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Do I Need a 5G Phone Now : Check These Questions!

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Technology is changing by leaps and bounds every single day. If we do not update ourselves accordingly and don't keep up with the pace in this dynamic world, we'll soon become outdated!  Well, the newest trend that's been going around in the market is the brand new 5g phones, which several tech giants have released in recent times!

Adapting to the technology is important, and hence you need to get a brand new 5g phone right away. Getting a new phone would help you stay connected and adapt to the changing dynamic world. A brand new 5G phone would help you keep the tempo up and prevent you from becoming old-fashioned! 

It's high time you upgrade yourself! Go for the new generation 5g mobile phones! Confused, whether to buy a new 5G phone or not? Well, by the end of this article, you will not be confused anymore as we bring to you a complete analysis which will help you to decide whether or not to buy a brand new 5G handset!

So,do I need a 5G Phone Now?

do i need a 5g phone

Well, we've got the analysis part covered for you. So you can decide right away whether or not to get yourself a brand new 5G phone! First, let us look at a few reasons you should be buying a 5G phone. Then we'll move on to look at a few reasons why you shouldn't be buying a new 5G phone!

Question 1: What is a 5G phone?

5G phone definition:

In today's world, almost everyone has access to the world wide web. Earlier, we started with a 1G network. This was the first kind of connection and was slow and primitive. Then came the 2G network, which was slightly faster than the 1G network, which was used earlier. After the 2G network came to the 3G, which was much advanced and faster than the 3G network. Then came the 4G network, which you and I use even today. 

It's way faster than the primitive networks but can be improved even further. Hence, the 5G network has been introduced. 5G network will improve your internet connection speed and your download speed! The 5G brings in a new network that connects you virtually to all the machines and people around you! Overall the entry of 5G would make connections between devices further seamless Than it is today!

what is a 5g phone

Question 2: Are 5G phones dangerous?

There is no staunch proof yet that 5G radiations could actually pose health hazards.

According to researches, the 5G network may have certain health hazards due to the strong electromagnetic waves. According to speculations, the mobile radiations from 5G handsets have reached the effect of "fear of mongering." All there are speculations. Studies are being conducted continually to understand the hazards that 5G radiations can cause. 

However, all we know is 5G isn't very hazardous and can be used regularly shortly. According to researchers, 5G will not necessarily replace 4g. In fact, 5g and 4g would be used together and will serve better!

Buying a 5G phone would definitely enhance the network connections you have and lead you Into the modern world!

Question 3: What are the advantages of having a 5G phone?

what is a 5g phone advantage

  • Much higher internet speed. Approximately (1-20GB/sec). This will increase your download speed by leaps and bounds. Having a 5G network would enable you to make downloads within seconds. Gone are the days when downloading a 2GB game took almost an hour. With 5G, it's all at your fingertips. You can do it all within a matter of seconds.
  • Much lower latency, and hence it is better! Higher is your network's latency, the faster it is and the better it gets for you!
  • Increased capacity as the network expands.
  • You needn't pay an extra penny to avail of the new 5G services. All you need is a handset that supports the 5G network! The amount of money you pay right now for your 4G network will not change. You'll either have to pay the same amount or probably even lesser!

Now that we've seen that 5G phones have so many benefits, you must be wondering what can be why not to buy a new 5G phone. Well, every coin has two sides!

  • 5G is a technology that is coming up. Not everything is known about it, and studies are still being held about the hazards that 5G could pose to our health. Currently, the health hazards of 5 G are not clearly known; however, If in the future, the researchers suggest otherwise, it could cause problems for 5G users.
  • At present, the 5G phones launched and sold in the market are costly and could be heavy on your pockets. However, this problem is temporary since many other companies will release their version of 5G mobile handsets this year. With increasing competition, the cost of these handsets is bound to come down! At present, a good 5G phone price is around 70000 to 80000; however, with time, these skyrocketing prices will come down!
  • Another major problem with buying 5G phones is that not all regions are equipped with 5G towers. In fact, very few regions have 5G towers in them. Hence, without 5G towers, it's impossible to use 5G handsets without having 5G towers in your locality. Hence before buying a new 5G phone, you need to ensure that there's a 5G tower in your locality! If your locality does not have its own 5G tower.

Question 4: Will the 4G network work on a 5G handset?

As 5G takes the world by storm, everyone is switching over to a 5G network. You must be thinking about whether your current 4G network works on your new 5G handset. Well, the answer to that is yes. Your current 4G network will work all fine on your 5G phones. So if that's what is your concern, then you needn't worry a bit!

Question 5: What are a few upcoming 5G phones?

With 5g being the future technology, several tech giants are dwelling in this very new domain. Many mobile companies such as honor, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, and Xiaomi have launched their versions of 5G mobile phones or have planned to launch them in the coming months. The new 5G phones would be well equipped with several brand new features which you can avail! With them, you're all set to welcome the future. Few phones which have already been released into the market are by companies Huawei, honor, Samsung, and apple. However, only a limited number of models are available at present. More models of 5G phones will be released in the coming months of 2021!

Question 6: How to check if your mobile handset supports 5G?

support 5g phone

Confused whether or not your current mobile handset supports 5g? Well, here's an easy method to check that. All you need to do is head to the settings of your mobile phone. Then head to networks and click on mobile data. Here you'll be able to see the types of connections that your mobile phone supports. Here you'll find a list that contains 1g,2g,3g, and 4g. If 5g is enlisted in the list, then your current handset supports 5g, and you can enable 5G on your mobile phone!

By the way, you can read more about how to check if your phone supports 5G network


Today we've seen a detailed analysis on whether or not to buy a brand new 5G phone. It has its own advantages and disadvantages. Now whether or not to buy a 5G phone is up to you. You can do as you think after the analysis we've just gone through. However, if you've decided to switch phones and buy a new one, you need MobileTrans, software that will help you transfer all your data from your old handset to the new one! Transferring data one by one manually could be a real struggle.

Since we've millions of things on our phones and we surely do not want to miss out on anything! Be it PDFs, documents, pictures, games, our phones are a warehouse of them all. Not only a 5G handset but if you buy any new phone, MobileTrans could be your go-to software for transferring data within seconds. Don't miss out on even a single file, do your data sharing work within seconds with MobileTrans!

That's all for today, guys! If you enjoyed reading this, share it with your friends, too, and let us know what you feel about this post.

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