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A Detailed Guidance: Import Songs from CD to iTunes

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

If you wish to import all the songs from your CD to iTunes, so you can listen these songs on your computer. Then, you have landed on the best page.

This post will teach you how to import your CD songs to iTunes. Then, all you have to do is follow as directed.

If you're ready, let's dive in.

import cd to itunes

How to Import CD to iTunes?

Importing CD songs to your iTunes might appear hectic and complicated, but it is not always that way. It is easy when you know how to import.

Follow as directed in this outline:

Step 1: Choose the Desired Option

Before you progress, you will have to determine what happens when you insert a CD:

  1. Head to iTunes and open it. Select Edit, then Preferences, and then head to General


  1. Click on the 'When a CD is inserted' pop-up, and choose any of the following options:

import cd

  • Show CD: iTunes will open up the CD but will not import or play a song
  • Play CD: iTunes will be able to play songs without importing any of the track
  • Ask Import CD: iTunes gives you a choice to import the contents of the CD
  • Import CD & Eject: Imports the contents and ejects

Step 2: Change Import Settings

The default format for your songs is AAC when importing a CD to iTunes. But if you want to enjoy high-quality music, you can change to an apple lossless encoder; if you want to listen to that music on other players, you can choose an MP3 encoder with a higher-quality option.

Here is how to customize the import settings:

  1. From the app, get to Edit, then Preferences, then General, and select Import Settings


  1. From the import pop-up menu, select the desired format.

settings page

  1. From the Settings drop-down menu, you can choose Higher Quality if you choose MP3 Encoder beforehand or remain the default selection.

Step 3: Import CD Tracks to iTunes

Importing tracks from the CD to iTunes Library can take about 5 to 10 minutes. It would be best if you did this here:

  1. Launch iTunes and insert the CD. If you cannot view your CD info, click the CD button. You will find this button at the top left of the iTunes window
  2. Another window will appear and give you two choices:
  • If you want to import all your songs from CD to iTunes, click Yes. When done, jump to step 6.
  • If you want to prevent some songs: Click No, and follow along.

import cd songs

  1. Now, iTunes will give you the list of songs on your CD. Click on the checkmarks to prevent a song from importing

Note: If you do not get to see the checkboxes. Hit on Edit, then Preference, and head to General. Check if List View Checkboxes is enabled.

  1. On the top right of the window, you will find Import CD. Click Import CD to begin the import.

click import cd

  1. Stay with your customized import options and click OK.
  2. Once the songs are imported successfully, hit on Eject. You will find the Eject button on the extreme top right corner of the window.

Now you can listen to songs from your CD.

Bonus: How to Fix Importing CD to iTunes Fails

If you face issues importing songs from the CD to your iTunes library, here are some workable solutions to help you fix them.

  1. The Most common problem is when your iTunes cannot identify the audio CD. In such cases, the CD won't appear in the iTunes window. To fix this, quit the program. Next, head to Program Files and navigate to iTunes Folder. Double-click to launch the app.

If it works, delete the old shortcut and create a new iTunes shortcut on the desktop.

  1. Another possible reason could be that you have the error connection activated. In this case, it will take much longer to complete the import. Head to Import Settings, and check if the 'Use error correction when reading audio CDs' is enabled or disabled. If disabled, turn it on and vice-versa.
  2. Import issues can also be due to outdated firmware. Head to the drive manufacturer's site for recent firmware updates and install the same for your PC and CD Drive.
  3. Ensure you have the latest software version for your Windows and DVD/CD drive. Also, ensure you have all the latest drivers for your sound and video cards.
  4. Run diagnostics to identify problems. For example, go to Help, Run Diagnostics, and select DVD / CD drive tests.
  5. The CD might be scratched or dirty if it takes too long to import. If so, clean the CD with a microfiber cloth and try again.


So, it is possible to import songs from CD to iTunes. The process is simple but can be confusing somehow. So, make sure you follow the above steps carefully.

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