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Things You Need To Know about Kik Password Reset

Written By Axel Nash |

“I forgot the Kik password completely. Before I reset a password, is there something alert or notes I need to know?”

Kik is an instant messaging mobile app that many users use for daily communication. It may happen sometimes you forget your password and can’t recall at all. Now you have to reset the password for your Kik account. You must know there is a threat if you click on unofficial link to reset a password. This article introduces how to distinguish the trap and useful tips to set a strong password. You can follow it to reset a Kik password and do a back up on Kik.

Part 1: Threat of Kik Password Reset

In addition to general risks, Kik messaging platform also suffers some potential risks involving the fake notification of Kik password reset. It is commonly becoming a malicious threat asking you to do what you don’t need at the moment. However, you need essential security tips to tackle these kinds of problems and prevent yourselves from believing the notifications you get out of the official Kik app.

What happens is that you get a fake message asking for Kik password reset by clicking which you will get directed to a new webpage. This so-called clone webpage is fake where the hackers have stolen the old password you typed in to get it to reset. Whatever login information you are typing is being detected by the cyber adversaries.

The Kik messenger will never want such kind of sensitive information outside the app. The notification regarding password reset is always sent within the app by Kik. So, believe no emails and texted messages!

kik password reset 1

Always go on the app and reset the password officially and reliably. In later sections, we will discuss the exact steps to reset the password on the Kik app.

Part 2: Kik Password Tips

As per reliable cybersecurity advice for Kik, you should consider following password tips to not indulge in any misleading information further.

    1. Create a secure password

You must know how to create a password that doesn’t get hacked or be guessed by anyone. There are some things you can do to create a secure password. It includes:

      • • Numbers, letters, and special characters
      • • Capital letters and lowercase
      • • At least 6-7 characters

Do keep in mind these three factors while each time you make a password.

    1. Keep it secret

The next no-brainer looking tip we can give you is to maintain password secrecy. It is never a great thing to post your password online or to share it with anyone, even your real brother or sister. Also, if they seem genuine or someone who can't do anything with your password, don't trust at all!

Note that the Kik team never asks its users to disclose password information in any way.

    1. Get to know the safety features of Kik

Most of the teen's popular apps always contain inbuilt privacy and safety features. It’s a worth considerable matter to check out. Kik is strategically designed to give full control for the users over who can send messages to the user for a safe connection.

For reference, you can find the privacy and safety functions under the ‘Settings’ tab within the Kik app.

Find cyber safety tips (for parents and Kik users) here. Also, check out the updated parent guide for Kik here.

Part 3: How to Reset Kik password within Kik App

Forgotten Kik password badly? Well, just follow the simple three steps to reset the password within the app.

Step 1: Go to Kik official website

Open the web browser and enter the official website of Kik, as shown in the picture below. The landing page readily displays ‘Reset Your Password.’ Just below, you are required to fill your login details. So, enter your email address and click the green 'Go’ button.

kik password reset 2

Step 2: Verify email

As you enter the email, it will show a pop-up message displaying a link sent to your email with which you can reset your password. So, go and check your mail inbox. In case you are not getting, check your Spam folders also.

kik password reset 3

Step 3: Click the link and enter the new password

As said, an email will contain a link. Just click it, or directly copy or paste the URL into the browser. A window will appear shortly to reset a new password. Enter the new secure password twice for confirmation and simply click the green ‘Go’ button to proceed and operate your account with it.

kik password reset 4

Part 4: Back Up & Restore your Kik with MobileTrans

Now that you have understood the concept of Kik password reset, there’s a need to restore and backup your Kik data. It is only possible with an upgraded and trustworthy tool such as MobileTrans. MobileTrans also works amazingly for other social media platforms such as Viber, Kik, Line, and WeChat, etc. It works on both Windows and macOS computers.

In short, it performs two functions as follows:

Backup your Kik data to PC in three following steps

1. Install MobileTrans

Install MobileTrans application and open it on the PC. Select Kik Transfer option.

kik home

2. Connect the phone to computer

Connect your mobile phone to a computer so that the Kik data will be automatically detected.

3. Transfer Kik messages

On the dashboard, select 'Start’ and backup Kik messages to the computer. It will complete in a while.

kik backup 03

Restore Kik data from the backup created in the above step.

1. Open Kik module

Tap Restore button under Kik Transfer option.

2. Restore Kik data

Take a USB cable and connect the targeted device to the PC. Choose a backup file to restore Kik data to your device. Tap on ‘Start’ to restore the Kik backup file and wait for the process to get completed.

kik backup 04

We must conclude by saying that MobileTrans provides a highly reliable and secure way to transfer your Kik data. However, it offers not only the transfer function but also the restore and backup. The software is compatible with transferring Kik data from iPhone to iPhone. On the other hand, it can restore as well as backup any Kik data such as chats, attachments, photos, and videos. To enjoy full cybersecurity, take it as an essential part of Kik password reset!

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