How to Transfer Files from Oneplus Mobile to Mac?

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“How do I transfer my photos from Oneplus to Mac?”

If you’ve also set up a new Mac or want to transfer files from Oneplus to Mac, it is the right place to read. It is better to do a clean installation and then decide upon migrating the files from Oneplus to Mac. Start from scratch and transfer only the essentials. It’s because you don’t want to stuff unnecessary data into your Mac operating system.

Usually, it's hard to directly share files between Android and Mac. Sharing information between different operating systems takes some knowledge and a bit of a hook. Well, the software or methods you apply should be viable and secure.

Fortunately, Android devices make it flexible, or you can say, super easy to transfer data even to iOS devices. That's a plus point of Android-based devices in comparison to Apple. Moreover, there is always a requirement of particular software to transfer files from Oneplus to Mac. Hence, we would like to recommend the easiest and quickest method also! So, let's get started with our first method to transfer photos from Oneplus to Mac without further ado.

Method 1: Transfer Files from Oneplus to Mac with Android file transfer

Android File Transfer is a Google-made app specially designed to transfer files between Android and Mac devices. So, it well matches our concern of moving files from Oneplus (Android) to Mac.

Beforehand, you should make sure that your Android Oneplus system is running 3.0 or later version. Also, remember that the Android File Transfer app is compatible with macOS 10.7 or later.

Use the hyperlink to download the Android File Transfer app: here.

Here’s how to download, install, and use Android File Transfer!

First of all, you would have to download the Android File Transfer app on your Android device.

Once the downloading the over, select AndroidFileTransfer.dmg.

Then, drag the Android File Transfer app to Applications and connect your Android device with Mac via USB cable.

Lastly, you have to double-click the Android File Transfer app

There you go, now, you can browse files and folders to copy on your Mac operating system

So, these are just the necessary version steps of using Android File Transfer.

Let's see a step-by-step guide to transfer files from Oneplus to Mac via Android File Transfer.

Step 1: Connect Oneplus to Mac

Pick up the USB cable that comes with your Oneplus device.

oneplus to mac 1

Step 2: Download Android File Transfer

To complete the second step download and install Android File Transfer. Follow all the screen prompts or wait for the device to do it automatically.

oneplus to mac 2

Step 3: Tap the Get Started button

oneplus to mac 3

Step 4: Navigate the directory

You should now navigate your phone directory and find the specific files you need to transfer from Oneplus to Mac.

oneplus to mac 4

Step 5: Drag the files

After finding the desired file, drag it to the specified folder or desktop.

oneplus to mac 5

You can now open the transferred files on Mac operating system.

Note that every Oneplus version may have different settings to follow. So, you need to fiddle with them accordingly.

Method 2: Transfer Files from Oneplus to Mac with MobileTrans

Here’s our top-most recommendation with regards to using software to transfer files from Oneplus to Mac. The most appreciated feature about the MobileTrans is up-gradation. You can call it an all-round solution for all your phone-specific problems. It covers all the features with regards to phone transfer, backup, and restoration. Plus, the support feature of multi-platform cross transfer is fantastic to consider.

So, you can transfer files from Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, Windows Phone to Android/iOS, Android to Android, and iPhone to iPhone. At most, there are only three steps to follow and make things happen pretty quickly. The exclusive feature by Wondershare MobileTrans is WhatsApp Backup. You can backup all kinds of WhatsApp data on the computer via simple steps.

So, let’s get back to the main topic and see the detailed step-by-step guide to transfer files from Oneplus to Mac.

Step 1: Connect Oneplus with Mac

The first step is to connect your Oneplus device with Mac via USB cable. Beforehand, download and install the Wondershare MobileTrans on Mac. Then, select the Backup&Restore module on the main window.

backup home

Step 2: Select files to transfer

Now, you can select the files, like photos, to transfer from Oneplus to Mac. The different versions of file types get supported for Android and iOS, respectively. Click the Start button after you complete the file selection.

Given below are various supported file types for Android (Oneplus) device.

backup android

Step 3: Complete Backup

Keep your Oneplus device connected with Mac until the backup completes. If you need access to the backup files, go to the Restore module of MobileTrans.

backup complete

So, these are all the steps required, even if you want to transfer photos from Oneplus to Mac. The use of the Backup module will save your data securely on Mac without any hassle. On the other hand, you can select the Transfer module of Wondershare MobileTrans to transfer files between different mobile phones. So, you have to use the Backup module to use it for macOS.

Final Words

Thus, we hope you found the article helpful with transferring files from Oneplus to Mac. All in all, we discussed two main ways to move your precious data safely. Our best bet goes with Wondershare MobileTrans because of multi-functional capability and ease of use between the two. On the other hand, the solution by Android File Transfer will consume more time comparatively as there may be different prompts for settings on different Oneplus devices. Well, the final choice is yours, so enjoy sharing your favorite photos with your friend and family.

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