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How to Custom Christmas Theme on iOS 14 or iOS 15

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Apple keeps launching apps for iOS. The most recent update delivered by Apple to all the upheld iPhones is iOS 14. It is probably the update with the most customizable features. We as a whole are invigorated for the coming Christmas eve.

What's more, Apple has delivered an altered Christmas topic widget for you. Add Christmas widgets on your iPhone screen and feel your surroundings are brimming with the celebration. Utilize your iPhone to follow how long it is until the Big Man himself shows up.

With iOS 14 and later, you can use Christmas widgets on your Home Screen to keep your cherished data readily available. Also, you can use widgets from Today View by robbing right from the Home Screen or Lock Screen. We are now giving you a complete introduction to customizing your own Xmas widgets. Let's dive into it!

Steps for Adding Widgets to Home Screen

Step 1: From the Home Screen press and hold a Christmas widget or an empty region of the screen until the apps shake.

Step 2: Click the Add button in the upper-left corner.

Step 3: Select any Christmas widget, look over three widget sizes, then, at that point, tap Add Widget.

Step 4: Tap Done.

Steps for Adding Widgets from Today View

Step 1: Contact and hold a widget until the fast activities menu opens.

Step 2: Tap Edit Home Screen.

Step 3: Drag the Christmas widget to the right edge of the screen until it displays on the Home Screen.

Step 4: Tap Done.

Perhaps you're counting during the time to Christmas since it's your outright most loved day of the year. Or on the other hand, you're taken into consideration during the time until your following vacation day. Possibly you're somewhat of a scrooge, and you're counting during the time until it's everywhere – whatever it is, we condemn!

We just idea you should hear how you can capitalize on iOS 14's new widgets. It's not simply the countdown you can add. You can likewise set a delightful Christmassy picture to your screen for that added personal touch.

Customize iPhone with Christmas Style by Third-party App 

Before you get everything rolling, you'll need to download your ideal winter picture so you can set it as the widget foundation. Assuming you have your image of the children at Lapland last Christmas or a dose of the canine in the snow last year, this will be great.

Along these lines, here we go with the Christmas countdown widget in iOS 14 or above, iOS15:

1. Dispatch the App Store on your iPhone.

2. Look for "Color Widgets" and install them on your gadget.

color widgets

3. Open the application and parchment directly down to the Countdown section.

directly down to the Countdown section

4. Look for Christmas Widget and tap on Set Widgets.

Christmas Widget

5. To set your own experience, tap Edit Widget to supplant the picture, tweak the subject, fonts, and text!

Edit Widget to supplant the picture

6. Advance back to the home screen.

7. Long-press anyplace on the screen so that your applications begin to move.

8. Tap on the + icon at the highest point of your screen and select your wonderfully planned Christmas Countdown Widget from Colour Widgets.

9. Pick your size and tap Add Widget.

Add Widget

10. Move your widget anyplace you need to, and tap Done in the upper right corner.

Move widget

Presently your own Christmas countdown widget is prepared on your dearest iPhone. Very much like that, you can likewise set different countdowns from the Colour Widgets application for any occasion. That is you all set. You can partake in your own and personal countdown to Christmas.

iPhone clients can personalize their tech gadgets with unending home screen prospects, and with Christmas on the way, this present time is the ideal opportunity to winterize your gadget. Creating a stylishly pleasing home screen for these special seasons is a method for making your phone a seasonal break each time you open it. With these countless options to browse, it can immediately become overwhelming. Yet, it doesn't need to be. First of all: picking out the bubbliest wallpaper to fit the Christmas topic. Regardless of whether you need something traditional and exemplary or exciting and bubbly, these Christmas video wallpaper thoughts will assist you with creating your optimal occasion stylishly.

From sweet occasion treats to winter-themed themes, you'll find everything you want to make your phone as happy and splendid as could be expected. Investigate the best Christmas-inspired wallpaper thoughts for your iPhone ahead.

  • As time passes, an ever-increasing number of clients are interested in Christmas live wallpapers and screensavers for iOS 14.
  • Assuming that you favor exemplary Christmas images, we present, among others, a video wallpaper depicting a Christmas tree close to a chimney.
  • You can likewise find a 3D Christmas live screensaver that tells you that Christmas is knocking on your entryway.

The merry energies of Christmas are spreading all through the nation, and everyone is completely inundated in the occasion environment. Nearly everything in your home, with its Christmas tree and other superb decorations, ought to communicate your Christmas soul in some way.

Indeed, even your iPhone screen may be fill-up with satisfaction in such a euphoric environment by installing Christmas video wallpaper, which can change your iPhone screen into a stunning snow-shrouded town. You'll adore the happily-enhanced houses, roads, snowman, Christmas trees, and different decorations that change the rough and ready scene into a breath-taking view.

It would send the quintessence of the Christmas soul all through your home, and it would without a doubt, fill you with the energy and delight of the occasion. Various sights are introduced one by one, joined by soothing music and sounds, making your experience wonderful.

Regardless of whether you need to set an amazing blanketed Christmas live wallpaper or Santa-style home screen foundation, you can add the best Xmas screens on your iPhone. How about we start the hunt interaction with one of the best and well known Christmas topics. This video wallpaper is uniquely intended for Christmas nerds who need to set some moving HD Christmas-style lock screen and subject on their iPhone. There are numerous dynamic and animated Christmas wallpapers are given by iOS 14, which you can download.

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Axel Nash

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