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“Viber is one of the most trending messaging application which is used by over 800 million users all around the world. Viber claims to be “the world’s most comprehensive communication experience”. I love to use Viber for numerous distinctive features that makes this app more attractive as compared to other messaging apps. “

As more and more people are using Viber it has gained popularity among business organizations. Viber's Public Account feature helps to interact directly with users. The customers can be connected via group chats and can be reached anytime anywhere. Now once you start using Viber for business purposes it will have all you valuable chats, conversation, and contacts that you don’t want to lose at any cost. So you must have a backup for your Viber the account in case the need arises. Below are some methods that can help you create a backup for your Viber account:

viber backup and restore

Method 1: Complete Auto Viber Backup to Google Drive Manually

You want to switch to a new phone but can’t lose your Viber account. The below-mentioned steps will help you keep a timely backup to your Viber account:

    1. Select "Settings" in the more options menu.
    2. Go to Accounts.
    3. Click on "Viber Backup".

viber backup 1

    1. Tap on "Auto Backup.
    2. Choose how frequently you want to back up your Viber account from the available options.

viber backup 2


  1. Auto backup is available for Androids and iPhones only.
  2. While backing up your account make sure that you are connected to your Google or iCloud account.

Method 2: Viber Backup via Email:

Losing your chat and message history can be a nightmare for any Viber user. Especially for the one who is using it for business purposes. No worries at all! Viber also gives you the option of backing up and restoring your lost treasure by following the procedure mentioned below:

    1. Open Viber Account.
    2. Go to Settings.
    3. Tap on the Email message History.

viber backup 3

    1. Select Email.
    2. Now you need to add an email account where you want to send your backup chat and messages.

viber backup 4

Restoring Procedure:

Once you have created a backup for your chats and messages, you can conveniently restore it whenever the need arises. The restoring process is as follow:

    • • Sign in to the email account that you used as a recipient.
    • • Check your inbox
    • • Your Viber messages will be in the form of Viber
    • • Simply click on the download icon.

viber backup 5

    • • Open the CVS file where all your messages will be arranged according to the sent and received time.

viber backup 6


This backup method will not be helpful in retrieving:

  1. Your hidden messages.
  2. Photos and images sent and received from someone.
  3. Only your text messages will be backup using this method.

Method 3: Viber Backup Via iTunes:

If you are iTunes user and you want to create a Viber backup for your iPhone you can simply do that by backing up your Viber messages to iTunes with the help of a computer. You just need to carry on the following procedure:

  • • Connect your iPhone with the computer.
  • • Open iTunes.
  • • Select your iPhone device.
  • • Tap on the Summary option.
  • • Press the Backup Now option.
  • • A backup is created for your iPhone as well as for your Viber messages.

viber backup 7


The main drawback of this system is that you cannot view the backup contents on your computer. If you want to review your text messages you will have to restore the entire backup on your phone.

Method 4: Top Viber Backup Software:

One of the best and efficient methods to transfer, backup and restore your data from one device to another is to use efficient software such as MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer which allows you to transfer your data with just a simple click.

MobileTrans is a desktop application with multiple characteristics. It is compatible with all iOS and Android devices. You can also backup and restore all your social apps using MobileTrans, such as WhatsApp backup & restore. It is a safe and secure method of transferring data without any fear of losing any content on the way.

Steps to Backup Viber Chats:

MobileTrans allows it’s users to create a backup for Viber chats in the computer where you can easily view your chats on the desktop. To back up your Viber chats from an iOS/Android device take the following steps:

    1. Connect the iPhone to the computer.
    2. Tap the “WhatsApp Transfer” option.

whatsapp transfer home

    1. Select Viber from the left column.

viber home

    1. Click on the “Backup” button.
    2. Your backup will be completed within a few minutes.

backup viber

Restore Viber in iOS/Android:

Once a backup is created for your Viber account you can restore it any time either in your old device or in your latest iPhone model by just clicking some buttons. Follow the below-mentioned steps to restore your data:

    1. Select Viber in the WhatsApp Transfer column.
    2. Click on the Restore button.

restore viber

    1. Press Start.
    2. Viber chats will be restored to your iPhone within minutes.

restore viber


Above mentioned methods can be life-saving for you to some extent. But if you have MobileTrans installed in your computer system then you have a proper, safe and 100% data recovery tool in your hands. So always make smart choices just like your smartphones and use this outstanding software to your advantage.

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