what Samsung has made available in its internet of things (IoT) devices, premium smartphones, wearable, or tablets. It also has military-grade security almost impossible to breach. However, it simply implies that your data will be super secure while being protected with Samsung Knox.

2. Secured Folder

secure folder

This is another security feature available only in premium Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy A series. However, this feature is unavailable on the Samsung M series. You can place your sensitive data in a secure folder to protect it from unwanted access. This type of security is the best in hiding your private and vital files. Therefore, if you are worried about installing banking applications on your phone, they can be installed in the secure folder.

In-display fingerprint scanner

fingerprint scanner

The in-display fingerprint scanner is available mainly in the modern days Samsung Galaxy A series. In contrast, the Samsung M series provides a fingerprint scanner inside the power button or at the back, making the Samsung A series ahead of the M series.


samsung bixby

Bixby is the personal assistant function in Samsung devices and comes pre-installed in the Samsung Galaxy A series. It also offers lots of great and awesome routine features that can help you automate certain functions on your smartphone. However, this is not available in the Samsung M series phones.

Samsung Pay

samsung pay

In comparing the Samsung Galaxy A vs. M series, this is another excellent feature available in the Samsung A series only. However, Samsung pay is an incredible platform that allows you to add all of your credit cards or debit cards and e-wallets in one place. 

In addition, with the help of Samsung pay, you can pay to POS machines directly without swiping debit or credit card.

Edge Panel

This is a premium feature available in the Samsung Galaxy A series but not in the M series that provides access to your most preferred applications and allows you to pin your favorite contacts. There are also panels, including weather, compass, clipboard, etc. Edge lighting is a feature used for notification and offers an animated type of notification on your smartphone that looks fantastic.

UI Optimization

Although there might be the same processor in the Samsung M vs. Galaxy A series, the A series of Samsung are still much more optimized. This is all about the Samsung One UI integration that is much better in the Samsung Galaxy A series. 


As explained in the article above, we can summarize that the Samsung M series can be suitable for most moderate users. However, the Samsung A series is more premium in its features and design.

In addition, if you are a Samsung fan, you might choose the Samsung Galaxy A smartphone. Else, you can go for the Samsung Galaxy M series as it is a value for money that meets most people's everyday needs, such as a display, good camera, and battery life.

Part 3: Transfer Data to Any Samsung Phone

No matter the Samsung phone you decide to buy, Galaxy M or Galaxy A, it is important that you don’t lose any of your data from your previous phone. Luckily, there are trust-worthy data transfer tools you can use to get the job done for you.

Method 1: Transfer data with Smart Switch

transfer data to samsung phone

Step 1: Make sure Smart Switch is available on both devices. Open Smart Switch on your old device and tap Send data

Step 2: Open Smart Switch on your new device, tap Receive data, and select Galaxy or Android device.

Step 3: Select Wireless or Cable. For Wi-Fi, keep your devices close and around a stable internet connection. For USB, simply connect the two phones using the USB-C connector that came in the box with your new phone.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on-screen to effectively transfer data from your old Android device or between your Galaxy M vs A.

Method 2: Transfer data with MobileTrans [Quick & Easy]

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Thus, as we saw, this article breaks down detailed information via which you can select a better option between Samsung Galaxy M vs. A. We also explained the difference between the Samsung A and M series and what makes one better than the other. Besides, the blog also shared the top methods for a safe and successful phone to phone transfer called MobileTrans.

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