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12 Amazing Features You Can Use on Viber

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

With more than 200 million active users across 193 countries, Viber has carved its position among the world’s best-chatting apps. It is not just a messaging app where you can exchange messages rather it comes with interesting features like emoticons, doodling, stickers and many other to beat the competitors. If you are not using Viber at the moment, then let me list out 12 amazing features that will make you download and install the app and become its avid user. Let’s begin:

viber features

1. Enable Smart Notifications

Like all the messaging apps, all the notifications are shown by Viber also but here is one interesting twist. In maximum conversations, our friends send us many messages and it is a bit irritating to get notified for every single message. In such cases, Viber becomes the savior by allowing its users to enable the smart notification feature. This feature shows up all the messages of a conversation in a single notification saving its users from continuous distraction by ringing or vibration.

Steps to Enable Smart Notifications

  • • Open the chat room with your friend whose notification settings you want to change. Once opened, swipe left.
  • • A tab saying Smart Notification will appear, just click on it to enable it.

viber feature 1 enable smart notifications

2. Turn Off Notifications

There are moments in a day where you don’t want any notification to pop up on the screen whether it is from a personal conversation or from the groups you are a part of. To fulfill your wish Viber also has a solution for this. It comes with a feature that enables all its users to turn off all the notifications.

Steps to Turn Off Notifications

  • • Go to the main page of the Viber> Settings
  • • Click on the Notifications tab> turn off all the notification related settings OR
  • • Open a specific group from which you don’t want any notifications
  • • Go to Settings> Mute Group

viber feature 2 turn off notifications

3. Hide Viber Chat

Privacy is very important to everyone and for that, we all set passwords of every kind. If you want your messages to remain personal, Viber has this amazing feature that hides chat(s) you want to keep a secret.

Steps to Hide Chat

  • • Open the Chat Screen> Press and hold on the chat you want to hide
  • • A dialogue box will appear, click on Hide Chat
  • • Enter the 4-digit password and the chat will disappear OR
  • • Click on the particular chat> Select the Gear Icon
  • • Click on Hide this chat and voila! The chat will be hidden.

viber feature 3 hide viber chat

4. Delete a Message for Everyone

Many times it happens that by mistake we send a message to the wrong person and immediately want to undo it. Viber takes care of all of its users’ wishes and hence, comes with a feature with which we can delete the wrong sent messages for everyone.

Steps to Delete the Message for Everyone

  • • Click on the message you want to delete.
  • • A dialogue box will appear and click on Delete for Everyone option and, the message will be deleted forever for all the involved users.

5. Turn on Invisible Status

There are days on which you don’t want people to see you sitting online on the app or it is just that some people just don’t like making their status visible to their friend list. Viber also has a solution to this as it allows its users to hide their online status for a minimum of 24 hours to a maximum time of the users’ choice.

Steps to Turn On Invisible Status

  • • Open the home page and click on Navicon> Settings
  • • Click on Privacy> untick “Share Online Status”

viber feature 5 turn on visible status

6. Open Secret Chat

There are some chats for which sometimes we want above than normal privacy. Viber has this amazing feature that allows its users to switch to secret chat from a normal chat.

Steps to Open Secret Chat

  • • Open the Chat Room> Menu Button (present on the top right)
  • • Click on the “Open Secret Chat Now” button. In the new chat set the timer and instantly send your disappearing messages OR
  • • You can open the Chat Info screen> select Open Secret Chat
  • • Set the timer and send your disappearing messages.

viber feature 6 open secret chat

7. Block and Unblock a Contact

There are some people in almost all of ours contact list with whom we don’t want to receive or send any messages via any social media apps. Viber allows you to even block and unblock one or more than one contact number to restrict you from sending any message or call you using Viber.

Steps to Block and Unblock a Contact


  • • Open the chat room of the contact you want to block and swipe left.
  • • Click on the Navicon button (on the top right)> Click on Block Button.


  • • Open the Home Page> Settings
  • • Click on Privacy> Block List
  • • A list containing the blocked number will appear. Click on the Unblock button in front of the number you want to unblock.

viber feature 7 block unblock contact

8. Doodle on any Photo

Another amazing feature of Viber is that it allows its users to be creative with the photos. Whether you have photos received through Viber or you have clicked them by yourself, you can doodle on them and make them more attractive and interesting.

Steps to Doodle on any Photo

  • • Select the picture you have received through Viber and click on the Navicon> Doodle this Photo
  • • You can choose to use Brush options, colors, erasers or you can even change to a different photo at this time.
  • • Once you are happy with the editing, click on the Send Button to share the photo with your friend.

viber feature 8 doodel on any photo

9. Create Custom Stickers

Viber allows its users to create customized stickers to express themselves in the best possible way. You can choose your photos and convert them into quirky stickers and share them with your friends and even with the public. Isn’t it interesting? It is one of the reasons which make Viber favorite of many people around the world.

Steps to Create Custom Stickers

  • • Open any chat room and click on the Add button in the sticker menu> Create Stickers
  • • Choose any Photo> Edit Screen> Create Sticker Button
  • • The Sticker market will open, click on the Create Sticker Button present on the top of the page. You can make a sticker of your choice in any shape and size.

viber feature 9 create custom stickers

10. Open Conversations Gallery

Throughout the conversation process with friends, it is normal to share lots of pictures and videos. There are some days where you want to see a particular photo or video but with the thought of finding it by browsing all of the chat you had with the person, many of us simply drop the idea. But, with Viber you don’t have to drop the idea, you can simply open conversations gallery to see all the photos and videos exchanged between you and your friends.

Steps to Open Conversations Gallery

  • • Open the chat room with your friend where you have exchanged the media files and swipe left on your phone screen
  • • Click on Conversation Gallery> Swipe right or left to choose between photos and videos.

11. Share your Location

Viber also allows its users to share their locations with particular friends either through the embedded location sharing feature of the app or by explicitly using the maps. You can disable this option whenever you want.

Steps to Share your Location

Via Inbuilt Feature

  • • Open the chat box of the friend you want to share your location with and click on the grey arrow that comes in the message composing box.
  • • The arrowhead will turn purple indicating that location sharing has started and will continue till the arrowhead is of purple color.

Using Maps

  • • Open the chat room and click on the “+” icon from the left of the “Compose box”. A menu list will appear containing an option to share the location.
  • • Click on Share the Location Button. A map will appear, click on the Send button and your current location will be shared.

12. Join Group Voice Calls

Do you have a group of best friends staying far away from you or have any good news to share with a little bunch of loved ones?

If the answer is a “Yes” then Viber is here to be your messenger of dreams. You can now talk to at least 5 people at the same time and share all that you want. If you are a workaholic then you can make calls to your valuable clients or employees at the same time and save your time. This feature of Viber has added another fur to its hat.

Steps to Turn On Invisible Status

  • • Make a call to one of your contact and click on “Add to call” button.
  • • Choose the rest of contact you want to add and if they are not added in your contact list, simply type their number and hola! It’s done. You can now talk to a group of your people at the same time.

Viber is not just about these 12 features, it has plenty of other features which make instant messaging a fun-filled process. It also empowers its users to clearly express their emotions in the best possible way.

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