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Data and file transfer are two challenges you’ll encounter after getting a new device. Disordered, complicated and time-consuming. Luckily, Snapdrop is a file transfer tool that solves the problem via a peer-to-peer system. But due to some of its weaknesses, it's essential to come up with Snapdrop alternatives available for your use. So, we will look at the top Snapdrop alternative in this article.

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    1. ShareDrop
    2. Send Anywhere
    3. NitroShare
    4. SHAREit
    5. Toffee Share
    6. WeTransfer
    7. AirDroid Personal
    8. PairDrop
    9. rDrop
    10. Feem

An Overview of Snapdrop

Before discovering the Snapdrop alternatives, let’s highlight more about Snapdrop first so you’ll learn its alternatives better.

Snapdrop is a file-sharing software with unique qualities. It is a cross-platform sharing software that allows you to share files between any device and operating system. So, whether you want to transfer an image or a PDF from your smartphone to your PC or iPhone to an Android device, you can do it with Snapdrop.

Why You Need Snapdrop Alternatives

Snapdrop alternatives are essential because the software has showed some major limitations according to my testing — so you need alternatives to mitigate these limitations.

For instance,

  1. Snapdrop only works for devices connected to the same WiFi network. So, even if you are in the same location with someone, you cannot use Snapdrop unless you both connect to the same WiFi network.
  2. Snapdrop also does not support file transfer by QR code. Having a Snapdrop alternative with this function can save you time.
  3. Another limitation of Snapdrop is that it does not have a file manager. So, you cannot organize the files you share or receive. That means you are not in total control of the sharing process. Some Snapdrop alternatives come with a file manager to help you mitigate this.
  4. Snapdrop also requires an internet connection to work. So, imagine you travel to an area with a low connection and need to share files. You cannot do it with Snapdrop since you do not have internet access in such places. In such cases, you are also better off using a Snapdrop alternative.
  5. Snapdrop does not have a history function or transfer resumption if the network becomes unstable during file transfer. The process will end if the network slows down, and you must start over. Some Snapdrop alternatives may allow you to restart a file transfer. So, even if your file transfer gets interrupted, you can find it in the transfer history and double-click it to restart.

So, with these limitations, it is not surprising that there are many Snapdrop alternatives, and we will explore them.

Best Snapdrop Alternatives in 2023

1. ShareDrop

ShareDrop is an HTML5-based software that works like Apple's AirDrop service. It allows you to transfer data and files between devices directly. Just like Snapdrop, ShareDrop also uses WebRTC to secure its peer-to-peer file transfer service. It is the most popular Snapdrop alternative.

sharedrop file transfer

2. Send Anywhere

It is a cross-platform, real-time file-sharing service. It uses the peer-to-peer system and transfers directly from device to device without relying on cloud storage. This Snapdrop alternative allows you to send files of any type and size, free of charge and as many times as you want.

send anywhere file transfer

3. NitroShare

NitroShare is a Snapdrop alternative that allows you to share any type of file directly with any device on the same network.

nitroshare file transfer

4. SHAREit

SHAREit is a Snapdrop alternative that helps you share images, music, and other types of files to various devices. It works without an active Bluetooth or internet connection. It is free, works with a private hotspot, and can simultaneously share files to up to 5 devices.

shareit file transfer

5. Toffee Share

Toffee Share is another secure and user-friendly Snapdrop alternative that shares files through a peer-to-peer system. The app transfers directly without any third-party software.

toffee share file transfer

6. WeTransfer

It is one of the oldest and most popular file transfer applications that serve as a Snapdrop alternative. You can share large files anywhere without being connected to the same local network. It is suitable for users that want to store their files.

7. AirDroid Personal

The AirDroid Personal app is one of the most efficient Snapdrop file-sharing app suites. Aside from file sharing, it also offers file and SMS management, remote control and screen mirroring.

8. PairDrop

PairDrop is a new peer-to-peer file transfer service. It is A web-based alternative, just like Snapdrop. And it allows you to share files across different operating systems and devices. It accepts files of any size.

9. rDrop

rDrop is a fast peer-to-peer file transfer service. It allows you to send and receive files without a size limit. Also, it does not compress your file, and there is no need to register to use it.

rdrp file sharing

10. Feem

Feem is also a super-fast file-sharing service and one of the popular Snapdrop alternatives. It has no limit, works offline and offers good security.

feem file sharing

So, if you are seeking Snapdrop alternatives, the above 10 are excellent choices to try. But which of them can be considered best? It depends on the features and your personal choice.

Best Snapdrop Alternative

Below is a tabular comparison of the listed Snapdrop alternatives.

Snapdrop Alternative Encryption/security Features
ShareDrop End-to-end encryption with WebRTC Online and offline, no download. No signup, secure and fast. QR code support. Ad-free experience. Supports all devices and networks.
Send Anywhere Encrypted Fast service. Peer-to-peer and Open Source. No sign-up is required. History folder. Messaging feature.
NitroShare End-to-end User-friendly and open-source. Works across multiple platforms. Does not require an internet connection.
SHAREit Advanced encryption Free and has no transfer limit. Works across all operating systems. Limited ads on the website.
Toffee Share End-to-end encryption No limit on file size. No registration or sign-up required. It works across all operating systems.
WeTransfer End-to-end encryption High-end security. Android app for Android app. Works for all platforms. Available online storage. Free version with 2GB limit. Requires an email sign-up.
AirDroid Personal End-to-end encryption Remote control and screen mirroring. Nearby features. File and SMS management. Notification support
PairDrop Encrypted High security with WebRTC. Language support. No installation or registration. Peer2Peer and Open Source. Requires internet connection
rDrop No encryption Easy to use. Work on mobile and desktop. Uses URL and QR codes. No encryption support. Does not resume file transfer
Feem HTTPS, Encrypted Super-fast and works offline. Resumable file transfer. Chat support

So, considering the above features, all the Snapdrop alternatives have different weaknesses, but when all things are considered, such as offline mode, QR code support, interface, ease of use, security and extra features, then ShareDrop stands out as one of the best to use.

But aside from PDFs and files, you may wonder how to transfer your music playlists, especially if you are a music lover. While Snapdrop and its alternatives can handle files and images, it is unclear whether they can transfer music playlists. So, you need a transfer service that can easily transfer your playlists. That is where MobileTrans comes in.

Music Playlist Transfer Using MobileTrans Software

Mobiletrans is free and easy to use. You can transfer music playlists from one playlist service to another. For instance, you can transfer music from your Apple Music playlist to your Spotify playlist. Here are the steps to do it.

Wondershare MobileTrans

Easy and Quick Playlist Transfer!

  • • No data loss. No data leaks.
  • • Support various data, including musics, files, videos, contacts and various apps.
  • • Support transferring from Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, Android to Android and iPhone to iPhone.
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Step 1: Double-click on MobileTrans to launch it, then go to Music Transfer Playlist and click it.

start playlist transfer

Step 2: Select the streaming services you want to transfer from and the one you want to transfer to and sign into the streaming services.

select and sign into playlists.

Step 3: After signing in, choose the music playlist you wish to transfer and click Start to commence the music playlist transfer. Then, wait for MobileTrans to complete the playlist transfer.

select music playlist to transfer
start playlist transfer

So, in these simple steps, you move your playlist from one service to another. This works for all devices and operating systems. MobileTrans eases transferring music playlists, and you can rely on it for security and speed.


Snapdrop is an efficient file-transfer service with weaknesses, such as no QR code function and inability to work outside a Wi-Fi network and internet connection. So, if you need these functions, you can rely on any of the listed Snapdrop alternatives. But if you need to transfer your playlist, MobileTrans is the most suitable option, as illustrated.

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Jun 07, 24
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