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How To Transfer Games From One Phone to Another - 3 Methods

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

No one wants to start playing the games from the beginning when transferring from one device to another. Spending a lot of time and energy to progress in a game and then starting over due to changing phone is unacceptable for many users.

If you want to know how to transfer games from one phone to another, read this article to the end. This article will discuss the different ways to transfer game progress from Android to Android and iPhone to iPhone.

transfer games between devices

Part 1: Transfer Game Progress from Android to Android via Cloud

In Android phones, the easiest way to transfer game progress to new phone Android is using Google Play Games. It is a Google Cloud service used by many games to store game progress, achievements, etc. Follow these steps to transfer game progress from Android to Android using Google Play Games:

Step 1: On your old Android phone, go to Google Play Games and tap "Three Dots" to open the "Settings" menu. In "Settings," enable the "Automatically Sign-in to Supported Games" option located under the "Profile and Privacy" section. Ensure you have created the Google account backup on the old Android device.

enable the automatic sign in option

Step 2: Now activate your new Android phone and sign in using the Google account used in the old one. Next, open the Google Play Store, tap the "Profile" icon, and select "Manage Apps and Devices." You will see a prompt, "Install apps you've used before."

Step 3: Open the prompt by pressing "Review All," Here you can see the list of apps you already used on the old Android phone. Select and install the games you want on your new Android phone.

tap on review all option

Part 2: How to Transfer Game Data to New Android Phone Manually

Another way to transfer game data from Android to a new Android phone is by doing it manually. You will need to connect your Android devices to a computer and allow Windows to access your phone storage. Follow these steps to transfer game data manually:

Step 1: Once both your Android devices are connected to your computer, open the mobile storage of the old Android device. Now, navigate to the game's folder whose data you want to transfer. It will be located inside the "OBB" folder. The "OBB" folder can be accessed by tapping "Android."

access the obb folder

Step 2: When you have located the game folder, find and copy the OBB file of the game. Before moving to your new Android device, ensure that the targeted game is already installed on your new Android device. Remember not to open the newly installed game.

choose your game folder

Step 3: On your computer, move to the mobile storage folder of the new Android device and locate the game folder of the targeted game by following the same procedure as in step 1. Paste the copied OBB file there.

You can now enjoy the game on your new Android device from where you had left it on your old device.

Part 3: Transfer Games From iPhone to iPhone

If you are upgrading to the latest iPhone model and want to transfer your games to the new iPhone, you can use iCloud backup.

The iCloud backup of your old iPhone allows you to easily restore your old data and games to the new iPhone. Follow these steps to use iCloud to transfer games from iPhone to iPhone:

Step 1: First, ensure that the latest iCloud backup of your old iPhone exists. Open "Settings" on your old iPhone and tap on the Apple ID profile. On the next screen, tap "iCloud" and press "iCloud Backup."

access the icloud backup option

Step 2: Following this, enable the "iCloud Backup" feature if it is disabled. You can tap the "Back Up Now" option below to create the latest iCloud backup.

tap on back up now option

Step 3: Now, set up your new iPhone and when you reach the "Apps & Data" option, select "Restore from iCloud Backup" to restore your old iPhone data.

Step 4: You must enter your Apple ID to complete the data restoration process. Ensure that it is the same ID used in the old iPhone. Once the process is completed, your data and the games will be restored.

select restore from icloud backup

Note: If some games are not installed during the iCloud backup restoring process, you can reinstall them from App Store. There is also a chance that the newly reinstalled games might not maintain the game progression.

Part 4: Transfer Game Apps and More Data Between Phones

Aside from transferring game progress, you must move all other phone data to a new device when changing devices. Trying to transfer phone data manually can be a long and hectic process. So, you need a helpful tool that can make this process shorter and more straightforward.

Wondershare MobileTrans is an excellent phone transfer tool that makes switching devices much more manageable. It also allows you to transfer apps from one phone to another. Using it lets you quickly move over 18 types of data across 6000+ devices. The data transfer process is completely secure and quick.

One of the great benefits of using MobileTrans for phone transfer is that the already existing data in the destination devices are kept from being overwritten or replaced.

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Final Thoughts

Games are one of the greatest ways to pass the time on a smartphone. Many people consider making deep progress in popular games an achievement. That's why transferring game progress from one device to another is important. Hope now you know how to do the job.

What's more, Wondershare MobileTrans can help you transfer game apps and other phone data to a new device quickly and safely.

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