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How to Recover Lost Messages & Images on Kik?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Kik is mainly an app for sending or receiving messages. Therefore, if you incidentally erase some Kik messages from your Android gadget, you should recuperate these Kik messages.

Then, at that point, could you at any point how to get old Kik messages back? In reality, there is more than one possible way for you to recover old messages on Kik. Assuming that you have a backup accessible, you can most likely get your Kik messages back.

To guarantee a higher pace of recovery, you should quit utilizing your phone after data gets lost and track down a recovery solution.

recover deleted kik messages and images

This article will impart simple and powerful methods on recovering Kik messages for recuperating erased Kik messages or pictures on Android telephones. Continue reading to learn how to get your old Kik messages back quickly.

Part 1: What Causes Kik Data Loss? Deleted Kik Chats by Mistake?

Underneath, figure out various situations in which you may lose their data from your device:

  • Factory Reset: Accidentally performing Factory Reset on your phone.
  • Inappropriate treatment of Android SD Card: Using one card on numerous gadgets and ejecting the card too many times may cause data loss.
  • Human error: Accidental erasure of files (recordings, photographs, messages, phone contacts, and different files) from your Android gadget's memory or SD card
  • Improper usage of Phone/Tab: Using the phone camera in any event when its battery is low. Switch off the Android gadget while a document move is underway or while you click photographs.
  • Different Scenarios: Virus attack, the corrupted file system of your device or its SD card, Upgrading OS to a most recent variant, etc.

The above are some situations where you might confront losing Kik data from your device. You can find more about Kik data recovery here, or visit our MobileTrans website using the link given.

Part 2: Five Ways to Recover Deleted Kik Messages and Images on Android

You have accessed the right article if you want to recover deleted Kik chats on Android. Here, we will provide comprehensive solutions to help you get your lost chats back on your phone. Please check the blow parts.

2.1 Recover Deleted Kik Messages and images from Kik History

If you wonder how long Kik messages last in chat, you are at the right place. Kik Messenger has a feature that will auto-save the last 600 chat messages in a discussion for around 48 hours and 200 messages for over two days. In this manner, you can ask the sender or your friend to check Kik chat history on their phones and send you the messages or photographs you've erased. 

2.2 Recover Deleted Kik Messages and Images via Android Backup

If you have made backups for your Kik Messenger files, such as messages and recordings on your Android phone, you can quickly recover lost Kik messages/photographs. However, if you haven't, you may see Android how to backup Kik messages. Now, the following steps show how to recover deleted Kik messages from your Android backup:

  • Step 1: Go to the "Settings" app from your Android device and click "Account."
  • Step 2: Tap the "Backup and Restore" option and select the "Restore" button.

Then, at that point, you will have the option to reestablish Kik Messenger files from your Android backup. It is worth focusing on that all kinds of content in the backup will be reestablished to your Android phone.

2.3 Recover Deleted Kik Messages and Images from a Cloud Backup 

Assuming you have made backups using a cloud account, you might follow the means underneath to reestablish the erased or lost Kik messages. That's how to recover old Kik messages using a cloud backup:

  • Step 1: Tap your name from your iPhone's "Settings" app.
  • Step 2: Go to the "Backup and Restore" option and afterward select the backup.
  • Step 3: Click "Restore" to return your Kik messages to your phone.

2.4 Recover Deleted Kik Messages and Images from Cloud Drive

Once you erase your messages from the Kik app, you will wonder if there is a way to get Kik messages back. So, Yes! Google Drive backup is the best technique to recover erased messages on Kik. As you would be aware, Google Drive is a distributed storage service that gives 15 GB of space for free. It implies you can use this space to backup your chat history from various applications, including Kik, and reestablish them whenever you need.

However, this strategy will possibly work assuming you've arranged Google Drive to backup your chat history from Kik. If you haven't, you can follow different strategies on the internet to answer the "can I recover deleted Kik conversations" issue.

Here is the step-by-step method to get bac erased Kik messages through Google Drive.

  • Step 1: Open Settings and click the "Account" option
  • Step 2: Sign in with a Google account that contains the backup of your chat history.
  • Step 3: Go to the "Backup and Restore" option once you enter.
  • Step 4: Currently, select Kik backups to get back your Kik messages/images chat history on Android by clicking the "Restore" button.

Alternatively, you can likewise retrieve messages by exploring Google Drive. First, from the Google Drive account, go to Backups and then search for the "Kik Backup" option. After clicking the option, choose the "Restore" option from the page that follows, and that's how to retrieve old Kik messages.

recover deleted kik messages and images

2.5 Recover Deleted Kik Messages and Images with a Third-party Data Recovery Software

Did you try the above fixes that didn't work for you? Are you still looking for an answer to the "Is there a way to get Kik messages back" query? If so, this solution might help you. If the Kik messages are put away on the memory card on the phone, and you wonder how to get old Kik conversations back, you can use third-party software to get back the messages. Different expert and professional tools are available in the market to restore your chat history. You can get the whole history back on your phone with just a few clicks. But I would advise caution when using such software. These third-party tools may not be reliable and can potentially compromise the security of your personal data or device. Therefore, it is not always possible to recover deleted Kik messages, and prevention by regularly backing up your messages is often the best strategy.


Genuinely talking, if you don't have a backup accessible, the options to get your erased Kik messages back are significantly fewer. So if you can't recover your valuable data, you ought to move to back up your phone right now to forestall further losses.

We hope that the above methods given to you will help you how to find old Kik messages. We tried our best to bring you easy and practical ways "how to recover Kik messages after logging out" without any problem.

Moreover, if you go over this issue, employ the above strategies in the future. With our help and the above fixes, you can get rid of the "how to find your old Kik messages" query quickly without much of a stretch.

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