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An Ultimate Guide on Deleting and Viewing your Older Messages on Kik Application

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

If you want to delete and view older messages and chats on the Kik application, this article is for you. Here, in this guide, we will talk about how you can see and delete your chat history.

Kik Messenger is an application for texting created for cell phones. If you're similar to most Kik clients, you will have many messages and many chats put away in the application. Sometimes, you might have a few discussions running without a moment's delay on a scope of subjects and need to keep your chat history to stay aware of the various conversations.

However, one of the most widely recognized issues of clients of this application is attempting to read or recover old chats. In any case, is there a way for Kik how to recover messages? If there is, then how to view old messages on Kik?

Part 1: Where are Kik messages saved?

Your Kik messages are put away locally on your gadget (in the Kik application). Unfortunately, Kik doesn't have any idea or store any of your chats; thus, they can't furnish you with a duplicate of your messages.

where are Kik messages saved

Although they don't store your messages, you'll, in any case, have the option to see every one of the chats you had in your list before you logged out. Assuming you see "Nothing Yet" as you open a chat in your list, it intends that there are no messages between you and that user in the chat. The "Nothing Yet" will vanish when you begin chatting with the user.

There isn't a method to backup or save your Kik chats right now. However, contingent upon your phone, you can screen capture the chats you might want to save. It's likewise probable to get a second phone to snap a photo of a chat as it shows up on your screen. 

If you haven't logged out of or erased Kik, your phone's chat history will be there. Click here to find out about "how to save Kik chat history."

Part 2: How long do messages stay on Kik?

A small amount of information from a specific account (recognized by precise username), including first and last name, birthdate, email address, connection to an ongoing profile picture, phone-related data, location data, or the most recent IP address, can be protected for a time of 90 days.

Kik erases old messages naturally. It doesn't save your complete chat history and will naturally erase the old conversations. You can see just the last 1000 messages in the new chats on iPhones. On the other hand, you can see the last 600 messages you had on Android phones.

Part 3: Does Kik delete messages automatically?

Does Kik automatically delete pictures and messages? So, Yes, Kik erases old messages by itself. In addition, it erases the old messages whenever you have surpassed the max number of messages.

On Kik for iPhone, you can see just the last 1000 messages in the new chats. So for chats you had for over two days, just the last 500 messages should be visible.

On Kik for Android, you can see the last 600 messages in the chats you had in 2 days or less. Furthermore, just the last 200 messages are kept on your phone for old chats. So, we guess we have answered the "do Kik messages disappear" query.

Part 4: Does blocking Someone on Kik delete the conversation?

Whenever you have blocked a user, the messages from the blocked individual will not show up. All the chats with the person will be erased. Likewise, when the blocked individual attempts to send you a message, they don't realize that they are blocked, and their message is never conveyed to you. Past texts, your display picture, and changes you make to it will show up on the blocked individual's application.

Part 5: How do I view older messages on Kik?

For a Kik client, do you think about how to find chats on Kik on your phone? Unfortunately, you can't; Kik doesn't store messages once you erase or reset the application. So if you erase group chats with your buddies, partners, or families, the most precise technique to think is to call them and ask them to resend you the messages you need. You can also ask them to take a screen capture; then, at that point, you can keep those images. But if you don't want to ask the other person, you can still see your old messages using expert recovery software.

MobileTrans - Backup & Restore is an expert tool for Kik recovery that can find erased and existing information on your device. You can preview and restore your old chats without overwriting. Therefore, your information will be 100 percent safe. You can also use it for deleted WhatsApp messages recovery.

Part 6: How to delete messages on Kik?

Are you wondering how to delete a message on Kik? If so, this guide will give you an insight into what you need to do. Follow the steps mentioned to get going:

1. On iOS Device

Open Kik and select the chat history you might want to eliminate from your phone. Swipe it to the left side, and afterward, tap Delete and continue. That will erase the whole discussion forever and eliminate it from your landing page.

2. On Android Phone

On Android, it's somewhat unique. First, go to the chat you might want to erase and hold for a moment. Then, after the menu springs up from the bottom, tap the "Delete" button and affirm that you might want to erase the discussion forever.

3. On Windows Phone

If you're utilizing a Windows-based cell phone, you can do precisely the same thing as you would an Android gadget. Hang on to the discussion for a couple of seconds, and afterward, click the "Delete" button and affirm.

Part 7: How to clear your Kik chat history?

You can likewise clear your Kik chat history, assuming you need to. This process is best if you do not want to erase your buddy and need to erase all chats.

Follow these means to clear your chat history.

  • Step 1: Open the Kik application from your app drawer.
  • Step 2: Tap on Setting Icon from the upper right corner of the home interface of your app.
  • Step 3: Presently, select the "Chat Settings" option.
  • Step 4: At last, tap on "Clear Chat History" to get rid of the conversation.

Part 8: How to recover deleted Kik messages on Android?

Your Kik messages are locally on your gadget (squarely in the Kik application). There isn't a method for saving or backing up your Kik chats; in this way, you can't get old Kik messages from a backup.

To get back old Kik messages that have been erased by the application naturally, you need a data recovery tool. MobileTrans for Android can recover old messages from Kik, Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. In addition, if your old texts are not covered by new messages in your memory, the MobileTrans software can separate the old messages from Kik and present them on your PC.


Kik is the ideal app to connect with your loved ones. You can keep your discussions on Kik hidden and erase the messages after you are done talking.

Here we discussed how you could delete or view messages and told you how many messages does Kik saves. Moreover, using our expert tool, MobileTrans, you can solve all your issues related to Kik recovery.

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