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Transfer WhatsApp Backups from Google Drive to iPhone

Android users back up their WhatsApp data to Google Drive, while iPhone users back up to iCloud. However, since Android and iPhone are two separate platforms, WhatsApp doesn't allow restoring WhatsApp from Google Drive to iPhone.

But don't worry. MobileTrans can help from here. Follow the below steps to restore your WhatsApp backup on Google Drive to your iPhone.

Step 1: Launch MobileTrans on your computer. Then, select Google Drive to WhatsApp to proceed.

mobiletrans home

Step 2: Log into your Google account, which stores your WhatsApp backups.

login google drive

Step 3: You must verify your identity first.

verify google drive logins

Step 4: Choose the backup file you need to transfer to your iPhone and click to download it.

google drive backup

Step 5: You must verify your Google account by entering the received code.

Note: You must also enter the PIN created if your account is two-factor authentication protected.

verify google accoun

Step 6: Now that MobileTrans parsed your backup data, you are ready to move forward.

view google drive backup 01

Step 7: View your WhatsApp backup and Tap 'Restore to Device' to restore them to your iPhone.

view google drive backup 02

Step 8: As the images shown, you can transfer WhatsApp from Google Drive to your iPhone with no data left behind.

Note: You can also keep existing WhatsApp data on your iPhone.

restore google drive backup 01

Step 9: Now, sit back and wait for the process to complete.

restore google drive backup 02

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