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Phone Clone Troubleshooting: What to Do if Huawei Phone Clone does not Work

Axel Nash

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“I have been trying to use the Phone Clone app by Huawei to transfer data from my old iPhone to new Huawei P30, but there is some issue with the app as I can’t connect it to my iPhone. Can someone tell me how to do Phone Clone troubleshooting?”

This is a recent query posted by a new Huawei user about the Phone Clone Huawei application. You might already know that Phone Clone is a popular and freely available application that lets us move our data from an existing iOS or Android device to a Huawei phone. While the app is pretty user-friendly, a lot of people suffer from Phone Clone problems and would like to fix the issue. In this Phone Clone troubleshooting guide, I will teach you how to use the Phone Clone app by Huawei and fix it like a pro.

huawei phone clone troubleshooting 1

Part 1: Huawei Phone Clone App: A Step by Step Guide

A lot of users face issues with the Huawei or Honor Phone Clone app as they are not aware of its functioning. Phone Clone by Huawei is available for free on both App Store and Play Store that you need to download on the respective devices beforehand. Ideally, the Huawei Phone Clone app connects both the devices wirelessly by creating WiFi hotspots. Using it, you can transfer your photos, videos, music, call logs, messages, contacts, and several other types of data.

The exact functioning would vary from one phone to another, but you can follow these steps to use the Huawei Phone Clone application.

Step 1: Launch the application on both phones

To start things off, you can just download the Phone Clone app by Huawei on your source and the target devices. Please note that the target device has to be a Huawei phone. Now, turn on the WiFi and Bluetooth features on both the devices and place them in close vicinity.

huawei phone clone troubleshooting 2

On your Huawei phone, launch the Phone Clone app and mark it as a new (receiving) phone. The application will make the device a hotspot and would also display its password.

Step 2: Connect both the devices wirelessly

Similarly, you can launch Phone Clone on your source device and on its home, you can mark it as an old (sending) device. Wait for a while as the source phone would search for the available hotspot. Once it finds the connecting device, just select it and enter the generated password to securely connect both the phones.

huawei phone clone troubleshooting 3

Step 3: Transfer your data via Huawei Phone Clone

That’s it! Once both the devices are connected, you can just select the type of data that you can transfer to your new Huawei phone. Send the data henceforth and just accept the incoming content on your Huawei device. In the end, you will be notified whenever the data transfer process would be completed.

huawei phone clone troubleshooting 4

Part 2: Phone Clone Troubleshooting: What to do if Huawei Phone Clone is not working

From device compatibility to connectivity issues, there can be all kinds of problems with the Huawei phone clone app. Here are some of these common Phone Clone problems that you can encounter and resolve.

Issue 1: Can’t Download the Phone Clone by Huawei App

The first issue that most of the new users face is about the installation of the Huawei Phone Clone App. To fix this, make sure that your device is compatible with the Phone Clone application. For instance, your device should run on iOS 6.0+ or Android 4.0+. If you are running an outdated firmware, then just go to your phone’s settings to update it.

The iOS device users can go to its Settings > General > Software Update and update their device to a stable iOS version. Also, Android users can go to their system settings to update their phone’s firmware.

huawei phone clone troubleshooting 5

Besides that, make sure that you have downloaded the Phone Clone Huawei APK from a trusted source like the Play Store/App Store page and that you have enough free space on the phone.

Issue 2: Connectivity Issues between Devices

Even after installing the Huawei Clone app, some users complain that they are not able to connect both the devices. Ideally, you should make sure that both the phones are in close vicinity. Also, their WiFi feature should be enabled beforehand. You can go to their Control Center or Settings to turn on the WiFi feature.

huawei phone clone troubleshooting 6

Furthermore, please note that the target device has to be a Huawei phone to establish a secure connection. This is because Phone Clone is developed by Huawei to ensure that the target phone has to be a Huawei while the source device can be iOS or Android.

Issue 3: Can’t Transfer All Files in One Go

While transferring data from any iOS/Android phone to a Huawei phone, users complain that the connection keeps breaking or they are not able to transfer all files. Well, to fix this, you need to make sure that both the devices would be placed nearby. Also, you should not exit the Phone Clone Huawei interface during the transfer operation.

If the connection keeps breaking, then go the device’s network settings and just toggle on/off the Airplane mode. Afterward, try transferring your data again using the Phone Clone app by Huawei. Also, make sure that you are not using any VPN on your phone as it would restrict the data transfer limit between devices.

huawei phone clone troubleshooting 7

Issue 4: Can’t Transfer WhatsApp Chats via Phone Clone

While Phone Clone can transfer all the major file types like photos, videos, contacts, messages, etc. – not all the data types are supported. For instance, it can’t transfer WhatsApp chats between devices or data for different apps. To do this, you can consider using any other Phone Clone Huawei alternative like MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer instead.

Issue 5: Phone Clone Keeps Crashing in Between

This is a more general issue with the Huawei Phone Clone app that you might encounter while using it. If the Phone Clone app by Huawei keeps crashing in between, then you should consider reinstalling the app. Just delete it from your phone and go to its App Store/Play Store page to install Phone Clone again. Alternatively, you can also clear the cache of the Huawei Phone Clone app. Just go to your device’s Settings > Apps > Phone Clone and tap on the “Clear Cache” feature to do it.

huawei phone clone troubleshooting 8

Part 3: Best Huawei Phone Clone Alternative: MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

As you can see, the Huawei Phone Clone app can suffer from several issues and might malfunction at times, making users look for its alternative. I would recommend MobileTrans – Phone Transfer as it provides a one-click direct device to device data transfer solution. That is, it will let you transfer all kinds of data directly from one device to another without any unwanted hassle. All you got to do is download its desktop application on your Windows/Mac and make the most of its features.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

Transfer Data between Android and iOS With 1 Click!

  • • MobileTrans supports 6000+ different devices and will make sure that you won’t suffer from any connectivity or compatibility issues (like Phone Clone).
  • • Using MobileTrans, you can transfer your data between Android and Android, iPhone and iPhone, and even do a cross-platform transfer between Android and iPhone.
  • • It supports the transfer of every major data type such as photos, videos, music, contacts, call logs, messages, bookmarks, notes, ringtones, and even apps.
  • • There are several other features of MobileTrans that can help you backup and restore your data, do WhatsApp transfer, and backup/restore social apps like Viber, LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp, and Kik.
  • • The application is extremely fast, super easy to use, and does not need any root/jailbreak access.
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To use this Huawei Phone Clone alternative, you can just follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Launch MobileTrans – Phone Transfer

Firstly, just install the MobileTrans application on your computer (Windows or Mac) and launch it. From all the provided options on its home, launch the “Phone Transfer” module.

mobiletrans home 01

Step 2: Connect both the devices

Now, using working USB or lightning cables, you can just connect the source and the target phone to your computer and wait for them to be detected. In no time, MobileTrans will detect them and would display their snapshot as either source or destination phone. If they are marked incorrectly, then you can just click on the flip button to interchange their position.

phone transfer ios to android 01

Step 3: Transfer your data

Afterward, just select the type of data that you wish to move from the source to the destination device. If you wish to clear the existing data on the target phone, then enable the “Clear data before copy” option and click on the “Start” button.

phone transfer ios to android 02

Simply wait for a few minutes as MobileTrans would directly move the selected data from one device and another. It is recommended to not disconnect the phones during the process. Once it is completed, you will be notified so that you can safely remove both the phones.

phone transfer ios to android 04

I’m sure that after reading this Huawei Phone Clone troubleshooting guide, you would be able to fix all kinds of issues with the app. Though, if the Phone Clone app by Huawei won’t work, then you can simply use MobileTrans. It offers a wide range of phone transfer solutions that can help you directly move all sorts of content from one phone to another. Apart from that, it can also help you backup/restore your data or manage your social app data as well.

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