How to Restore iTunes Backup to a New iPhone?

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"I want to restore all content to the iPhone from an iTunes backup."

Are you unboxing your new iPhone? Then, you are going to have this requirement of iTunes restoration. Stick to the article until the end and know if some quick solution is available.

Now, restoring iTunes backup to the new iPhone could be a daunting task, especially when you are not among those tech-savvy guys. It’s possible to reset all settings, content, and apps from iTunes backup to your new iPhone provided you know a specific procedure and medium to do so. Even though it’s a simple process, you could have to face some consequences. Restoration, on the other hand, also helps in fixing iOS issues.

We recommend you select the best solution for the restoration of your iTunes backup. Thankfully, technology gave us an efficient, quick, and reliable method to restore the backup to a new iPhone from iTunes.

So, let's start by knowing about two top-most methods in the following sections!

Part 1: Restore new iPhone from iTunes with MobileTrans – Restore

Extracting data from iTunes backup is now a one-tap process with the help of MobileTrans – Restore software. MobileTrans, a product of Wondershare Technologies used by millions of people worldwide, helped many to reach their destination solution in just a few seconds. After installing the software, you would have to follow at most two steps for doing tasks like backup or restoration. Furthermore, the MobileTrans software is compatible with both Windows PC and Mac operating systems.

Features of MobileTrans

  • • It facilitates backup of iOS and Android devices to PC.
  • • You can quickly transfer various forms of data directly from iPhone to PC.
  • • It also facilitates the export of essential data from Android devices to the computer.
  • • It is highly customizable when you can choose what to transfer, restore, or backup.
  • • Unlike cloud-based solutions, data transmission is safe. You don't have to get bothered about any data loss with MobileTrans. It's a secure and reliable platform trusted by millions.
  • • The software displays a user-friendly panel.
  • • You do not need to use iCloud or iTunes for creating backups.

So, this is all about what we have chosen for restoring iTunes backup to the new iPhone.

Given below are some steps to do so.

Steps to transfer iTunes backup to new iPhone

Step 1: Download MobileTrans

As usual, the first step is to head towards the official platform of MobileTrans and hit the Download button. The main window will display three modules from which you have to go for Restore.

restore home

Step 2: Start Restore and connect iPhone

Now, you have to connect the new iPhone with the computer. As you enter the Restore module, you will get a list of data and backup options. There will be two backup options listed from which you have to go for the iTunes backup file. All the contents in the file will automatically get listed on the open window itself.

Proceed with the next step to start to Restore.

restore from itunes backup to android 01

Step 3: Proceed Restore

Tap the Start button after choosing the files you need to restore. Then, a window will show the progress after completion of which you can disconnect the new iPhone device.

restore from itunes backup to android 03

In case you are unaware of how to create a quick backup of your old iPhone device, quickly take a look at steps given below. Steps to backup your old iPhone to PC

Step 1: Connect the old iPhone with PC

Run the Backup module after launching MobileTrans software. Now, you should connect your old iPhone with PC to let its backup get transferred.

backup home

Step 2: Choose files and begin backup

You can select the types of media files to backup on your PC. After choosing the files, tap the Start button, and begin the backup.

backup ios 01

Part 2: Set up new iPhone from iTunes backup

Well, now it’s time to set up a new iPhone iTunes backup.

You can also restore the backup to a new iPhone from iTunes via Computer.

In case you don’t want to go with MobileTrans, then you will have to follow almost 6-7 steps for the purpose.

Step 1: Open iTunes/Finder

First of all, open Finder on Mac operating system Catalina 10.15 and, if you have the Mac operating system Mojave 10.14 or earlier, directly open iTunes.

Step 2: Connect the new iPhone.

Connect the new iPhone with PC via a USB cable. Follow the onscreen prompts if it asks for device passcode. Get help if you forgot the password. Select your iPhone device in the iTunes or Finder as indicated below.

restoring iTunes backup - 6

Step 3: Confirm Restore Backup

Select the most relevant and take a look at the date of each backup completed.

Step 4: Enter password

Now, you will see a prompt to enter the passcode and begin to restore it. Keep it connected until the process is over. You can disconnect your new iPhone after the sync gets finished.

restoring iTunes backup - 7

Set up new iPhone from iTunes backup

Step 1: Turn on the new iPhone

Step 2: Choose the Wi-Fi network, and preferred settings on set up the onscreen prompts.

Step 3: Select Restore from iTunes backup> Next.

Step 4: Connect both old and new iPhone with PC via USB Cable. iTunes will automatically launch and detect the device.

Step 5: Select the radio button next to Restore prompt. Set a new iPhone in the pop-up window. You can select the old iPhone from the drop-down list. Then, tap the Continue button.

Step 6: Wait for restore procedure to let it complete. Till then, keep the devices connected.


So, now that we discussed all the ways to restoring the new iPhone from iTunes backup, it’s high time to consider the importance of restoration. We spoke mainly about two methods via which you can do the specified task. The first solution, MobileTrans – Restore tool, presents a comparatively reliable option as it is a quick and efficient platform. On the other hand, if you opt to restore iTunes backup via Computer manually, the steps to be followed are comparatively multiple.

So, it would be best if you chose as per the convenience and time available. Keep up with your new iPhone!

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