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Transfer phone data without a PC

How to Transfer Data from Oppo to Vivo

Axel Nash

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Phones are devices that virtually carry all our data, making them a vital part of our lives. Two of the most widely used smartphone brands are Oppo and Vivo. If you are using both phones or just bought a new Vivo phone, you must be wondering how to transfer your valuable data from Oppo to Vivo.

Transferring all your data from the existing phone to a new one can be risky as well as a tedious process. Since both are different brands, you might get confused. Some apps require deleting existing data on the old phone after transfer. This can be problematic if you are hoping to use both and need the data on both phones. Therefore, to help you out, I have compiled the two most handy methods of Oppo to Vivo data transfer.

Method 1: Transfer data from Oppo to Vivo with MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

With over 5 million users, Wondershare’s yet another fantastic app MobileTrans has been ranked one of the most used apps. MobileTrans is a desktop application used for data transfer. It offers a range of tools that include a phone to phone transfer, Whatsapp message transfer, and backup creation on PC. MobileTrans is popular among users owing to its simple and easy to use interface. Besides, it offers a one-click transfer, which is super fast.

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Moreover, you can transfer all your files and media within minutes. There is no limitation on the size of files, which is often a matter of concern for most of us.

Here is how you can do it in a few easy steps:

Step 1- Install the MobileTrans app on your PC and press launch. On the homepage, click on Phone Transfer

mobiletrans home 01

Step 2- Connect both the phones to your PC using their cables. Then, by using the Flip option, you can place them in the correct position. In this case, we will place Oppo (source) on the left side and Vivo (destination) on the right side. However, you need to enable USB debugging on android phones to start the data transfer process.

phone transfer android to android 01

Step 3- Open Settings on your phone, click on About Phone. Tap on Version 7 times to enter developer mode. Now go back to Settings and then click on Additional Settings. Now click on Developer Options.

transfer data from oppo to vivo 1

transfer data from oppo to vivo 2

Step 4- Enter the security code and press Use. Now Enable USB Debugging.

transfer data from oppo to vivo 3

transfer data from oppo to vivo 4

Step 5- After USB Debugging is enabled. Tick all the content that you wish to transfer and press Start.

Method 2: Transfer data from Oppo to Vivo with Bluetooth

Sometimes we don’t have access to a computer. That’s where the Bluetooth option comes into play. Oppo to Vivo, data transfer through Bluetooth is 100% wireless and hassle-free. Since the Bluetooth feature is in-built in every phone, no additional downloads or installations are needed. All you need to do is switch on your Bluetooth, and you’re good to go.

Only want to transfer your contacts to the new phone and leave the rest? The good news is that with Bluetooth, you can select the kind and amount of data that you wish to transfer.

Data transfer using Bluetooth is more comfortable and more reliable than apps that can be difficult to use. Any data (photos, videos, audio files, documents) can be transferred by this method.

Let me show you in detail how to transfer data from Oppo to Vivo-

Step 1- Slide the screen down to quick switch Bluetooth on. Or go to Settings and switch it on. Also, switch on Phone Visibility. Do the same on Oppo as well as Vivo.

transfer data from oppo to vivo 5

Step 2- On one phone, find the other device you want to pair. Click on it, and this option will pop up. Click on Pair on both devices. Enter the password if needed.

transfer data from oppo to vivo 6

Step 3- Once both the devices are paired, you can now select the files you wish to transfer. In your gallery, you may click on a photo and press share or send to option. Then from the various sharing options, choose Bluetooth.

transfer data from oppo to vivo 7

Step 4- Now, you will be presented with a list of devices, choose the device you wish to share with.

transfer data from oppo to vivo 8

Step 5- The device you are sending data to will receive a pop asking whether it wants to accept or reject the file. Press accept, and your file will be transferred instantly.

transfer data from oppo to vivo 3

You can choose multiple media files to transfer through the same process.

transfer data from oppo to vivo 9

For documents, you must open the specific document you want to transfer, click on the Share icon, and click on Bluetooth. Then follow the same process that was mentioned earlier.

transfer data from oppo to vivo 10

transfer data from oppo to vivo 11


Even though the advent of high-tech devices such as smartphones has made our life simpler by enabling us to access everything virtually or communicate worldwide. Managing data transfers can be quite confusing, especially for those who are not well versed in technology.

To help you out with the frequently asked question of how to transfer data from Oppo to Vivo, I have made an effort to explain all the steps to a successful data transfer in detail.

Using MobileTrans for Oppo to Vivo data transfer is undoubtedly the smartest option available. No more worrying about data loss or buying applications to transfer data. Now data transfer is just one-click away. MobileTrans delivers on its promises. Try it out and see for yourself.

Don’t forget to use the old school Bluetooth data transfer method. Although it is not as fast as the MobileTrans method, it is just as effective and safe. I think its worth a try if you have got time on your hands.

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