How to Transfer All Files/Data from iPhone to Computer

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iPhone is choice for almost everyone today. People like to record fun loving videos with iPhone, click every moment photos, enjoy games or listen to music on their iPhone. But these all enjoyment is possible as long as you have storage space on your iPhone. 

Once storage is full then you can’t do anything. So you should transfer all iPhone files to computer. Delete all data from iPhone after backing up data to computer, then you can get full space again. But how to transfer all files/data from iPhone to computer without losing them? So to help you out we will share how to transfer all files from iPhone to computer in this article.

Part 1. How to Transfer All Files from iPhone to Computer

The solution about the question how to transfer all data from iPhone to computer is Wondershare MobileTrans. This software is there from Wondershare to help you in transferring your iPhone files and data to computer. It is highly recommended MobileTrans to transfer data to computer or between devices. This phone transfer software for windows and mac which enables you to transfer every type of data of your iPhone even without using iTunes as well. You can easily transfer contacts, messages, music, videos, photos from iPhone to computer by using this software in one click only.

Key features:

  • Wondershare MobileTrans is available to backup your phone and easily transfer iPhone files from iPhone to computer in on click.
  • MobileTrans makes it possible to transfer music, videos, photos, contacts, notes etc. from iPhone to computer without iTunes.
  • iPhone data transfer software can transfer files directly between devices it supports Android/ iOS devices and windows mobiles as well.
  • It is compatible with all windows version including windows 11/10/8/7/vista/xp and mac version mac osx 10/9/8.
  • You can restore your mobile data from computer to iPhone, Android and WinPhone devices.
  • Support the latest iOS and Android OS.

How to transfer all files from iPhone to computer using Wondershare MobileTrans:

Step 1. Visit the official page of Wondershare MobileTrans and install it on your computer. Now from the available solutions click on “Backup&Restore”.

How to transfer all files from iPhone to computer-backup your phone

Step 2. Click on Backup phone data, and then connect iPhone with computer using iPhone USB cable and your iPhone will be detected on left side of the Backup your phone window. At the right side you can see computer icon that means data will be transferred to computer. Select the all data type by checking them and finally click on “Start” button now.

How to transfer all files from iPhone to computer-start transfer

Step 3. That’s all. Your data transfer is started and it will be backed up to your computer in some time. Do not disconnect iPhone until process is running.

 How to transfer all files from iPhone to computer

Part 2. Transfer iPhone files to computer with iTunes

iTunes is provided by Apple for iOS devices users to manage their iOS devices data. If you are an iPhone user and you may know about iTunes. iTunes helps you to add music, videos, apps, contact to your iOS devices or you can backup you iPhone data/files to computer using iTunes. iTunes is available for mac users as well. iTunes can backup your mobile data to computer but the issue is that there are chances of losing data of your iPhone. iTunes uses the sync way to add or remove data to iPhone and always replaces old data with new one. The other thing is that when you backup data using iTunes and you can’t get proper id3 information of music files. So, instead of using iTunes you may go for MobileTrans - Backup.

How to transfer all files from iPhone to computer-iTunes

Part 3. Transfer iPhone Files to Computer with Dropbox

Dropbox is a very popular way to today to transfer all data from iPhone to computer. Dropbox is a cloud service and available for different devices. Dropbox is available for windows/mac for desktop and iPhone or android for mobile users in the form of software and apps. Dropbox enables users to store up to 5GB of data free on their cloud after that you have to buy more storage. It is simple to transfer data from iPhone to computer. Just sync iPhone data to cloud and download iPhone data on your computer from cloud by logging in to Dropbox on desktop.

How to transfer all files from iPhone to computer-dropbox

Above are three different ways to transfer iPhone files from iPhone to computer using phone transfer software, iTunes Apple solution and Dropbox cloud way. These all ways are different from each other. According to our recommendation you may go for Wondershare MobileTrans phone transfer software which is the best way to transfer iPhone data/files from iPhone to computer quickly. The great part is that there is no worries about losing data like iTunes and no worries about space of cloud.

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