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How to Export Contacts from iPhone[iPhone 15 Included]

Axel Nash

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“Many iPhone users face difficulties when trying to transfer their contacts to other devices such as PCs and Android gadgets."

This is especially problematic in situations like phone theft or crashes, where access to your contacts is crucial for emergency calls. It is advisable to create a backup of your iPhone contacts on other devices to avoid such situations. This is the right time to learn the best ways to export contacts from iPhone to other smartphones and PCs. Doing so will help you in times of need. This article provides insights into the most effective methods to create a backup of your iPhone contacts.


Part 1: How to export contacts from iPhone?

In this section, you will learn about the two sophisticated procedures to copy the iPhone contacts using iCloud and Email environment. Scroll below for detailed instructions.

Method 1: Export contacts from iPhone with iCloud

Step 1: In your iPhone, navigate to ‘Settings -> Name -> iCloud’. Then ensure the ‘Contacts’ option is enabled.


Step 2: In your PC, enter the Apple ID credentials and login to the iCloud platform. Choose the ‘Contacts’ folder in the list and select all the contacts using the keypress ‘Ctrl+A’.


Step 3: Hit the gear icon at the left bottom of the screen and select ‘Export vCard’ item from the list. Now, you will be able to save all the contacts directly into your PC in no time.


Method 2: Export contacts from iPhone with Email

Step 1: Click the ‘Contacts’ icon in your iPhone and select the contact you want to export.


Step 2: Choose ‘Share Contact’ option which displays at the bottom of the screen


Step 3: From the expanded list select the ‘Mail’ option and compose it. Finally, hit the ‘Send’ button to export the contact from your iPhone.


Part 2: How to export contacts from iPhone to PC

If you are looking for an effective method to export contacts from iPhone to PC then MobileTrans app from the Wondershare is a perfect choice. The MobileTrans is a powerful application to work with the data transfer process between gadgets and devices. You can quickly move unlimited data of different format from one gadget to another without any loss using this innovative program MobileTrans.

The Stunning functionalities related to the Backup option in the MobileTrans app

  • • Excellent backup feature to copy the gadget data into PC
  • • Quick backup procedure despite data size
  • • The backup data takes the desired location on your PC in a well-organized manner
  • • Simple steps to accomplish a backup process between gadgets and systems
  • • This application is compatible with iPhone and Android gadgets during the backup process.

Carefully surf through the steps to backup the iPhone data to PC

Step 1: Download the MobileTrans application

Go to the official website of Wondershare MobileTrans and download appropriate tool according to your PC’s OS version. You can choose the Windows or Mac version depending on your needs.

Step 2: Launch the tool

Connect your iPhone with your PC using USB cable and tap the tool icon to launch the application.


Step 3: Select Backup&Restore

In the first screen of the application, choose ‘Backup&Restore’ module and go to Backup phone data.

mobiletrans home

Step 4: Check in the data

The next screen displays the data which requires a backup and here you have to check in the desired ones based on your needs. You must see to that the iPhone is in the source position and PC is in the destination place. If you find any controversy then hit ‘flip’ button to interchange the positions. Select ‘Contacts’ option without fail to export contacts from iPhone. Then, click the ‘Start’ button.

backup phone to computer 01

Step 5: Wait until the process completes

You have to wait until the backup process completes. The backup data stores in your PC flawlessly. It is highly advisable to maintain a strong connection between the iPhone and PC for uninterrupted data backup procedure.

backup phone to computer 02

After the process complete disconnect your iPhone from PC. You can now access your iPhone contacts in your system.

Part 3: How to export contacts from iPhone to Android

You can easily export contacts from iPhone to Android using MobileTrans app from Wondershare. The ‘Phone Transfer’ option from this platform provides you with immense assistance for flawless export contacts from iPhone to Android.

Stupendous features related to Phone Transfer

  • • You can transfer any type of data from one phone to another despite its working platform
  • • Compatible with Android as well as iOS gadgets
  • • The quick data transfer takes place and it is highly reliable
  • • No loss of data during the transfer process
  • • Few clicks are sufficient to trigger the data transfer between gadgets

Useful guidelines to export contacts from iPhone to Android using MobileTrans Phone Transfer feature

Step 1: Install and launch the program

Visit the official website of Wondershare MobileTrans and download appropriate software version according to your system OS. Install the program and launch the tool. Connect your iPhone and Android devices with your PC using the USB cable.

Step 2: Choose ‘Phone Transfer’ menu

In the home screen, you have to choose the ‘Phone Transfer’ option and hit the ‘Transfer’ button.

mobiletrans home 01

Step 3: Select the data to transfer

You must make sure that the iPhone takes the source position and Android is in the destination location. If you find any controversies tap the ‘Flip’ option to interchange the device position. Then, check-in the desired data like ‘Contacts’ from the listed items and hit the ‘Start’ button to trigger the transfer process.

phone transfer ios to android 01

Step 4: Successful transfer process

You have to wait for a few minutes until the transfer completes successfully. Make sure the gadgets are connected to the PC firmly throughout the transfer procedure. Disconnect the gadgets after successful completion.

phone transfer ios to android 04


Thus, you had an informative discussion on how to export contacts from iPhone to other devices or gadgets using iCloud, Email and MobileTrans app from Wondershare. The best option is to choose the MobileTrans program because here the backup and transfer process is highly effective. You can transfer any amount of data quickly and effortlessly from one platform to another. It works well between cross multi-environment without any flaws. It is an efficient way and you can adopt this tool to acquire desired outcomes.

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