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I have just realized that my phone is running out of space. I don’t want to lose the memorable music I’ve saved in it and wonder how to move my music to a safe place. How do I transfer music from phone to laptop?”

The availability of smartphones makes it easy to capture every memorable session. And most users love to save music for offline listening as well. However, you may realize that your phone is rapidly losing out its space memory. You have to act fast in such a case before your phone crashes or it slows down other operations.

The quickest move is to transfer music from phone to computer via available ways. By this, you’ll have a backup of your music on your computer as well as create space on your phone for more storage. Check out various ways to move your music from Android and iPhone to the computer.

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Part 1: Transfer Music from Phone to Laptop with MobileTrans

Our top choice is to use MobileTrans to transfer music from phone to computer free. This app supports both iPhone and Android devices. Besides transferring data to your computer, it can move files from iOS to Android, iPhone to iPhone, Android to Android, and Android or iOS to Windows. More so, you will safely move your music without resetting your phone or deleting the original data. MobileTrans also supports 5 data types for transfer from phone to PC. Follow these steps to transfer your music from Android and iPhone to the computer.

Step 1. Connect Android/iPhone to your laptop

Initially, you’ll have to download and install MobileTrans on your laptop. Next, connect your phone via USB cable or wirelessly over an internet connection. Then launch MobileTrans and choose the “Phone Transfer” > “Export to Computer” option.

transfer music from phone to laptop via mobiletrans

Step 2. Select music files to transfer

Check the sidebar on the left and choose “Music” as the file type to export. Once you’ve selected all the needed music, click on the “Export” tab at the bottom right of the screen.

select music from phone to laptop via mobiletrans

Step 3. Transfer music

The final step is to let the system begin the transfer process. Ensure you keep the phone connection intact until the transfer process is completed. You can then locate the transferred music on your laptop for listening.

transfer music from phone to laptop via mobiletrans completed

Part 2: Transfer Music from Phone to Computer Using USB Cable

A USB cable is another quick means to move your music. Follow this guide to learn how to transfer music from phone to laptop using USB.

Step 1. Connect your phone to the laptop

Firstly, connect your phone using a USB cable. Then open the “My Computer” folder on your laptop. The connected phone should be visible under the “Portable Devices” section.

Step 2. Select music folder to transfer

Among the several folders on your phone, choose the one that harbors your music.

Step 3. Transfer music

The last session is now to transfer the music folder to your laptop. Simply drag and drop the folder from your phone’s icon into the desired folder on your laptop.

Part 3: Transfer Songs from Phone to Laptop Using Bluetooth

The third solution shows you how to transfer music from phone to computer using Bluetooth. All you need is a reliable internet connection to pair your phone and laptop.

transfer music from phone to laptop via bluetooth

Step 1. Turn on Bluetooth on the phone

The first caution is to turn “ON” Bluetooth on your phone. Then enable the “Shown to all” option to make it possible for your phone to be successfully searched by your laptop.

Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth on your laptop

Switch on the Bluetooth option on your laptop. Then open the “Control Panel”, choose the “Hardware and Sound” and hit on the “Devices and Printers” > “Add a Bluetooth device” option. You then need to connect and pair your Android phone with your laptop by following the laid steps.

Step 3. Select and transfer music

Once your phone is paired with the laptop, a message will appear on your laptop asking you to accept the file from your phone. Accept the request and the music transfer will immediately take effect.

Part 4: Transfer Music from Phone to PC with Cloud Service

Cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive, among others are reliable means to store your files for easy accessibility. You can access them on any of your sync devices, anywhere and anytime. Let’s check how to copy songs from either your Android or iPhone to your laptop with Dropbox. This cloud service allows you some storage space in the cloud.

transfer music from phone to laptop via dropbox

Step 1. You first need to install the “Dropbox” app on both your laptop and Android or iPhone.

Step 2. Sign in to “” via your phone.

Step 3. Go to the top-left corner and click the grid icon.

Step 4. Next, click “Transfer” from the menu that appears.

Step 5. Then click on the “Create transfer” option.

Step 6. Click on the “Add from Dropbox” to add files to your transfer. Any files that you store in Dropbox will be automatically copied to the Dropbox server.

Step 7. Finally, sign in to Dropbox with your laptop to access the music folder.


If you just realized that your phone is running low on memory, it’s perhaps because your files have bombarded it. You can free space by transferring some files to your laptop. In this article, we have tackled ways to transfer music from phone to computer in simple steps. The best app, MobileTrans, works earnestly to move your music without data loss. You can also transfer your music via USB, Cloud Services and Bluetooth to help ease the memory space on your phone and easily access them from your laptop.

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