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4 Ways To Transfer Photos From Android to iPhone Wirelessly

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Have you recently purchased an iPhone and are struggling to transfer photos from your old Android device wirelessly? We understand how overwhelming the task of transferring photos from Android to iPhone can get.

That's why we have listed the four best ways to transfer photos from Android to iPhone with a computer quickly. Read this article to find the method that suits you the best.

transfer photos from android to iphone

Method 1: How To Transfer Photos From Android to iPhone Without Computer via Email

You can send photos through email if you only need to transfer a few photos from Android to iPhone. It's the easiest method in this list.

Transfer Photo from Android to iPhone Wirelessly via Email:

  1. Launch the app on your Android phone and select New Message.
  2. Address the Email to your email address to send the photos.
  3. Attach all the photos by tapping on the "Paperclip" icon. The photos will automatically get attached to the Email after you have selected them.
  4. Then tap Send to transfer the photos from Android to iPhone wirelessly.
  5. Once you have the Email, you can download the pictures on your iPhone.

transfer photos using email

Limitations of Using Email:

  • Email is an easy and convenient way to transfer photos from Android to iPhone, but you cannot send more than 25 MB of photos through a single email.
  • Another disadvantage of using Email for photo transfer is that you manually select the photos.

Method 2: Transfer Photos From Android to iPhone Without a Computer via Google Drive

If you don't find email a suitable photo transfer method, you can also upload your Android photos to Google Drive. It's a popular cloud storage where you can quickly upload photos and videos through a stable internet connection.

Google Drive should be your pick to effortlessly transfer photos from Android to iPhone without decreasing the image quality.

Transfer Photo from Android to iPhone Wirelessly via Google Drive:

  1. First, open your Google Drive on your Android phone.
  2. Create a folder and upload all the photos to it.
  3. Then install Google Drive on your iPhone as well.
  4. Locate the folder in Google Drive and download them.

transfer photos using google drive

Limitations of Using Google Drive:

  • Google Drive is a fantastic photo transfer method from Android to iPhone, but you manually need to download each photo. It can be time-consuming.
  • Google Drive offers limited storage. That means you cannot transfer all pictures.

Method 3: Transfer Photos From Android to iPhone Without a Computer via Google Photos

Besides Google Drive, you can also use Google Photos, another cloud-based storage platform. Google Photos helps you back up and sync photos from Android phones. But you need a stable internet connection for this method to work.

Transfer Photo from Android to iPhone Wirelessly via Google Photos:

  1. Open the Google Photos app on your Android device.
  2. Click on Settings > turn on Backup & Sync. All the photos will automatically sync to your Google Photos.
  3. Install the Google Photos app on your iPhone and sign in with the same Gmail account.
  4. Download all the photos.

transfer photos using google photos

Limitations of Using Google Photos:

  • Google Photos is an easy way to transfer photos but offers limited free storage space.
  • You must manually select all the photos to download them to your iPhone.

Method 4: Transfer Photos From Android to iPhone Wirelessly Using Move to iOS

You can professionally transfer pictures using Move to iOS. This app is designed to transfer data to a new Apple device.

Transfer Photo from Android to iPhone Wirelessly via Move to iOS:

  1. Set up your iPhone until you reach the App & Data screen during setup. Then select Move data from Android. A code will display.
  2. Download Move to iOS to your Android and agree to all the terms and conditions to use the app.
  3. Input the code on your Android to establish the connection.
  4. Then, select the data you need to transfer to your new iPhone.
  5. Until the process bar completes, continue setting up your iPhone and accessing your data later.

transfer photos from using the move

Limitations of Using Move to iOS:

  • It can only transfer photos during iPhone setup.
  • The photo-transferring process takes longer than expected.
  • The app can encounter glitches.

How To Share Photos From Android to iPhone via Bluetooth

Unfortunately, it's impossible to transfer photos from Android to iPhone using Bluetooth. Wondering why? That's because iOS and Android are two different platforms.

Apple does not allow non-Apple users to share photos or data using Bluetooth for security purposes. But this cannot stop you from seamlessly transferring photos.

Try any of the four methods listed above to transfer pictures wirelessly.

Bonus: Transfer Photos From Android to iPhone With a PC [Fast & Easy]

The above methods can help you transfer photos, but they all have limitations. So we'd suggest using MobileTrans.

Wondershare MobileTrans is a powerful app known for its notable feature of transferring photos between Android and iOS. Along with phone-to-phone transfer capacity, it also supports photo transfer with the help of a PC.

If you don't want to compromise on the quality of the transferred pictures, Wondershare MobileTrans should be your choice. It also allows to move photos from a phone to a computer.

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Here's why you should choose Wondershare MobileTrans:

  • It allows transferring photos after setup.
  • Transferred photos will be saved in your default photos app on your iPhone.
  • It is designed for non-tech-savvy people.
  • It is much faster than wireless transfer methods.


Transferring photos from Android to iPhone wirelessly is not complicated as long as you have the right tool. You can use one of the four listed ways to simplify the photo transfer process without deteriorating the image quality.

Or you can use Wondershare MobileTrans to avoid all the limitations you can encounter in the wireless transferring method. This powerful third-party app can complete the transfer process in no time.

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