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Import iCloud Contacts to Outlook: 3 Amazing Methods

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

You might have been wondering, "Is it possible to Import iCloud Contacts to Outlook?" We're happy to help find this out! Apple's iCloud and Microsoft's Outlook are now two of the most widely used applications for contact management.

Since most people use both iPhone and Windows PC, when you need to export your iPhone contacts to Outlook for future usage, that's where most consumers run into problems. And if you don't know how to import contacts from iCloud to Outlook, don't worry because you'll find it out in this article. Let's get going!

import icloud contacts to outlook

Part 1: Import Contacts from iCloud to Outlook using Best Contact Manager [Best Choice]

If you wish to find the easiest and the most efficient way to transfer the iCloud contacts to Outlook, you require a third-party professional tool. That's where Wondershare MobileTrans comes in.

MobileTrans is the software developed by Wondershare to transfer different types of files between devices. Moreover, you can transfer your iCloud contacts to Outlook using this tool. Also, you don't need to worry about contact duplication with this tool.

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After making sure that you have synced your iPhone contacts to iCloud, follow this procedure to export iCloud contacts to Outlook:

Step 1: On your computer, Download and install Wondershare MobileTrans from the official website and launch it.

Note: Ensure your iPhone is connected to your PC via USB cable.

ensure iphone is connected to pc

Step 2: from the above menu in Wondershare MobileTrans interface, select More and hit the Contact Management option.

hit the contact management option

Step 3: Now, you will get the contact list from your phone. Select the contacts you wish to transfer, and click on Export.

select the contacts to transfer

Step 4: You will get four options, i.e., to CSV, to vCard, to Windows Address Book, and to Outlook. Now, you need to select the to Outlook option to export your iCloud contacts to Outlook.

select the to outlook option

Since this method is easy to use and helps you avoid contact duplication during the transfer, we recommend using Wondershare MobileTrans to export iCloud contacts to Outlook.

Part 2: Export iCloud Contacts to Outlook via iCloud

Wondering how to export iCloud contacts to Outlook without using any third-party tool? You'll get the answers in this section. You can transfer iCloud contacts to Outlook via iCloud, but if you don't know how, follow one of these methods:

Method 1: Transfer Single/Several iCloud Contacts to Outlook

If you don't want to transfer all your iCloud contacts to Outlook but a single contact to Outlook, it's super easy. You can export the selected contact or several contacts one by one using iCloud and then import them into Outlook.

To transfer single or several iCloud contacts to Outlook via iCloud, follow these steps:

Step 1: To view your contacts list, go to using the web browser of your choice.

Step 2: You can choose just the contacts you wish to export using the Actions Menu, which is located in the bottom left corner of the screen. To save a vCard file to your computer, in the Actions menu, choose Export vCard.

click on export vcard

Step 3: now, go to Outlook on your computer, click the File tab, and then hit the Open & Export option.

Step 4: After that, click on Import/Export. In the Import and Export window, click on Import a VCARD file.

click on import a vcard file

Step 5: Select the contact file you just exported and hit Open. After that, click on Save to import the iCloud contact to Outlook. You need to repeat the process for every contact file.

Note: every .vcf file should contain only one contact file to import them to Outlook successfully.

Method 2: Import All iCloud Contacts to Outlook

As the above method can be pretty annoying for you if you wish to transfer all iCloud contacts to Outlook, you can import all iCloud contacts once. To import all iCloud contacts to Microsoft Outlook, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open iCloud in your preferred browser, and go to Contacts.

Step 2: Click on Settings in the bottom left and select All from the menu. After that, click on the Export vCard from the same menu.

click on export vcard

Step 3: Go to Google Contacts and hit the Import option from the left menu. Choose Select file in the next window to pick the contact file you just exported from iCloud.

click on select a file

Step 4: Once you have imported the vCard file to your Google contacts, click on Export, and select the contacts you just imported by clicking on the Selected Contacts.

Step 5: After that, select Outlook CSV, and then hit the Export option to import the contact file in CSV format.

click on export

Step 6: Go to Outlook on your computer and then the People tab.

Step 7: Now, click on Manage on the left, select Import Contacts, and then hit the Browse option.

click on browse

Step 8: A file explorer window will appear, select the CSV file you just exported, and hit the Open option. After that, click on Import to import iCloud contact to Outlook.


Since offices mostly have Windows computers, you might want to have your iPhone contacts on Outlook. If you haven't synced your iPhone contacts to iCloud, we hope you know how to Import iCloud Contacts to Outlook after reading this article. Moreover, we recommend using Wondershare MobileTrans to export iCloud contacts to Outlook since it's easy to use and lets you quickly transfer multiple files.

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