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What Does 5G Mean to Our Life?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

South Korea is the first country to offer 5G to the people. In 1973, the first handset was made, which was only able to call, and in the same ear, the first every phone call was made using the wireless network. Back in the time, this network was used as 1G, and now one would have known what does 5G mean?

1G was the only available network in the world. Everyone on the internet is connected through these networks nowadays, and 4G is widely available. You can call video calls, send texts, images, and even songs over 4 G. If we compare 4G with 1G, you will see a vast difference as you can only call someone over 1G, but with 4G, you can do a lot of new things. It was a whole new change to the world, and now the 5G network will unleash some of the most advanced technologies of the internet.

what does 5G mean?

Part 1: What 5G means to the world?

Be it downloading a large file or video calling your loved ones miles away from you, 5G offers a low-latency and high-quality browsing, downloading, and streaming. You can easily connect with people around the world without waiting for the buffer or anything. This is the future, and this time it is going to be pretty bright for everyone. Now the question is: what does 5G mean?

5G is packed with some powerful features to give you all the opportunities to explore the world of the internet and technology. The network is designed to control all types of machines, robots, and other techie gadgets with its multi-Gbps speed of internet for you. It also has a massive capacity to handle the whole world and its users without any latency in the performance.

Let's talk about the meaning of the 5G network to this newer world? It helps connect new industries to the network, and besides, everyone gets to enjoy high-speed browsing and faster downloading. Let's learn about what is the meaning of 3g, 4g, and 5G


about 1g

1G, or as we call it, the first generation mobile network service, was first launched to everyone in 1980. Back then, people started using it for making calls to their loved ones, but it wasn't as improved as new networks today. It was introduced in some of the most renowned parts of the word in various forms. The technologies that were used for the networks back then were included AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System), NMT (Nordisk MobilTelefoni or Nordic Mobile Telephone), TACS (Total Access Communications System), and C-Netz (Funktelefonnetz-C or Radio Telephone Network C). After a while, it started to come as SIM cards that we still use in every corner of the world. The whole aspect of these networks took a lot of space but now we have it all in a single small chip.


about 2g

2G, as you might have guessed, is the second generation which took over the first generation by adding a lot of new features and improving the whole thing for everyone. The main technology used for 2G at that time was the GSM which stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. 2G was launched somewhere around 1990, and back then, it was still in development. With time the network started to develop, and it has grown pretty vast, and it also stayed for a very long time in the world. The first thing that helped people reach out to each other was the text messages. It allowed people to text and send images and videos using the MMS service of the GSM mobiles.

With time, the new technologies started to add into the network providing a plethora of services to the users. Then came the CDMA and TDMA technologies introduced in the world around 1995, providing a high-speed internet of 14.4 kbps to 115kbps. We know this sounds funny to you today but back then, it was pretty high for a person living in 1995. With time GSM also launched new technologies for the internet called GPRS and EDGE, which provides internet to almost all types of handsets. This was when everyone started shifting towards the internet, and a new world started to grow. Well, who would have known that the internet would take over the whole world and now see around you and observe the new 5G and learn what is 5G LTE mean today.


about 3g

3G came after 2G, but it had to wait quite a long compared to other networks. 3G was the main evolution of the internet when people started to load pages in a few seconds. In the past, it took people over 2 minutes to load a page of over 3Mb. But with 3G, they were downloading everything in seconds and making quick browsing. This was based on High-Speed packets, and 11.8 Mbps of data was sent every second, which is pretty fast per the user rate. After that, HSPA+ was introduced, which gave 42 Mbps of data, and it was more than 3 times of HSP. Then several technologies came into the market with various data speeds and till the time they were working, 4G was introduced.


about 4g

4G or, as we call it the current era of internet and network is used almost in every corner of the world today. Even most of you are using 4G to read out this article and we know that is gonna change when the 5G will be out. However, 4G is the fourth generation; we pretty much know everything about this one. The network uses LTE services to make calls to provide you with high-quality audio and video calling. Even Android mobile phones can FaceTime just like Apple users with these 4G network systems. With the launch of CDMA And WCDMA, the new evolution of 4G was born through it. And the same technologies helped give birth to the LTE services and you just need an LTE-enabled smartphone to use 4G services. And now let's talk about what is 5G network means?

Part 2: what does 5G mean to us?

The 5G is used by everyone on mobile broadband, mission-critical communications, and the massive IoT. There is the main parts where 5G is being used and is pretty effective. With time, this will change the way the world surf on the internet, and every part will help save you more time.

Of course, reality will be grounded, but since 5G provides so many aspects, who's to say that the future won't start getting a lot more exciting? This has flexible support to help move the world forward, and here is how this whole 5G thing will affect your everyday life and the world around you

(1) Enhanced Mobile Broadband

The speed and experience in 5G go hand in hand. You will get some high-quality data packets with 5G to help improve your database. This will enable the AI and VR boxes to let you have an immersive experience of virtual reality. This will unleash some of the greatest aspects of your lives.

(2) Mission-Critical Communication

Be it a vehicle or a robot, the high-speed data packets of 5G will enable smooth usage of these machines. You will also get a lower cost per bit for added convenience for ultra-fast performance. The remote control infra is set to grow with the launch of 5G in all the left counties and states.

3) Massive IoT

With the internet's ultra-fast speed, there will be a huge change for IoT for the whole world. You will have to get 5G to scale down in rates and get enhanced power and performance for any work on the internet.

5g mean

Part 3: Advantages of 5G and How It Will Benefit IoT

5G is packed with many advantages, and you can avail all of them if you are living where you can avail yourself it. Don't worry if it hasn't launched in your country yet. It will be as the plan to launch 5G is at a halt due to the Covid condition worldwide. Also, the 5G network has health-related issues that make people doubtful about the meaning of 5G technology and using the network in the area. Once this all gets resolved, there are fewer chances of you to get your hands on 5G. We hope it gets availed soon to help us experience the new era of the internet and things. Here are a few advantages you will get from 5G services.

  • With 5G, you can get 15GBps to 20GBps of speed for transmission.
  • Access files from the cloud without waiting
  • Use of mobile application directly from the cloud without using the terminal of your Smartphone
  • Lower latency to allow faster execution of every program available on the internet
  • Automated driving system
  • Allows a greater number of devices to connect through wireless means - better alternative to LAN network over various devices.
  • Implements the virtual network idea by creating subnets for specific needs

This is just like a new portal through the wormhole. Like transporting to a new time zone and planet, this world will see many new opportunities and changes with the cloud, especially.


5G is the most futuristic thing people are waiting for, and it will surely blow out everyone's brains. We know it is hard to digest some of these things, but this will be available almost everywhere on the planet in a short period of time. We hope now you know everything about your answer to the meaning of 3g 4g and 5G and how it will affect the world.

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