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[3 Methods] How To Transfer Calendar From Android to iPhone

Axel Nash

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Let's face it - it's easy to forget important activities when you have too many things to do. So, creating a digital calendar on Android to keep track of daily activities is not a bad idea. But what if you want to switch from your Android phone to a new iPhone? Do you have to create a new calendar? Well, No!

You can easily transfer the calendar from Android to iPhone. But if you don't know how to go about it, we've explained various reliable methods you can employ to execute the task. So let's dive into the article.

reliable methods

Part 1: Transfer Calendar From Android to iPhone via MobileTrans

The best way to transfer calendars from Android to iPhone is using the MobileTrans software. Yes, the tool seamlessly transfers various data, including calendars, photos, videos, and lots more, between iPhone and Android.

With MobileTrans, you don't necessarily need advanced knowledge to transfer a calendar from Android to iPhone. Unlike other regular tools, it allows you to transfer data between over 6000 types of mobile devices without deleting your phone's existing data.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer Tool

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Step 1: Install the latest version of the MobileTrans software on your computer. Launch it and select 'Phone transfer'> 'Phone to Phone.'

install the latest version

Step 2: Connect your Android and iPhone to the computer to the PC using their USB cable. And wait for MobileTrans to detect them.

connect your android and iphone

  • After that, tick the checkbox next to Calendar and click the Start button to transfer Calendar from Android to iPhone.

Step 3: The transfer operation will be completed within a few minutes. Just ensure you don't disconnect any of the phones during the process.

transfer operation

Why MobileTrans?

  1. Lightning-fast transfer
  2. You don't need to delete existing data on your iPhone.
  3. It's easy to use.
Tip for iPad users: If you have an iPad, you can also easily sync the calendar on iPad to your iPhone. Click to learn about easy methods.

Part 2: How To Sync Calendar From Android to iPhone via Google

Another efficient way to transfer calendars from Android to iPhone is by syncing them via Google. Google allows users to easily sync data across various devices as long as using the same Google account on both devices. The steps are as follows;

Step 1: Install the Google Calendar app from Play Store on your Android and login to your Google Account. Then, launch the app and go to Settings. Turn on the toggle next to Sync.

Step 2: On your iPhone, open the Settings app and select General.

Step 3: Tap Accounts and select Add Account > Google > Login into the Google Account you used on your Android device.

tap accounts and select add account

Step 4: Tap Next and enable sync Calendar on your iPhone.


  • The syncing process usually takes a long time to complete.
  • Some users report an unexpected error during the syncing process.

Part 3: How To Transfer Calendar From Android to iPhone via Move to iOS

You can also count on the Move to iOS app to transfer the calendar from Android to iPhone. It's an app developed by Apple to facilitate data transfer from Android to iPhone. However, you need to factory reset your iPhone first.

Read on to see the steps on how this works:

Step 1: Install the Move to iOS app on your Android phone.

Step 2: Start setting up your new iPhone or factory reset the iPhone. Then, tap on Move data from Android once you get to the Apps & Data screen.

tap on move data

Step 3: Tap Continue. A ten-digit or six-digit code will appear on your iPhone screen.

tap continue

Step 4: Open the Move to iOS on your Android device and enter the six or ten-digit code. The two phones are connected now.

Step 5: Select Calender and other data on the Transfer Data screen, then tap on 'Start.'

Step 6: The transfer process should begin instantly.


  • You must factory reset your iPhone first.
  • The transfer process is slow.
  • You might encounter lagging during the transfer process.

The Closing Thoughts

There you have it. You don't need to be tech-savvy to transfer calendars from Android to iPhone. You just need to employ any of the abovementioned methods to get the job done.

Overall, we recommend using MobileTrans for your calendar transfer. It does the job smoothly!

MobileTrans - Transfer Data between iOS and Android

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