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5 Ways - How to Fix Move to iOS Low Battery Issue

Axel Nash

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Query: “I recently downloaded Move to iOS. But when I try to access it, the phone shows a low battery in Move to iOS, which does not fix even if I charge my device. What to do?”

Indeed, questions like this are common even though it is a useful app for easily transferring files from Android to iOS phones. This can be one of the Move to iOS not working errors that can cause further problems like unsuccessful data transfers between phones.

However, fear not: there are ways to fix the issue. Read ahead to know what they are.

low battery issue

Why Your Phone Needs to Have Enough Power to Use Move to iOS?

Two reasons that you do not want to get this low battery alert on Move to iOS:

  • Long transfer process- Transferring files from Android to iPhone will take a long period, regardless of the amount you move.
  • Transfer interruption- The transfer process will stop if the device has a very low battery.

So, keep your phone(s) charged well or connected to a power source while the app works.

5 Ways to Fix Move to iOS Low Battery Issue

If you are facing the Move to iOS low battery problem even after charging your phone, you need to take the step to fix it manually.

1. At least 20% Battery for Android

In most Android devices, the lowest limit for charging the phone is around 20%. You should attach the power source with your Android device and charge until it is at the higher limit, like 80% and up. Or, continuously keep it charging and then use the Move to iOS app. Avoid letting the battery drop below that.

2. Turn off Low Battery Mode

On iPhones, it is possible to use a Low Battery Mode for controlled power usage. This can block the app and cause the Move to iOS low battery problem, so disable it. Go to the Battery section through Settings and access the “battery” section. Then, deactivate this power saving feature.

disable the low battery mode

3. Reset Both Phones

The issue with low battery prompt while using Move to iOS may also occur due to network or connection errors. You can try restarting both of your Android and iPhone devices and try to connect again. If it still fails to solve the Move to iOS low battery issues, consider the next step.

4. Reinstall Move to iOS

Indeed, the reason the low battery prompt keeps popping up even though your phone is fully charged may indicate software-based issues. At this point, you should try deleting the app from your phone and then install it again. In most cases, the problems fix with this step.

install the move to ios app again

5. Try Move to iOS Alternative

Another potential solution you can take is using an alternative of the app directly. In this context, MobileTrans is a suitable software that allows smooth Android to iPhone full or partial data transfer quickly and efficiently. Not to mention, you can easily transfer WhatsApp data with some clicks as well.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Best Move to iOS Altervative Tool!

  • Variety of data types- Users can transfer around 18 different types of data between mobile phones.
  • Seamless WhatsApp-specific data transfer- If you want to move your encrypted WhatsApp data specifically to a new phone, MobileTrans offers the WhatsApp data transfer feature.
  • Quick processing- You can expect an exceptionally fast data transmission rate while using this software compared to others, like Move to iOS.
  • Simpler user experience- Even users with limited to no technical knowledge can easily download the software and start transferring their files between phones.
  • Avoid factory reset- Users do not have to factory reset their phone or backup files separately before using it to transfer files.
4,085,556 people have downloaded it
logo trustpilot 5 stars 4.5/5 Excellent

How to use MobileTrans to transfer the files between Android/iPhone devices?

Step 1: Download, install, register for an account, and launch the app on your device.

Step 2: Use a USB cable to link your Android phone and iPhone to the PC.

Step 3: Access the app and click on the Phone Transfer option from the interface.

mobiletrans interface

Step 4: MobileTrans will detect all data in the source device and display them. Click on the folders to transfer.

the folders to transfer

Step 5: Select the Start button to activate the transfer. The whole process, whether you are transferring big files or some sections, takes some minutes to complete. Do not disconnect the devices at this point.

activate the transfer

Therefore, whether you have a low battery or not, you can easily use Mobile to transfer files between phones- give it a shot!

Final Words

To wrap up, you can try restarting/resetting your phones or keep charging the phone for high power to reduce the low battery issues with Move to iOS. Faster power consumption is an issue you will see here.

For a better user experience, you can try out other file transfer software like MobileTrans, which is simpler, faster, and less power-consuming. Try it out or the other solutions mentioned if you face this issue on your phone.

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