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Apple’s iTunes has been around for almost 2 decades shaping an entire generation’s music listening behavior. However, Apple has announced to phase out iTunes with MacOS Catalina. For Windows users, iTunes for a long time has been outdated, while for macOS consumers the love-hate affair is no longer.

Even before being discarded by Apple the high synching time, irregular backup functioning, and compatibility issues with devices had made users search for iTunes alternatives for Windows and Mac computer.

Part 1: Best iTunes alternatives for Windows and Mac

1. Amarok

Amarok is dynamically designed to perform efficiently on all the major platforms from Windows to Linux, macOS, and Unix with Qt4 and KDE4 technologies. Amarok 2 has integrated web services to offer a feature-rich interface and music access directly from anywhere. The powerful API allows the music player to offer many exciting features like


  • • Stream any last.FM radio
  • • Download and upload to MP3tunes Locker
  • • Buy tracks from Magnatune to support authentic music label
  • • The Echo Nest recommends similar songs to your current collection within the player
  • • Connect to Ampache service remotely to browse and playback media files
  • • The web service also adds support for Jamendo’s rich independent artist's database at your fingertips, OPML ultimate podcast directory, and also stream audiobooks from Librivox.

Amarok can dynamically create playlists that are automatically updated based on a complex, but simple constraints i.e. yearly based. Using the context view you can customize the additional information of music files and collection management made way easier with Amarok’s tagging, sorting, and renaming capabilities.

The software has the capability of tracking all your music files even if you rename or move them around by using the Musicbrainz identifiers that can save statistics and playlists easily. Bookmark your audiobook or podcast to ensure you pick where you left off automatically. Encompassing these and many other useful features this piece of software is the free iTunes alternative on the internet.

2. TunesGo

TunesGo is an amazing piece of software from Wondershare that aims to provide you a flexible and efficient content managing tool for your iOS device and iTunes library. The tool is designed in light of all the limitations of Apple’s iTunes and improved upon the existing features including,


  • • A straightforward method of copying music and other files between multiple iDevices
  • • Convert and optimize imported media files for iOS devices
  • • TunesGo makes complex tasks like importing, exporting, backing up, and restoring easy
  • • It can serve as the optimal solution for restoring media files from iOS devices even when you don’t have an iTunes backup
  • • Export music, videos, and other files from iOS to any device and folder

As iTunes is now officially discontinued TunesGo’s convenient design coupled with extra features that weren’t even available on iTunes, this software can potentially be the iTunes substitute for Mac and PC.

TunesGo’s neat and intuitive interface makes it easy to use while also allowing you to backup files that iCloud won’t back up – music that you’ve purchased or downloaded from other sources.

3. Musicbee

The Musicbee app is a comprehensive audio player plus streamer. Perfectly designed for cataloging and tagging massive music libraries intelligently with industry-standard formats, locating album art, and finding lyrics to be displayed during song play. The app utilizes most of your PC’s hardware and supports all modern soundcards.


  • • It can also be used as a streaming app, compatible with SoundCloud and making it a good choice for listening to your favorite podcasts.
  • • Musicbee can import libraries from iTunes or Windows Media Player easily with a simple automated wizard.
  • • It not just works with every file format but can also be used to convert audio files from one file format to another or encode them to make them suitable for any other device.
  • • There are numerous playback options available for you to explore, including the ability to normalize volume which used to be a notorious problem with iTunes
  • • Remove breaks between tracks
  • • Auto-playlist automatically creating playlists that are updated based on certain features.
  • • MusicBee supports all Windows platforms i.e. Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Despite all the powerhouse features MusicBee is robust, unbloated, and resource-friendly making it a worthy iTunes replacement.

4. PodTrans

PodTrans is a specially designed data management tool for iOS devices. Managing your music libraries and transferring them across your iOS devices and PC’s made easy with this proficient tool.


  • • The software supports videos, music, podcast, TV shows, audiobooks, and iTunes U file types to be transferred in between multiple connected iOS devices and exchange content.
  • • Using PodTrans you can easily transfer music from iPod to PC with a simple drag and drop feature without the need for iTunes making it the best iPod software alternative.
  • • PodTrans works with both Windows and Mac systems enabling you to efficiently manage your content in between multiple devices while skipping any repetitive items like songs in the process.
  • • On the main screen of the software, you can select any type of content from apps to camera roll, books, and movies to manage everything on your system.

5. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is an amazing and powerhouse media management tool, a tag manager, and a CD ripper/encoder with the ability to cope with any file format you throw its way. The tool is designed to handle large collections and complex libraries of audio and video tracks effortlessly. The software can grab any kind of file from virtually any source, locally stored, on a network, or streamed from an online source.


  • • Tagging, downloading album art, and fetching song lyrics for your media mess is an easy and built-in feature of MediaMonkey.
  • • It can also be used as a home media server for UPnP/DLNA devices, from Android and iOS devices sync and back up video and audio files to the local server and offers statistics and reports on all your media collection.
  • • The only shortcoming is that it’s only available for Windows.
  • • MediaMonkey can easily import playlists, playback history, and ratings from iTunes or Windows Media Player.
  • • With Auto-DJ you never run out of music in your playlist
  • • In party mode, no one can change your playlists or settings.

All these features make this powerful tool an efficient iTunes replacement for Windows.

6. Winamp

Winamp is a classic media player reinvented as a platform-agnostic mobile audio app as well as the original desktop app that brings together all your music, streaming services, and podcasts to one place. Around the turn of the century, Winamp was the go player for MP3 media and still houses all the essential tools you’d need for managing and relishing your music and videos.


  • • The historic player has a huge selection of plugins or third-party extensions to augment its features.
  • • Its interface is very intuitive and simple to navigate where you can sync your music collection to smartphone or stream over the internet to share with your friends.
  • • Winamp also allows you to enjoy several online radio stations
  • • Scan websites for downloadable MP3 media files and add them to your library.
  • • It is also the optimal choice for ripping and converting music, rip from DRM-free CDs and encode in aacPlus, WMA, AAC formats, all set for burning to disc.
  • • To extend the feature list of Winamp its free plugins catalog includes graphic equalizers, 3D sound, crossfading, lossless FLAC format support, and many more.

Part 2: Best iTunes alternatives to backup iOS devices for Windows and Mac

MobileTrans - Backup is an effective toolset offering features that help back up your iPhone and virtually any iOS device and restore effortlessly without the need to rely on iTunes. The professional software is developed by Wondershare technology, an international software company devoted to offering high-tech PC and internet-based applications for its universal users.

MobileTrans – Backup & Restore can be used to

  • • Backup and restore data from iPhone, Windows, and Android devices.
  • • The tool supports all types of files from music to videos, and apps, photos, messages, etc.
  • • The supported device list is above 6000 with a whopping 700 thousand active customers and can potentially be the best iTunes replacement.
  • • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers and iPhone, Windows, and Android phones.
  • • Backing iPhone using the polished and sleek MobileTrans tool is more convenient than iTunes or iCloud for that matter as it will create fresh copies of your mobile back up each time and won’t just overwrite the previous backups.

MobileTrans – Backup allows you to easily create a backup of your mobile phone on your computer system, effectively backing up messages, photos, music, video, and virtually any type of data without any chance of loosing your important data. Let’s see how it is done.

Step 1. Download the MobileTrans – Backup and Restore tool and install it on your computer system either a Windows PC or a Mac. Open it, you’ll be presented with mindboggling options and features but don’t worry I’ll guide you through each step for backing up your iPhone.

backup home

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer system using a USB cable, the software will automatically detect and display the mobile on the MobileTrans window.

Step 3. Now choose the “Backup” option to start the process of backing up your iPhone.

Step 4. Once inside the backup option, you’ll see the extensive list of backupable content categorized based on content type. You can select the type of files that you want to back up from the iPhone to your Windows or Mac system.

backup ios

Step 5. Press the “Start” button. You need to make sure the iPhone is charged and also don’t disconnect the device during the backup process.

As evident, the procedure only requires two mouse clicks and is way simpler and easier than the iTunes dilapidated method of backing up the iPhone. Making MobileTrans – Backup and Restore the best iTunes alternative with the ability to see what you’ve backed up using the MobileTrans Restore module. The Restore process is also very simple and similar to the backup procedure.

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