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Can You Switch SIM Card From Android to iPhone?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Switching devices from one platform to another can be confusing and nerve-racking. If it is your first time moving to a new platform, like moving from Android to iOS, you might have to look for every minute detail. One question that can pop up is, "can you switch SIM card from Android to iPhone?"

The answer depends on which iPhone model you are switching to. To get detailed answers to your queries regarding SIM transfer across platforms, read the article to the end.

transfer sim from android to iphone

Part 1: Can You Switch SIM Card From Android to iPhone?

It depends. Whether you can switch the SIM card from Android to iPhone depends on your model. You can transfer your SIM to the latest iPhone 15 non-US models or older ones, as there is no SIM card slot on iPhone 15 lineup sold in the US.

However, the first thing you need to ensure is that your SIM has the same size as required by the iPhone model.

iphone 14 series

You must also consider that your iPhone model is not SIM-locked. If it is, you won't be able to use your previous SIM card. And if your bought iPhone from a specific carrier, you will only be able to use the SIM card of that carrier.

Moving to the latest iPhone 15 US model, you can't transfer a physical SIM to it as Apple has ended its physical SIM support. However, you could switch your eSIM from Android to it if you already use one on your old Android device.

Part 2: Steps on Switching SIM Card From Android to iPhone

If you are upgrading to an iPhone model with physical SIM support, you can follow these steps to transfer your SIM card from Android to iPhone properly:

Step 1: You first need to transfer your contacts in your phone to your SIM card. You can do that by opening the "Contacts" app and tapping the "Three-dot" icon to open the menu. Next, select "Import or export contacts" in the menu and press "Export."

choose the export option

Step 2: After pressing "Export," select your SIM card as the destination and select the contacts you want to transfer. Now remove the SIM from your Android phone and insert it into your new iPhone.

select your sim to transfer contacts

Step 3: The SIM transfer is complete once the SIM card is loaded. Now you can use all your contacts on your new iPhone.

Note: During the SIM transfer process, if your SIM card's size doesn't match the size required by your iPhone, don't cut it yourself. A small wrong cut can result in losing the SIM and contacts stored inside it. Instead, either uses a professional SIM cutter or get a required size SIM from your carrier.

Part 3: Transfer eSIM Card From Android to iPhone

The latest iPhone 15 models in the US doesn't support a physical SIM card. Thus, it made transferring SIM card from Android to iPhone more complicated. However, we still provide different solutions for you to transfer your eSIM from Android to your iPhone 15.

Method 1: Through eSIM Carrier Activation

If you buy your iPhone 15 in the US through a carrier that supports Apple's eSIM Carrier Activation, you can get an iPhone with an assigned eSIM. The carriers that support Apple's eSIM Carrier Activation are:

  1. AT&T
  2. Boost Mobile
  3. Cellcom
  4. H2O Wireless
  5. Red Pocket
  6. Verizon Wireless
  7. Xfinity Mobile
  8. Tracfone
  9. Strata Networks
  10. Nex-Tech Wireless
  11. Caroline West Wireless
  12. Credo Mobile
  13. FirstNet
  14. T-Mobile USA
  15. UScellular
  16. PureTalk
  17. Spectrum Mobile
  18. C Spire
  19. Straight Talk

When your new iPhone 15 has eSIM Carrier Activation, it is assigned to your carrier's network using its IMEI number.

To activate your eSIM during iPhone 15 setup, provide Wi-Fi details after swiping the Welcome screen and wait for the iPhone activation process. Once the "Choose a cellular plan" screen appears, tap the plan associated with your eSIM and press "Continue."

setup your esim

If you are setting your eSIM remotely or transferring eSIM from Android, call your carrier and wait for the "Carrier cellular plan ready to be installed" notification.

Tap the notification once it appears, and then in Settings, press "Carrier Cellular Plan Ready to Be Installed." Finally, select "Continue" at the bottom of the screen to complete the process.

Method 2: Via Carrier's App

You can also transfer your eSIM from Android using the carrier's app if your carrier doesn't support Apple's eSIM Carrier Activation. Over 40 network carriers in the US support eSIM activation through carrier apps. Although, you will not be able to activate your eSIM during the initial iPhone 15 setup process.

To get started, start setting up your iPhone 15 and when you reach the "Set up cellular" screen, select "Set up later." After the iPhone setup, download the carrier app from App Store and open it. Now follow the on-screen instructions to transfer or activate your eSIM on your new iPhone 15.

use the carrier app

Method 3: Using QR Code

It is also possible to configure your eSIM during the initial setup of iPhone 15 if your carrier supports eSIM transfer or activation through a QR code. In the US, more than 40 carriers provide eSIM activation through QR code services. The code is usually sent through mail or provided at the store where you bought your iPhone.

Start the setup process of your iPhone 15 and provide the necessary details until "Set up cellular screen appears. Here, select "Use QR code" and follow the instructions to scan the QR code provided by your carrier. Then, wait for the eSIM to activate and tap "Continue" when the "Cellular setup completes" notification appears.

active esim using qr code

Bonus: Transfer Your Data from Android to iPhone

Switching devices can be troublesome as it requires transferring all old phone data to the new phone besides SIM. You need a tool to transfer all your phone data in minutes.

Wondershare MobileTrans is an amazing phone transfer tool that lets you transfer all your phone data from Android to iPhone without any issues. You can even transfer all your Android data after setting up your new iPhone. What's even more impressive is it is a tool designed for the non-tech savvy.

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Final Thoughts

The ability to transfer SIM from Android to iPhone means you will not have to change your phone number when switching devices. Even if physical SIM can't be transferred to the new iPhone 15, knowing how to transfer eSIM from Android to iPhone is important.

When needing a tool for transferring data, Wondershare MobileTrans is the best option due to its comprehensive data transfer features.

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