How to Transfer Messages from Android to Mac

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One of the most important and secure data on your Android device are your text messages. Your friends and family might send you messages regularly. Sometimes your phone store messages of your bank account information and other personal information. Before resetting your Android device or upgrading your phone operating system, you must keep your data in a safe place. Therefore, you might need to back up your messages on your Mac. But it is important that you can store them on your computer securely. You might not want to save those important messages with all other backup files. This article is intended to let you know how to transfer messages from Android to Mac. Check this article to find the best application to backup your Android messages in the most secured way.

Part 1. Best Ways to Transfer Messages from Android to Mac

You can find few applications on your internet to transfer messages from Android to Mac. But all of them are not simple and user-friendly for new users. MobileTrans is the best option available on the internet for saving your device messages on your Mac. You can even transfer other data from your Android devices to Mac selectively. Check the features that can help you-

Data Transfer: It allows users to transfer different data i.e. photos, videos, music, contacts, messages, etc. between different phone devices of different operating systems. Even this powerful transfer tool can save phone data on personal computers.

Restore Backup Data: It helps to restore all the backup data of your phone devices instantly. You can restore data as your need (complete or partial backup restoration).

Phone Data Backup: You can keep a backup of your iOS and Android devices in just one click. It helps to back up phone data selectively.

WhatsApp transfer, backup & restore: Transfer WhatsApp chat history from phone to phone. Backup WhatsApp to computer and restore.

Part 2. How to Transfer Messages from Android to Mac in 1 Click

To transfer your Android phone messages, you can use MobileTrans. The following step by step guidelines can help you in transferring your device messages. Make sure to follow them properly.

Step 1. Run the installed MobileTrans application on your Mac. Then, connect your Android device to your Mac with a USB data cable.

How to Transfer Messages from Android to Mac -run MobileTrans

Step 2. Click on the ‘Backup’ option on the launched screen of this message transfer application. You will find your Android device on the left and Mac computer icon on the right in the next window.

backup android

Step 3. Check the ‘Text messages’ box to transfer your Android device messages and then click on the ‘Start’ button to start transferring.

How to Transfer Messages from Android to Mac - setting

You need to wait for a while to finish the messages transferring process. Once, the process is completed, you can go to settings and check whether transferring your device messages are saved on your Mac.

Here is the video tutorial for you:

Part 3. Tips for Transfer Messages from Android to Mac

You can transfer messages from your Android devices to your Mac in one click using MobileTrans. But you can find a lot of applications on the internet like this one but all of them are not user-friendly to help new users. Even the security of your messages needs to be confirmed. But again, if you are not satisfied to use any third-party apps, you can find some other ways to transfer messages on your Mac computer.

You can simply keep a complete backup of your Android device using cloud service. It will be required to use your Gmail details and restore them to your new Android device if it is required. But you cannot have your backed-up messages separately to view or use them if you want.


There are a lot of ways to transfer SMS from Android to Mac but you must need to be sure that your applied process is secured for your secret messages. WonderShare MobileTrans offers you the most secured way to save your messages on your Mac. If you want to use any trustworthy third party apps to finish this task, MobileTrans is the best companion for the new users even to transfer text messages using a simple and user-friendly interface.

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