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How Do You Know If Someone Blocked or Deleted You on Kik?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Messaging apps have developed highly famous over the last ten years. Similarly, individuals utilize Kik to chat and share media files.

The most questionable feature of this application is the ability to block someone else without that person noticing this. While this further develops safety, it can set the next in a strange place of attempting to message somebody who has blocked them. That is why it's critical to figure out how to tell if someone blocked you on Kik so you can stop texting them.

Luckily, some ways guide you on the "how do you know if you've been blocked on Kik" query without letting the person notice. First, however, you should know about some features to do this. Therefore, this article will introduce a couple of essential techniques that can uncover the reality regarding being blocked or not on Kik.

Part 1: What is Blocking?

Everybody understands that blocking means setting up a social media messaging application to prevent someone from contacting you. Yet, the thing is, what happens in the background when you block a person? 

The answer is simple: the blocker will not get any of the messages gotten by the individual who gets blocked. Various apps have different structures, yet on Kik, the individual being blocked can anyway send messages. Kik doesn't want to show someone they got blocked by the next person. So, if you can still send messages, it's challenging to see whether you are blocked.

Part 2: What happens when you are blocked on Kik?

Whenever somebody on Kik blocks you, your messages will not be conveyed to them, including those sent utilizing any bots you have added to a chat with them. Bot mentions from your account will likewise be crippled. In shared groups, the messages from that individual and a bot set by that individual will not show up in your chat. However, you will see a **Blocked Message** on your screen.

You will not know if the other person has blocked you. However, in any case, you can see any updates that the person makes to their profile picture.

Part 3: Best Ways to Know if Someone Blocked you on Kik on iPhone/Android

3.1 Send a Message to the Person

Assuming that you are blocked on Kik, the most straightforward method for telling is by giving close consideration to the messages you sent.

If you are cautiously enough, you will observe that a capital D will show up in the upper left corner of each message. It implies that the message has been conveyed to the beneficiary. After receiving the message, the D will change to R, which stands for Received. If you have ever wondered why my Kik messages are not delivering, the answer is here.

The person won't receive the message, yet it will deliver. Send a short message to the individual and notice the letter close to the message. Assuming the letter never shows signs of change from D to R, you have been blocked by the person. That's the most straightforward answer to the "how do you know if someone blocked you on Kik" query.

someone blocked you on kik

3.2 Start a Group Chat with the Person

Assuming you can't stop thinking about how to know if someone blocked you on Kik, there is a trick you can use to check your ongoing status with a specific person. The group discussion on Kik can be an indirect method for investigating it and immediately finding a definitive solution.

It would help to begin a group discussion on any subject to pull this off. Whenever you make another group, you will add individuals to the discussion. Firstly, you will be permitted to add this person to the group.

someone blocked you on kik

If this person blocks you, you will not have the option to finish this activity and get an error message. That is a sure sign, and you can't send any messages to the person being referred to, either privately or through a group chat. Group discussions can be a beneficial tool for finding when you are blocked, and it doesn't require any skill. We hope this technique will help with the "how do you know if you were blocked on Kik" problem.

Part 4: Can I send a message to someone who blocked me on Kik?

Are you wondering why you see dark gray d on Kik? The answer is straightforward. Assuming somebody blocks you on Kik, you can, in any case, send them a text message. All the messages, when sent, will be stamped "D," which is Kik message status. That implies that your text message has been "Delivered." But because this individual has blocked you, they won't receive your message, so the "D" won't ever change to an "R."

Part 5: Bonus Tip - How to Restore Deleted Kik messages & pictures?

Many individuals are using Kik Messenger on iPhone and Android for day-to-day use. However, as time passes, many individuals need to know how to restore erased Kik pictures and messages.

It doesn't make any difference if you do not have a backup of your phone data with Google Drive or iCloud. You can run Wondershare MobileTrans to get back erased Kik pictures and other document types precisely. In addition, you can pick which iOS data to retrieve from iPhone to PC without backup. To learn more about MobileTrans and how to use it to backup Viber data, click here.

someone blocked you on kik


Blocking someone on Kik may be harsh; however, forestalling wild attacks and unacceptable ways of behaving on the internet can be vital. Unfortunately, Kik doesn't tell individuals about the block, so it is, to some degree, questionable. That is why many people ask, how do you know if someone deleted their Kik, or why can't I join a group on Kik? Because of the above two basic techniques introduced in this article, you can say whether somebody has blocked you.

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