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How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on Phones?

Besides transferring contacts between phones and backing up contacts on phones to your computer, MobileTrans now can do more for you.

It can help you manage your contacts by importing a new contact, exporting contacts to outlooks, and, most importantly, merging duplicate contacts. Let's find out how to merge your duplicate contacts with MobileTrans first.

Check this video guide for a quick look.

Step 1: Run MobileTrans on PC

Install MobileTrans on your computer and go to the More module to proceed.

mobiletrans home

Step 2: Connect Your Phone to PC

Click on the Contact Management tool. And connect your phone to your Windows computer with a cable.

choose more module

Step 3: Remove Duplicate Contacts on Phone

Your contacts will be listed on the following screen. Click the Merge button to remove duplicate contacts.

choose contacts

Step 4: Choose Contacts on Other Accounts

MobileTrans will identify all the contact lists on your phone and other third-party apps. Choose the one you'd like to merge duplicate contacts.

choose contact to merge

Step 5: Select the Contacts to Merge

On the next screen, you can select the contacts to merge. Before merging, you can backup your contacts first.

start to merge contacts

Step 6: Duplicate Contacts Removed

Now, your repeated contacts will no longer exist.

contact merge completed

You can also trust on MobileTrans to import and export contacts

You can import vCard and VCF files to add new contacts to your account and import contacts from Window Address Book and Outlook.

import contacts

Exporting contacts works the same.

export contacts

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