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Why Is My Kik Stuck on S? [Fixed]

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Having your message stuck on S can be annoying at times. If you want to get rid of the issue, continue reading our article and following the steps below.

What's your #1 texting app? For youngsters, Kik is one of the top decisions. It has an intuitive UI and an incredible selection of emoticons and gifs. 

You can decide to list your telephone number; however, you don't need to. An email, passcode, and username will do the work. Kik can be incredible for chatting in groups, meeting new individuals, and simply texting with your buddies. But, great apps also come with a few bugs. For example, many Kik users wonder, "why won't Kik send my messages," How can you be sure about the Kik delivery status? Are you also looking at what does S mean on Kik? If so, we can help answer your queries.

Part 1: What does "S" mean on Kik?

Almost every messaging app that uses Wi-Fi works on a relative rule. First, your message is shipped off a server; then, it's conveyed to whomever you're messaging. Given they also have an internet connection, they will receive the message. All in all, how does that happen, and what do the letters mean in Kik?

what is s

You open your Kik application and write a message to somebody. After pressing the send button, you see a letter "S" shape drifting about in the upper left corner. Also, there's a mark of approval under it. So, what does the s mean on Kik? It means that the message is sent through the Kik server.

Part 2: Why Is Kik Stuck on "S"?

2.1. They're Offline

If your Kik says S, not D, it may be because the individual you're attempting to reach doesn't have their phone associated with the internet. It may be the case that the Wi-Fi is far off, and their data is wholly used. They could likewise have turned off because they're working or resting. Or, on the other hand, maybe they're driving and will be back online soon.

2.2. Kik Is Bugging

Kik, very much like some other applications, is a little imperfect. Once in a while, an error could cause a data slowdown. Whenever this occurs, your best game plan is to keep an eye on your companion by utilizing an alternate application to check whether you can contact them that way.

Moreover, if you haven't refreshed Kik in some time, it's ideal for any app to have the most recent update to work appropriately. You can proceed to check for the latest updates in Google Play and Apple Store and continue to refresh Kik if needed. Quite possibly will fix your Kik stuck on "S" issues.

stuck on s

You can also clear your Kik app cache to try fixing the issue.

Clear Cache On Android Device

  • Step 1: To begin with, go to the device settings and open the Apps tab. 
  • Step 2: Search for the Kik application. If it isn't on the rundown, look for it on the search bar, and it will come up. Tap on it.
  • Step 3: There you will see a rundown of choices. On there, tap on Storage.
  • Step 4: Then, click on Clear Data from the center of the screen.
  • Step 5: At long last, tap on the choice to Clear Cache from the Kik app. Try not to choose to clear all data since it will delete all of them.

Clear Kik Cache On iOS Device

  • Step 1: Go to the Settings page and look for the General tab.
  • Step 2: Then, tap on the iPhone Storage and search for the Kik application.
  • Step 3: Tap on Kik to get to Kik settings.
  • Step 4: At last, tap on erase to eliminate the application, and it will likewise eliminate the cache on the gadget for Kik.

2.3. They Have Blocked You

If you are wondering why my messages aren't sending on Kik, it might be because the person has blocked you. It tends to be very awkward to understand that somebody has blocked you. However, perhaps they may need to do so. Individuals can be speedy on the block button. 

So, if you have sent somebody a message, and it's tenaciously stuck on s Kik, the reason might be apparent now. A simple method for checking if this is true is adding that individual to a group chat. Considering they have blocked you, that action won't be possible. If you can add them to the chat, yet Kik is stuck on sent, there might be an issue with the network.

2.4. They Have Deleted Kik.

Quite possibly, the individual you're attempting to reach through Kik has erased the application. They were utilizing it until yesterday, sure. However, today they awakened and concluded they don't require it any longer. Even if they did so, you wouldn't be aware of it. Try contacting them in alternate ways for confirmation.

Part 3: What if your message stays on "D"?

Kik stuck on D is one of the leading Kik issues today. Whenever the message on Kik is stuck on "D," it implies it's delivered, but the receiver has not seen it yet. So you can sit back and relax - they'll get to it. However, if "D" is waiting longer than you have expected, it most likely means the individual is occupied or away from their device.

what if your message stays on D

Part 4: What if your info is stuck on "R"?

Your text was sent and conveyed, and the individual saw the message. You can barely refer to that as "stuck," yet it implies you are stuck without an answer. Now, Kik has done all that you could request from it. Yet, the individual you have texted is deciding not to answer. Therefore, the message is stuck on an "R."

what if your message stays on R

Part 5: No one likes to be stuck!

Assuming your Kik message is stuck on sent, then this issue of Kik sucks. Can we be honest for a minute? Staying with the "R" is more regrettable. However, if the reason behind "Kik sent but not delivered" is that somebody blocked you, that is more important. The most widely recognized reason for the famous stuck "S" issue on Kik is a matter of inconvenience. Somebody you're texting is either disconnected or has erased the application.


If there is something wrong with your Kik app, you might face the stuck S issue. Getting S stuck on your message can be annoying at times. This article outlines the reasons behind this issue and how you can get over them. Furthermore, if you are looking to transfer your old Kik messages to a new phone, or fix some Kik issues, try using MobileTrans.

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