8 Methods to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC

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iPhone users are often in a predicament when it comes to transferring files and photos from the iPhone to PC. What if we tell you that transferring files from iPhone to PC has become rather easier. There are so many ways in which you can transfer files from iPhone to PC, and not all of them require the use of a USB cable. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the easiest, yet effective iPhone file transfers. So, let us start without further ado:

Part 1: Transfer Files from iPhone to PC with MobileTrans

Transferring files from iPhone to PC is quite simple when you have software like MobileTrans. With its seamless interface, you can transfer from one device to another within a few clicks.

Let us see how you can transfer your file from your phone to your computer with Mobile Trans.

Step 1: Connect your phone to computer

To connect your iPhone with the PC, you will have to connect your iPhone with your computer with USB cable. Once the connection has been established click on the File Transfer option and from there click on Export to computer.

transfer files from iphone to pc with mobiletrans

Step 2:

After the connection is established, a window will show all the data types that can be transferred from your iPhone to your computer. From here, choose the file that you want to transfer.

transfer files from iphone to pc with mobiletrans

Step 3:

After the files have been selected, click on the export button to begin the process. Do not disconnect the device, until the MobileTrans export process completes.

transfer files from iphone to pc with mobiletrans

Once the export has been completed, you can import the files to your iPhone again whenever you want and wherever you want.

All you need is these three steps and the transfer process is complete. Even if you are wondering how to transfer the large video files from iPhone to pc, MobileTrans can be a reliable solution.

You can transfer your iPhone data from PC to Mobile Trans with one click. Besides, the software is not just about its efficiency, but also safety and security. The only person that has access to your data is you, so do not worry about any data leaks.

Part 2: Transfer Files from iPhone to PC with iTunes

Another great way to transfer files from iPhone to PC is using iTunes. It is an in-built software that lets you transfer and organize files using iTunes. Mentioned below are steps using which you can transfer files from iTunes to your personal computer.

iTunes data syncing

Step 1:

Before you start the transfer process, you need to organize the entire file that needs to be transferred into one folder. Proceed with installing the latest version of iTunes on your phone.

Step 2:

Connect your iPhone with the PC using a USB cable and once the connection is established, unlock the phone by adding the password. 

Step 3:

Click on “Trust” so that the transfer process begins. Now open iTunes, click on your device and select the file type you want to transfer, for instance, photos, books, music, and podcast files.

Step 4:

Click on the sync in button, select the folder or file, and click on the apply button. The data will be backed up on iTunes, and from there you can retrieve the files on any device.

Transfer Files with iTunes via File Sharing

Step 1:

Connect your iPhone with your computer using a USB cable and launch iTunes on your computer.

Step 2:

Select your device from the “Device” section from this iTunes window. And then go to the File Sharing option.

Step 3:

 A list of shareable files will appear, from there you can select the file by dragging and dropping or by just clicking on Save to button.

Part 3: Transfer File from iPhone to PC with iCloud

Another way to transfer files from iPhone to PC is via iCloud. iCloud allows you to store and manage information like files, photos, and backup secure and up-to-date. Users can avail this data across multiple devices. You can do the complete transfer process by either the iCloud app or iCloud.com.

Install iCloud on PC 

Step 1:

On your iPhone, launch iCloud and log in to your account. Now select the file you want to transfer to your PC from your phone and upload on to the iCloud account.

Step 2:

After the file has been uploaded on the iCloud account, log on to your computer and launch iCloud.

Step 3:

Enter your iCloud account details and select the files that your want to download. Click on the download tab available in the upper right corner. That’s it you have the required file on your personal computer.

Access icloud.com

Step 1:

Please note that the first step will be the same whether you are working through an iCloud app or icloud.com.

Step 2:

If you do not want to install iCloud on your personal computer, you can simply log in to icloud.com. From there, you can select the file you want to download and start the download process.

Part 4: Transfer Files from iPhone to PC without iTunes

Want to transfer files from iPhone to Windows, you do not have to rely only on iCloud and iTunes. There are other ways to transfer files also like using Windows File Explorer, Windows AutoPlay, and Bluetooth.

Using Windows File Explorer

Step 1:

File explore comes with a graphical user window that can be used for data management. You can connect the iPhone to a PC using a USB cable. Allow the connection to establish successfully by tapping “Trust” on your iPhone.

Step 2:

Now on your personal computer, click on My Computer, next go to your phone and select the files that your want to transfer.

Step 3:

Copy these files from the iPhone folder and paste them into the computer. 

Using Windows AutoPlay

Those who have a windows 7 PC, can complete the transfer process via the AutoPlay option.

Step 1:

Plugin your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable and as the connection establishes an AutoPlay window will appear. From here click on the “import Pictures and Videos.”

Step 2:

Next, go to the import setting and change the location where you want to save the files.

Step 3:

After the location has been set, go to the Ok button, choose a tag, and hit the import button.

Transfer Files from iPhone to PC Using Bluetooth

Another easy way to transfer files from iPhone to PC is by using Bluetooth.

Steps 1:

Swipe the setting panel on the home screen of your iPhone upward and long-hold the Bluetooth icon. Allow it to connect with the PC that you want the data to transfer to.

Steps 2:

To start the transfer, click on the “setting” option of your Windows and from there enable the Bluetooth option. Inside the windows tab, you will find the “device” option. From there switch on the Bluetooth option and allow the Bluetooth device to receive files.


While all the methods come in handy while transferring files from iPhone to PC, MobileTrans should be your go-to option. For export to computer, MobileTrans supports 5 file formats, but users can also backup iPhone to PC, which supports 18 file formats at most.

Besides, the software supports all kinds of devices, including both smartphones and computers. For export to computer specifically, it supports android, iPhone to windows pc and vice versa. So, whether you want to transfer data from iPhone, Android, or your computer, you can do the transfer using MobileTrans.

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