How to Backup Viber Messages on PC?

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“I use Viber messages for bussiness and worry about data loss when my phone damaged. Is there some effective way to back up Viber messages on my PC?”

Viber is a widely used application by people around the globe. You can communicate via voice or video call and send a message to anyone anywhere in the world, without paying any amount. Due to user-friendly and fascinating features, numerous individuals use Viber for everyday purposes, from sharing business proposals to submitting assignments to the professor.

If a person entirely relies on Viber for all his personal and business communication purpose, such a person can not afford to lose their entire Viber data. Thus, every individual should always back up their Viber messages on their smartphones and their PC. If you lose your phone and forget your apple or google id, in such a circumstance, having a backup of Viber messages on PC will prove to be of great help to recover all your important business-related or personal messages back. Here are three effortless ways to backup Viber messages on PC.

backup viber on pc

Part 1. Backup Viber Messages by Default Way-Zip file

Viber, itself, offers a way to manually backup Viber messages on PC by permitting you to email them in zipped CSV files to yourself on your email id or skype id. It is a simple and straightforward method. Follow the steps below to backup Viber messages on your device.

Step 1: Open the Viber application

Launch the Viber application on your smartphone. Click on the menu button and enter the settings option in the application. You will see many options, find and click on the "Call and Messages" button.

backup viber on pc by default way

Step 2: Mail Viber Messages Backup

Select the option of "Email Message History". You will be asked to provide an email account. Provide with the email recipient on which you would like to receive the backup of Viber messages. Make sure to choose the appropriate email service to provide. It will take some time to back up the data, hence wait patiently.

Check your mailbox to confirm that you have received the Viber messages backup file. Once you have the backup file in your mailbox, you can restore and extract the Viber messages on your PC or any other device.

However, this method is not effective in retrieving messages which are hidden. You can not restore images either sent or received. Only text messages can be fetched through this method.

Part 2. Backup Viber Messages on PC with MobileTrans

MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer is very practical and easy to operate software, which is initiated by wondershare. This software allows you to transfer data from one device to another, backup Viber data on PC, and similarly, restore it. Most interestingly, you can backup attachment, pictures, and videos along with the text messages. Below are some steps to backup data effortlessly with just one click feature.

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Step 1: Install the MobileTrans application on the computer.

Download the MobileTrans application and run it on your PC. Several options will appear on your screen like Phone Transfer, Backup, Restore, and WhatsApp transfer. Select the option of the "Whatsapp Transfer" to proceed further.

whatsapp transfer home

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your PC.

Link your device and computer to MobileTrans software. On the left column, tap on the option of Viber from 5 distinct choices. On the right side, you will be asked whether you want to backup or restore Viber data.

viber home

Step 3: Backup Viber Data from your smartphone.

Select the option of "Backup". Your screen will show that the data is being processed. Once completed tap on the "OK" button.

backup viber

Step 4: Export Data to PC

On your desktop, tap on the option of restore. Next, you will be able to perceive the backup that you have ever made. Select the most recent Viber data backup that you have created. Click on the start button to restore data.

restore viber

Step 5: Retrieve Data

Once the restoration process is completed, you can open and view all the Viber messages along with photos, videos, and attachments. Make sure to keep devices connected throughout the process.

restore viber

Part 3. Backup Viber Messages on PC via iTunes

Use step by step guide below to backup Viber messages on PC through iTunes. This method is only suitable for iPhone devices only.

Step 1: Run iTunes application

First, connect your iPhone to your PC and then open the iTunes application on your computer. After launching iTunes, you will be asked to select a device. Choose your device as "iPhone".

Step 2: Backup Viber messages

On the left column, you will see many options to choose from. Click on the "summary" option. This will show all your device summary on the right side. Under the heading of manually backup, you will see the option of "Backup Now". All your data including Viber messages will start to backup on your PC.

Step 3: Verify

After you receive the notification that your backup has been completed. Check whether there is a backup available in your iTunes preference> devices.

backup viber on pc by iTunes

You can not see specific content in your backup file and similarly, you have to restore entire data just to retrieve back the Viber messages.

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With having important business proposals to university assignments on your Viber chats, you definitely can not afford to lose your data at any cost. Thus, the above listed are methods that will help you keep your Viber messages safe and secure. Choose the process wisely to ensure quick yet effective backup and restoration of your Viber messages on PC. You can also create a backup on your smartphone but it is very beneficial to have Viber messages backup on your PC too.

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