Top 3 Ways to Transfer Calendar from Android to Android

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“How do I transfer Calendar from Android to Android in 1 click?”

Calendars are essential to keep our monthly, weekly, and annual schedule. But, users generally face issues while switching to a new calendar from their old calendar between two Android phones.

Unless you are using a Google Calendar, you will inevitably face problems in syncing the calendar between two Android phones. Also, finding a solution could be a hard task, or you can say, lengthy. What if you get introduced with such software that can do the job in minutes? Yes, guys, we are going to discuss the top 3 ways to transfer calendar entries from Android to Android. So, let’s see those ways in details as given below.

Part 1: Transfer Calendar from Android to Android with MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

The most popular tool available nowadays is MobileTrans – Phone Transfer containing exciting features. They will let you complete the task in just one click. As the name suggests, the software is specifically for users who want to transfer their data from one device to another, whether it be iPhone or Android.

Features of MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

Before going into details, let’s know some essential facts on what MobileTrans is.

  • • The software MobileTrans – Phone Transfer is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • • It is super simple to use with an interactive interface that doesn’t require any kind of technical background.
  • • The software is supportive of direct data transfer for photos, videos, contacts, music, call logs, messages, bookmarks, notes, calendars, and so on.
  • • To ease the process to a great extent, users can even select the type of data they wish to transfer between different phones.
  • • Almost 6000+ phone models are supportive of this software along with cross-platform transfer like Android to iPhone and vice-versa.
  • • Not a single piece is affected while transfer. It remains 100% secure and intact in between.

Steps to Transfer Calendar from Android to Android with MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

Step 1: Install MobileTrans

Go to the official site and download MobileTrans – Phone Transfer. Install and run the software on your computer system, after which you have to click ‘Phone to Phone Transfer’ as shown below.

transfer calendar from android to android mobiletrans

Step 2: Connect your Android phone

Connect both your Android phones to the computer system in which you wish to transfer the calendars. Set them as the source and destination devices, as shown below. If you did it wrong, simply correct it from the Flip button. After that, you need to select the data as a calendar as you want to transfer it between these two Android phones.

transfer calendar from android to android mobiletrans

Step 3: Start Transfer

As you have done selecting the calendar, you can now tap on the Start button. Wait for the software to finish the process. Progress is automatically shown on screen, as indicated below.

After the software notifies you for process completion, you can disconnect both your Android phones from the computer system. Not just Calendar, you can also transfer other kinds of files such as messages, media files, contacts, and so on.

transfer calendar from android to android mobiletrans

Part 2: Transfer Calendar from Android to Android with Google Account

The method with Google Account is a kind of fundamental way to transfer calendar entries. Even most of the people are already aware of this Google Account syncing method. When it comes to syncing contacts or calendars, the first thing that comes up in mind is always Google.

Just keep the following steps in mind to do that.

Step 1: Go to Settings

You have to go to Settings on the android phone from which you need to transfer media or other files. Then, things go like Settings> Accounts & Sync. Now, you can add your Google Account. Turn on the Sync option.

Step 2: Run Calendar app

Go to the Calendar app on your old Android phone. Go to More button and select Accounts. Now, you have to add your Google Account and confirm it.

Step 3: Check Calendar on new Android phone

Run the Calendar app on your new Android phone and set the Google Account. After its setup, you will be able to view all the events and stories from your old Android phone Calendar over this new Android phone Calendar.

The steps given above are mostly applicable to Samsung Android phones. For all other phones, you may have to navigate under the Calendar interface. Then, you have to tap on Menu and select the Sync button manually.

Also, remember to make sure that both your Android phones have a good working Internet connection.

transfer calendar from android to android google account

Part 3: Transfer Calendar from Android to Android via Bluetooth

For Android users, Bluetooth is the source to transfer contacts, media, videos, music, documents, and so on. Well, most of the time, this method fails because of default limitations on Android phones. However, you can’t precisely share Calendar from one Android phone to another Android phone via Bluetooth.

But, you can transfer Calendar from Android to Android via Bluetooth cleverly by simply following the steps given below.

Step 1: Turn Bluetooth ‘On’

On your source Android device, turn on Bluetooth and open Calendar. Long press and hold the calendar event that you want to transfer with another Android device. Tap on the Share Calendar button.

transfer calendar from android to android 2

Step 2: Select Bluetooth

After you select the Share button, simply tap the Bluetooth button, after which you will get a notification on the target device. For that, you have to connect both Android phones with Bluetooth. Now, you just have to accept the notification on the Target device.

transfer calendar from android to android 3

transfer calendar from android to android 4

Simply confirm this action on both the devices and wait for few minutes to let the process complete. Your desired calendar events will get transferred to the Target Android device in just a few minutes.


Before you directly go to the conclusion, we would like to mention some demerits of using two ways, such as Bluetooth and Google Account.

  • • First of all, both these methods are not so functional when we compare with MobileTrans – Phone Transfer software. Well, the reason is, with regards to the Google Account method, you will have to go for long steps before you can get the task done. On the other hand, the Bluetooth option is quite dysfunctional in most of the Android phones.
  • • Secondly, by just long-pressing the Calendar event, you may not find a share option and further Bluetooth button. Very rarely phones support this feature.

So, in the end, what we have as an effective, reliable, and instant solution is the software called MobileTrans – Phone Transfer. It’s the recommended choice to transfer Calendar from Android to Android in just one click as explained above. You can enjoy this multi-talented software in terms of other aspects also.

Thus, hopefully, you liked our comparison and the article on the top 3 available methods by which you can transfer calendar entries from Android to Android.

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