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Switch to Android vs. Smart Switch: What's the Difference?

Axel Nash

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We already had Smart Switch to move your data from iOS or Android to Samsung phones. It is an amazing application that helps you move your data from one device to another without hassle.

Google has also recently launched the Switch to Android application that helps transfer iOS data to Android phones, which now only available on Pixels.

When you are shifting phones, which one should consider? What is the difference between both apps: Switch to Android vs Smart Switch?

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When to Use: Switch to Android vs. Smart Switch

Switch to Android: When to use?

When you have data on an iOS device and you want to move it to Android, you should consider using Switch to Android. For now, Google has launched the service for its Pixel phones only. This means if you are willing to move data from iOS or iPhone to Pixel, this is your best shot. Everything will move to an Android phone.

Later, Google is planning to bring this service to every Android brand.

Samsung Smart Switch: When to use it?

When you have to move data to Samsung, in that case, Samsung Smart Switch is the best option. This tool helps move data from iOS and Android devices to Samsung devices without any glitches or challenges.

What to Transfer: Smart Switch vs. Switch to Android

Switch to Android is a fairly new application, which means that it doesn't currently support every data type. So you can move 5 types of data from iOS to Pixel with Switch to Android.

In the case of the Samsung Smart Switch, it is a mature service, which helps you move 13 types of data from one phone to a Samsung phone.

Here's a list of data types that both services can move from one device to another. Based on your requirements, you can see what seems more feasible.

Data Type Switch to Android Samsung Smart Switch
Bookmarks No Yes
Calendar Yes Yes
Contacts Yes Yes
Messages(SMS/MMS) No Yes
Music No Yes
Notes No Yes
Photos Yes Yes
Videos Yes Yes
Alarm Settings No Yes
Call History No No
Documents No Yes
Ringtones No No
Reminders No No
Voice Mail No No
Wallpaper/Lock Screen No No
Blocked list No No
Applications(List) No Yes
Voice Memo No Yes
iCloud Photos Yes Yes

Google's Switch to Android currently supports iCloud Photos, Videos, Photos, Calendar, and Contacts.

How to Use: Switch to Android vs. Smart Switch

There are different ways to use both Smart Switch vs Switch to Android. You have to follow the steps given below to move data using Switch to Android vs Smart Switch:

How to Use Switch to Android?

switch to android

  • Step 1:The first step is to download Switch to Android on your iPhone.
  • Step 2:Choose the Google LLC option and download the app on your iPhone.
  • Step 3:Once the app is on your Android device, you should open it.
  • Step 4:Check Terms of Service and move forward.
  • Step 5:Now, click on Start.
  • Step 6:You will be prompted to offer Camera You should allow it.
  • Step 7:From your Android device, scan the code given.
  • Step 8:You will get options to transfer data types, including Videos, Photos, Contacts, and Calendar Events.

options of transfering data types

  • Step 9:When you hit Continue, data transfer will start.
  • Step 10:Moving forward, you need to follow on-screen instructions.
  • Step 11:You would be asked to move iCloud data as well. Allow if you want to, otherwise Skip.

move icloud data

During the process, you may be asked to turn off iMessages.

How to Use Samsung Smart Switch?

smart switch

  • Step 1:Firstly, sync data to iCloud. From Settings>iCloud>Sync Data.

You can transfer data using WiFi, PC/Mac, or USB cable:

  • Step 2:To transfer data using WiFi, you should open your Samsung Phone and go to Smart Switch.
  • Step 3:Visit Settings, then Accounts and Back up, and Smart Switch.
  • Step 4:Smart Switch will ask about receiving or sending data, choose Receive Data.
  • Step 5:Choose iPhone or iPad and move on to select Get data from iCloud instead.
  • Step 6:Sign in to your Apple ID and select the data you wish to transfer.
  • Step 7:To transfer data using USB, open Smart Switch.
  • Step 8:Select Receive Data and connect your phone.
  • Step 9:Trust the device and select Transfer.
  • Step 10:To transfer data using a computer, visit iTunes and take a backup.
  • Step 11:Download Smart Switch on the computer and connect the new phone.
  • Step 12:From the Smart Switch app, select restore data.
  • Step 13:You have to select iCloud under From a different backup.

How to Connect: Switch to Android vs. Smart Switch

In both cases Switch to Android vs Smart Switch, you can connect via USB as well as wireless connection.

Smart Switch allows transferring data over WiFi, USB, or computer. We have explained all the methods above. Depending on the connection that is most feasible, you can select one option and proceed with it.

Switch to Android also supports wired and wireless connections. We have explained wireless connection via scanning of the QR code. If you want to connect via USB, you can connect phones before scanning the QR code.

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Both Switch to Android vs Smart Switch have similar features but Switch to Android may be available to all Android users in the future. Check out the features of both and see how you can move your data. Select the tool that suits your requirements. If you want, you can consider using MobileTrans which helps you move data between different devices without any challenges.

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