How To Retrieve Deleted Viber Messages on Android

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Yet occasionally, we unintentionally erase important messages on Viber, making us anxious and questioning if they can recover.

Fortunately, there is a number of techniques to retrieve deleted Viber messages on Android. In this article, we'll walk you through the different techniques. These include recovering from backups and utilizing specialist software like MobileTrans, to regain lost Viber messages.

Continue reading to find out how to restore your deleted Viber messages! As we also address frequently asked issues concerning the process.

Part 1. Can you recover Viber deleted messages on Android?

Yes, you can retrieve Viber deleted messages on Android. However, it depends on whether you have a chat history backup.

  • If you have a backup, you can quickly recover your Viber messages from it.
  • You can still retrieve your lost messages using a few tools and techniques if you don't have a backup.

If the chats were deleted long ago, fresh data initialized them and made them unrecoverable. But, there is a significant possibility that you'll recover your lost Viber messages on Android if you take prompt action and follow the correct procedures.

restore viber deleted messages

Also, it's essential to implement preventative measures to minimize data loss. They routinely back up your Viber conversation history to prevent losing vital messages in the future.

In the next sections, we'll take you over numerous techniques for recovering deleted Viber messages on Android. It’s because you can regain lost messages and protect crucial data.

Part 2. Restore deleted messages of Viber by the earlier backup on the Android

One essential technique for restoring lost data on Android is to restore deleted Viber messages using a previous backup. If you have a backup file, you may recover deleted chats, even if they were deleted long ago.

Note: This approach is particularly helpful if you unintentionally lost a chat due to a phone upgrade or other technical difficulties.

Data loss can be prevented by routinely backing up your Viber conversation history. The backup will overwrite your current chat history. That’s why any messages sent or received after the backup was generated will lose if you restore from a backup; it's crucial to know.

A step-by-step guide to Restore deleted Viber Messages by Previous Backup on Android

To perform this action to get back your deleted Viber messages, you need to get a hand with these instructions:

  • Step 1. First, make sure you have a Google Drive backup of your Viber conversations.
  • Step 2. Launch Viber and select Settings from the menu to get started.
  • Step 3. Go to Settings > Viber Backup and select "Backup" from the menu. From here, you can link your Google Drive and Viber accounts.

backup of the viber chats

  • Step 4. If your Viber messages have been deleted, you should reinstall the program and link your phone to the same Google account.

Note: You will have the opportunity to restore an earlier backup while setting up your Viber account.

  • Step 5. If not, select "Restore" from the list of options under Settings > Viber Backup.
  • Step 6. To get your Viber messages back, see the specifics of the previous backup file and hit the "Restore" option again.

restore the viber messages

If you don’t find this method effective, then read further to resolve your issue in just a few clicks on your Android device!

Part 3. Recover the chat history of Viber on Android by Google Drive backup

One major option for data recovery is retrieving the chat history from Viber on Android using a Google Drive backup. Your Viber chat history may be safely and securely stored on Google Drive. It guarantees that your communications won't be misplaced or destroyed.

If you don't have a local backup of your conversation history or your phone is lost, stolen, or broken, restoring Viber messages via Google Drive backup is very significant.

retrieve deleted viber messages by google drive

Another important precautionary strategy to follow is to back up your Viber chat history to Google Drive regularly. By doing so, you can defend against data loss caused by various issues, including accidental deletion, software failure, and hardware damage.

Instructions to recover the chat history of Viber by Google Drive

The steps to recover the deleted chat on Viber by using Google Drive are illustrated below in an effective way:

  • Step 1. Launch the Viber app, select More from the menu, then go to Settings.
  • Step 2. In settings, go to Accounts > Viber Backup > and hit the Connect drive link that appears.
  • Step 3. Choose the account you wish to store and back up your conversations.

viber backup is going to connect with google drive

You can then go ahead and back up your Viber chat history to Google Drive after your Viber account is synced to Google Drive.

  • Step 4. Open the Viber app on your Android device. Enter the screen with additional options.
  • Step 5. Choose Settings. Then click Account > Viber Backup > and then Back up.

viber backup by using google drive

Retrieving your essential messages from your Android Viber conversation history using a Google Drive backup is an important way to make sure they are not permanently lost.

Part 4. Recovery tool for Viber messages - MobileTrans

MobileTrans is an excellent backup solution for Viber messages for many purposes. If you often hop between multiple devices, this cross-platform compatibility will be very helpful.

MobileTrans - Restore

Easy to Backup to PC and Best Way to Restore Viber Backup in 1 Click!

  • • Transfer Viber chats from one device to another for iOS devices.
    • Easily restore photos, videos, calendars, contacts, messages, and music from iTunes to iPhone/iPad.
    • Takes less than 10 minutes to finish.
    • Backup Viber messages from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to your computer.
    • Fully compatible with both the latest operating system version of Windows and Mac.
    • Support other social apps including WhatsApp, LINE, Kik, and WeChat.
4,085,556 people have downloaded it
logo trustpilot 5 stars 4.5/5 Excellent

logo of mobiletrans

Note: It gives you the option to selectively back up your Viber messages on iOS, letting you decide which ones to save and which to delete. This option might be helpful if you have a substantial conversation history and want to keep only the most crucial messages.

viber transfer on wondershare mobiletrans

Features of using MobileTrans in Viber Recovery

Viber messages and other forms of data can be quickly transferred and backed up across iOS devices using MobileTrans, a backup application. These are some of its defining features:

1. Data transfer

More than 15 different types of data can be transferred with MobileTrans, including Viber conversations, contacts, messages, images, music, and videos.

2. Restoring Specific Chat

MobileTrans enables you to back up and restore Viber data with one click. Instead of storing up your conversation history, you can save only the Viber messages you wish to preserve.

3. Easy and user-friendly

Even individuals with little technological expertise may use MobileTrans easily because of its straightforward and intuitive user interface.

Restrictions by MobileTrans

As features are illustrated in the above section, but you know that there are some restrictions in every software. Thus, in MobileTransfer you'll get these:

  • Software must be purchased in order to use it.
  • A program that requires a license payment.
  • A free trial period is short; you might need help thoroughly assessing the program before buying a license.
  • MobileTrans might have restricted functions you want for a full data backup solution.
  • With Wi-Fi or a mobile data plan, some of the backup choices in MobileTrans, such as Google Drive and iCloud, can be manageable.

3 FAQs for Retrieving Deleted messages of Viber on Android

Q1. Can Viber messages that have been deleted for a long time be recovered?

Yes, it is possible to recover old Viber messages; however, the recovery's effectiveness depends on a backup of your Viber chat history. If you've already stored up your Viber history, utilizing the backup will simplify retrieving the deleted messages.

The likelihood of retrieving deleted Viber messages that have been gone for a while is substantially smaller if you do not have a backup.

Even while there are applications out there that promise to recover lost Viber messages, their success rate can be rather low, especially if the conversations were deleted a while ago.

Q2. Can I access my Viber account on two separate devices simultaneously?

Yes, you can use two different devices at once to access your Viber account. You can access your Viber account from various gadgets, including mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Your messages will only sync on the device that you are presently using if you use Viber on different systems. As a result, any message you send from one device will only be shown on that device and not on any other device.

Also, if you log into Viber on one device and receive a message, you will see the message once you receive it again on the new device.

Q3. Can Viber messages be recovered without a backup?

With a backup, recovering Viber messages might be easier. Viber messages are not removed from the storage of your Android device after they are deleted.

Instead, the deleted messages' storage space is designated as "available" and is open to new information. You can restore your deleted Viber messages if you move promptly.

Without a backup, you might recover deleted Viber messages using a number of programs. These programs look for deleted data on your Android device's storage and make an effort to retrieve it.

Final Words

Viber messages can unintentionally be deleted like any other program, resulting in data loss. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to recover lost Viber messages on Android devices.

The data recovery application or restoring from an earlier backup is a great way to recover the data. The processes required in each strategy and its benefits and drawbacks are thoroughly examined in this article.

We preferred to use MobileTrans, a Viber message backup application with a user-friendly UI. It has cross-platform compatibility and several backup choices. It is a trustworthy backup solution that can protect your Viber data and prevent data loss.

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