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Let’s face it – there are times when we all wish to move some important files between our smartphone and system storage. While there are plenty of ways to manage and transfer our data, some people often find it hard to select an ideal method. One of them is the AirMore File Transfer app, which supports a wireless transfer of data between multiple devices. Therefore, in this post, I will let you know how to use AirMore File Transfer for PC and its best alternatives.

airmore file transfer

Part 1: AirMore File Transfer: Features and Guide

In nutshell, AirMore File Transfer provides a hassle-free solution to transfer all sorts of major data types between your smartphone and PC. The application fully supports leading iOS and Android devices and can also be accessed on the web. Apart from transferring your data, you can also use it to manage your files, capture screenshots, take backups, and do so much more.

With the help of AirMore File Transfer for PC, you can manage your photos, videos, documents, contacts, messages, apps, and so on. Here’s how you can also get started with AirMore File Transfer and access its features easily.

Step 1: Connect your Smartphone with AirMore

At first, you simply have to install and set up the AirMore app on your iOS or Android device. Afterward, you can simply launch the AirMore File Transfer app for PC or can just go to its website.

You can sign up to your AirMore account on both platforms or can simply scan a QR code to connect them. In no time, AirMore will automatically connect your device and will display its details.

airmore file transfer web

Step 2: Transfer your Data using AirMore

You can now go to any category like Pictures, Videos, and so on or explore the File Storage of your connected device. From here, you can select any data and simply download it to your PC or can alternatively upload anything from your computer to the connected device.

airmore file transfer download


  • Easy to use
  • You can connect your devices via WiFi using AirMore


  • Only the basic version of AirMore is available for free
  • Some users find it hard to connect their iOS devices to PC via AirMore

Pricing: Free for its basic version | $3.99 monthly or $40.99 annually for a premium version

Part 2: 3 Best Alternatives to AirMore File Transfer

As you can see, using the premium version of AirMore File Transfer for PC can be a bit expensive and it can have a few other limitations. Therefore, you can consider exploring the following alternative to AirMore File Transfer instead.

App 1: Wondershare MobileTrans

With MobileTrans, you can easily manage and transfer your data between your Android/iOS device and PC. The desktop application is super easy to use and supports the transfer of all kinds of data types such as photos, videos, documents, music, contacts, messages, call logs, and so much more.

You can explore the storage of your connected device and can simply move files from your phone to PC or vice versa. The application can also help you back up and restore your data and can even transfer its WhatsApp data like a pro. All of this makes MobileTrans the best alternative to AirMore File Transfer.

Transfer Data from your iOS/Android Device to your PC

If you simply want to move anything from your Android or iOS device to your computer, then just follow this basic drill:

Step 1: Connect your Android or iOS Device to MobileTrans

You can start by launching MobileTrans on your system and connecting your iOS or Android device to it using working cables. Afterward, you can go to the “File Transfer” module and choose to export files.

export files to computer

Step 2: Choose what you wish to Transfer via MobileTrans

As MobileTrans would detect the connected device, you can simply browse its storage and check all kinds of files. If you want, you can simply select what you wish to move from your device from here.

select files to export

Step 3: Export files to your PC

That’s it! After selecting what you wish to move, you can just click on the “Export” button from the bottom and initiate your data transfer process.

export successfully

Import Files from your PC to Phone via MobileTrans

Besides that, this AirMore File Transfer alternative can also be used to import your data from your PC to a connected device.

Step 1: Connect your Device and go to the Import feature

Just launch MobileTrans on your system, connect your smartphone, and go to the “File Transfer” feature. Here, you can choose to import data from your PC to your device’s storage.

import files to phone

Step 2: Browse and select what you wish to Import

Now, you can check the device storage on MobileTrans under different categories. Simply go to any category and click on the “Import” button from the bottom to browse and select the files of your choice on your PC.

import files to phone

Step 3: Transfer your Data to your Phone

After selecting your files, you can just wait for a while as MobileTrans would import your data to the connected device in a jiffy.

import completed

App 2: AirDroid

Just like AirMore, AirDroid also provides a smart solution to connect your iOS or Android devices to your system wirelessly. Once your smartphone is connected, you can explore its file storage and can also transfer your data to/from your PC. Since it supports a direct WiFi connection and transfer options, you won’t have to go through unwanted hassles. Ideally, you can use this AirMore file transfer alternative in the following way:

Step 1: Connect your Phone and PC via AirDroid

You can launch the AirDroid application on your system and phone to start with. Alternatively, you can also visit its web-based solution on your system to connect your device. You can connect both devices using your AirDroid account or by simply scanning a QR code.


Step 2: Transfer your Data via AirDroid

Once your smartphone is connected to AirDroid, you can simply access its storage and all sorts of files, listed in different categories. Now, you can just select any file and simply download it to your PC from your device. Similarly, you can also directly upload anything from your system and save it on your phone’s storage instead.

airdroid download files

App 3: Google Drive

Lastly, if you are looking for a cloud-based alternative to AirMore file transfer, then you can also take the assistance of Google Drive. By default, every user gets 15GB of free storage on Google Drive that they can use to transfer, back up, or restore their data on multiple devices.

Therefore, you can simply access Google Drive on your phone and upload your files (like documents, photos, or videos) to it. Similarly, you can go to its web-based interface on your system to upload or download anything, however you like.

Step 1: Upload your Files from your Device on Google Drive

Let’s say you want to move anything from your iOS/Android device to your PC via Google Drive. In this case, you can just launch Google Drive on your phone, tap on the “+” icon and choose to upload your files from its storage. If you want, you can download anything from Google Drive to your device storage.

upload to google drive

Step 2: Access Google Drive on your PC

You can go to the website of Google Drive and browse all sorts of stored data on it. Here, you can select any file, click on the three-dot icon, and choose to download it on your system. There is also a provision to upload anything from your PC to Google Drive that you can access.

google drive

While Google Drive is easy to use, it provides limited free storage and can take a lot of time to transfer your data.

Part 3: FAQs

How to transfer files using AirMore?

At first, you can just install and launch the AirMore File Transfer app on your phone and PC (or go to its web-based interface). Now, you can connect your devices via your account or by scanning a QR code. Later, you can access your phone’s storage on AirMore’s PC interface and import/export your files.

How to transfer files from an Android device to a PC with USB?

You can simply connect your Android device to a Windows PC via a USB cable and choose to use it to perform file transfer from the notification panel. Now, you can just launch Windows Explorer to visit your device’s storage and can easily transfer your data. 


As you can see, with the help of AirMore File Transfer for PC, you can easily move your data from your iOS/Android device to your PC and vice versa. Since the AirMore File Transfer app can be a bit complicated to use and has several limitations, you can consider exploring a better alternative. For instance, out of all the above-listed options, I would recommend exploring Wondershare MobileTrans as it provides a simpler and better solution to transfer, backup, and restore your phone’s data in less time.

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