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How to Keep Your Viber Chat Private

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Most people worry about their privacy when using messaging apps like Viber, which is understandable considering no one really knows how the personal data they enter on these apps is used. Viber has over the years introduced a number of security options that are meant to protect your privacy while you use the app. Here, we will take a detailed look at these measures.

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Part 1. Know Your Viber Privacy Settings

Viber has done something that is unique, they allow users to make their own decisions regarding their privacy. This means that as Viber user, you have a choice when it comes to your own personal data.

This can be done in the app’s settings where you can choose to adjust and control the various aspects of your privacy as you use the app. Just go to More > Settings > Privacy to find these features including hidden chats, personal data management options, message requests, trusted contacts and more.

Part 2. 7 Tricks to Protect Your Privacy on Viber

The following are some of the actions that you can take to further protect your privacy when using Viber;

Viber- Screen Lock on Desktop

This is a good thing to consider, particularly if the desktop computer is used by more than one person and you don’t want others to read your messages.

You have the option to set a password to lock Viber so no one else can read them. To do it, go to More > Set a Viber-Screen Lock.

Who can Add You to Group Chats?

You can also choose who can add you to group chats. This feature can prevent a situation where you find yourself a member of more groups than you can handle.

To use it, go to Settings > Privacy < Control Who can Add you to Groups

Hidden Chats

If you have messages that are extra-private and need an added layer of security, the hidden chats feature is an ideal solution. Once hidden, these messages can only be accessed using a PIN code and will be kept on a different section of the app.

To find this feature, go to Settings > Privacy > Hidden Chats

‘Online’ and ‘Read’ status settings

If you don’t want other users to know if you have read their messages or when you were last online, you can easily change this in the privacy settings.

To do it, go to Settings > Privacy and turn off “‘Online’ status / ‘Seen’ status”

Spam Checker

You can sometimes get messages that contain links, phone numbers and email address that may be harmful. You can use the spam checker on Viber for Desktop to protect yourself from these messages. The spam checker works by scanning messages from unsaved contacts and let you know if they are safe to open or not.

To enable it on Viber Desktop, go to More > Settings > Privacy and Security

On Android, go to Settings > Privacy > Auto Spam Check

This feature is not yet available for iOS

Disappearing Messages

This is the ultimate way to keep your messages private. Disappearing messages is a feature that allows you to set a period after which the messages will self-destruct. It can be after 10 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, or even 1 day and you cannot screenshot them. Once they disappear, they are gone for good.

Password Protection- Coming Soon

Your Viber account is protected by a 6-digit PIN code that you will need to enter when registering a new device on Viber. Once it is set, the only way you will be able to register a new device its by entering this PIN code, to ensure that you are only adding new devices to your account.

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Axel Nash

Axel Nash

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