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Google's Switch to Android App: Everything You Should Know

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Are you an iPhone user who faces trouble transferring your files to an android device?

If yes, then we recommend you to read this whole article to know about Google’s new Switch to Android App.

Transferring data from an iOS to an Android device is a child's play. However, iPhone users have been facing issues with sharing their data with Android for a long time. Google initiated a solution to this problem once and for all. With the launch of the 'Switch to Android app', transferring files from iPhone to Android has become very easy and convenient.

google switch to android

What is Google 'Switch to Android'?

Just released on April, 2022, the new Google switch to Android helps users jump on the Android ship without worrying about losing data on their previous iPhones. You can move your important files like calendar, videos, photos, etc., from your iPhone to your Android device. The Switch to Android app is said to support all kinds of files as Google Drive does. Using Switch to Android, you can transfer the data wirelessly or use a C-type data cable to achieve the same purpose.

google switch to android app

How to use Google Switch to Android?

The Google Switch to Android app is available free of cost on the App Store. You can download it and follow the below-mentioned guidelines while transferring your files:

  1. Open the app on your phone.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions of service.
  3. At the bottom of your screen, you will come across a start button. Click on the button to start the process.

start with google switch to android

  1. Provide access to your iPhone camera when asked.

access camera with google switch to android

  1. Using your iPhone, scan the QR code displayed on your Android.

access camera with google switch to android

  1. Select the type of file you want to transfer from a list of photos, videos, calendar events, or Contacts.

scanning with google switch to android

  1. Click on the continue button that appears afterward. A list of steps to turn off iMessage for your iPhone will appear on the screen. Follow these steps to accomplish the task.
  2. You may click on the start button if you want to transfer your photos and videos from iCloud to your Android device. You may also skip this process if you want to.

turn off imessage with google switch to android

  1. Finish your Android phone setting up once all these tasks are complete.

turn off imessage with google switch to android

Turning off the iMessage is an essential step in this process. If the iMessage is not turned off, you will not be able to receive any message from iPhone users, even if you switch to Android.

There is another way that may help you in ensuring the proper disabling of iMessage.

  • Visit the deregister iMessage website of Apple.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage.
  • Type in your phone number in the box
  • You may press the send button, which will send a 6-digit code to your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the code you have received on your phone and then type it on the website window.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • iMessage will get disabled on your device.

Advantages of Google Switch to Android

  1. Easy and convenient transfer of your data from iPhone to Android.
  2. Saves your time as well as mobile data.
  3. You can download the app free of cost from App Store.

Disadvantages of Google Switch to Android

  1. You need to operate on your iPhone and Android phone during the transferring, which is quite complicate for normal users.
  2. Wireless scanning of the QR code fails a lot.
  3. The Google switch to Android is available to transfer data from iPhone to a Pixel phone for now only. Maybe they will bring a feature for non-pixel Android phones too.
  4. To enable data transfer, you need to factory reset your Android device, or your Android phone should be a new one.

What can I transfer with the Switch to Android app?

As a result of Google's Switch to the Android app, you now have the ability to transmit photographs and videos (you can select those you want to transfer). You are also able to move your contacts and calendar events from your iPhone to your Android device when you use Google Switch to Android. On top of that, you also have the option of transferring videos and photos from iCloud to your Android smartphone.

The fact that Move to iOS and Smart Switch enable a greater variety of data types is one of the most significant disadvantages of utilizing Google's Switch to Android. As a result, there is a need for more enhancements and improvements to be included in the app in future versions. Another drawback of utilizing Google Switch is that it only allows you to share specific photographs and videos from your Android device.

Switch to Android from iOS with MobileTrans

You can transfer your files from iOS to Android using MobileTrans. The MobileTrans is available in two different formats. Let us look through both MobileTrans Desktop Software as well as the MobileTrans App.

1. MobileTrans Desktop software

MobileTrans desktop software comes with the following features:

mobiletrans software

  • You can transfer more than 18 types of data, including photos, contacts, messages, calendar events, etc., from your iOS to your Android.
  • MobileTrans is not just limited to the Pixel phone. It supports 6000+ devices that work on Android and iOS systems.
  • This software enables you to transfer these files from your mobile phone, either iOS or Android, to your desktop or laptop.
  • You can also back up your iOS or Android device to a computer for FREE.
  • You do not have to reset your phone first.

2. MobileTrans App

If you want to transfer your data from one device to another without involving your computer, you may use the MobileTrans app. This app, however, does not support as many file types as the desktop software of MobileTrans. The MobileTrans app enables you to transfer messages, music, videos, call logs, contacts, and your data from iOS to Android.

mobileTrans app


The introduction of the new Google Switch to Android app aims to transfer files from iOS to Android quickly. iPhone users mostly face issues with data transfer, and hence, this app focuses on resolving all the problems. You may transfer the data wirelessly or by using a data cable. Although, there are some shortcomings of the app which require an update. One can search for better alternatives such as MobileTrans.

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