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How to use Mutsapper: Your Perfect WhatsApp(Business) Management Solution

mobiletrans By Holly McQuillan, Product Manager | Updated on March 20th, 2022.

Favored by over 2 billion people in 180+ countries worldwide, WhatsApp is no doubt to be one of the most popular social apps globally. We stay in touch with family and friends, anytime and anywhere.

To help "WhatsAppers" manage WhatsApp data safely and efficiently, Mutsapper, one of the best mobile management apps, is now ready to handle your WhatsApp-related issues perfectly. The main features are: WhatsApp Transfer, WhatsApp Business Transfer, WhatsApp Web, Whats Deleted.

wutsapper transfer whatsapp between android and iphone

Feature 1. WhatsApp Transfer

  • Simple transfer/migrate WhatsApp between Android and iOS without PC.
  • Transfer all WhatsApp data between Android and iPhone with an OTG cable directly; the computer is not necessary.

Feature 2. WhatsApp Business Transfer

  • Safely move your WhatsApp Business from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android.
  • Supports to transfer up to 9 data types, including texts, photos, audios, videos, files, emojis, location and more.

transfer whatsapp business between android and iphone

Feature 3. WhatsApp Web

  • Easily log in to two WA accounts on the same device.
  • Log in to the same WA account on different devices at the same time.

use wutsapper whatsapp web feature

Feature 4. Whats Deleted

  • Safely recover your missing messages, including chats, audios, videos, and other media files.

wutsapper access whatsapp permissions

With several simple clicks on Mutsapper, you can manage your WhatsApp(Business) data safely and easily.

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