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"How can I back up my Outlook contacts to avoid data loss?"

Indeed, backing up contacts is vital for safe storage, so knowing the steps for that is important.

Outlook as a platform allows users to save a wide list of contacts, even importing from other platforms. However, some people might go through issues that lead to losing their contacts, like a deleted account, forgetting the password, or a stolen/lost phone.

In these conditions, users should backup Outlook contacts. This keeps the data safe from loss due to factory reset, device damage, or password loss. To know how to do this, read ahead.

backup outlook contacts

Part 1: Backup Outlook Contacts to CSV

One of the best methods for Outlook contacts backup is saving the contatcs in CSV or Comma Separated Values file format first. Outlook supports the CSV file format, and it is one of the widely used file types for numbered contact saving.

This process will take some time to complete manually, and you can back up the CSV file later to a hard drive, USB flash drive, or cloud account. So, you have to take specific steps to complete the backup process.

How to do this?

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook software and log in with your account.

Step 2: At the top of the home screen, click on the File tab from the taskbar.

click on the file tab

Step 3: Press the "Open & Export" choice from the left-hand pane.

open export

Step 4: Press the Import/Export button and go to the next window.

Step 5: Under the action choice, click on the "Export to a file" option in the Import and Export Wizard window. Click on Next.

export to a file

Step 6: Choose the "Comma Separated Values" option from the next list. Again, press the Next button.

comma separated values

Step 7: On the next window, choose the Contacts folder under the source user account. Hit the Next button.

Step 8: Insert the Contacts file name in the text field. Press Finish.

Step 9: The Import and Export Progress box will appear, showing the process of exporting the Contacts file.

exporting the contacts file

Step 10: Open Microsoft Excel and access the CSV Contacts file. If it opens easily, the transfer was successful.

Step 11: Then, backup the Outlook contacts in CSV file format on your cloud storage or another device.

  • Use a USB adapter tool to save the file by plugging it into your PC and copy-pasting the file on the device.
  • Access your Gmail account > click on the 3 x 3 dots icon > Google Drive > New > File Upload. Choose the CSV file to upload and save it in the account.

Part 2: Outlook Backup Contacts to PST

It is suitable to backup Outlook contacts directly as a .pst file. Later, you can import the PST contacts file when you need to add the contacts to your Outlook account again.

This is one of the easiest options to store all available contacts for future restoration in case of device crashes, upgrades, or other situations that can cause data loss.

How to do this?

Step 1: Open the Outlook software and click on the File tab from the taskbar on top.

Step 2: Choose Open & Export > Import/Export.

choose open export

Step 3: Choose the "Export a file" option from the list on the next window and hit the Next button.

Step 4: Click on the "Outlook Data File (.pst)" option for PST files. Press the Next button.

outlook data file

Step 5: Under the "Select a folder to export from" window, choose the Contacts folder.

select a folder

Step 6: Rename the backup file and choose the location of saving the file. Then, press the Finish button.

Step 7: Change the Encryption/Password settings for the file to block unauthorized access and press the OK button to complete.

Step 8: Back up your Outlook Contacts to your Cloud storage or another device for further safekeeping.

Part 3: Backup Contacts from Outlook via MobileTrans

If you can also backup and save your Outlook contacts to your mobile device. for this, you can use MobileTrans for help on.

MobileTrans is a powerful data transfer tool, but it can does more than that. It allows users to import and export contacts to/from your phone, including Outlook contacts. Moreover, it can even help delete duplicate contacts saved in different accounts or app. And now it is free to manage your contacts now.

MobileTrans - Contact Management

  • • Import contacts from CSV, VCF, Outlook and Microsoft Address Book to your phone.
  • • Export contacts on your phone to a CSV or VCF file.
  • • Export your contacts to Outlook and Microsoft Address Book directly.
  • • Remove duplicate contacts under different accounts.
  • • Free of charge.
  • • Easy to operate.
  • • Data transfer, backup and restoration.
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How to Use MobileTrans to Backup Outlook Contacts?

Step 1: Connect the Android or iPhone you are importing contacts from with the computer device.

Step 2: Install the MobileTrans software on your Windows and run the launch.

Step 3: When the software opens, go to More > Contact Management.

go to more

Step 4: Click the Import button and choose to import from Outlook 2010/2013/2016.

click the import button

Step 5: Wait for the process to be finished and you can view your Outlook contacts on your mobile phone now.


To protect your data from loss due to sudden system crashes, unintentional deletion, orduring pre-planned upgrades, backing up Outlook contacts is necessary. You can export and backup them as PST or CSV file. Or, you can use software like MobileTrans to import them to your mobile device directly.

Decide on the method that works best for you, and then follow the steps to back the contacts up point by point.

MobileTrans - Contact Management

Easily import contacts from VCF or CSV files to your mobile devices. Merge duplicate contacts in one click.

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